Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why we Filipinos love second hand items?

During the early days after the WWII. My grandfather told me earlier, that during that time there was absolutely nothing left from the Philippines. It was devastated.

We cannot start progresssing if there are no tools like machinery, equipment, even the people with great minds have died during the war. He must think of something so that the Philippines could stand up again - at least to survive.

So he talked to his American, European, and some Japanese close friends. He asked for a loan on their machinery, expertise, and training of Filipinos. Of course they knew my grandfather, he owned the philippines. But seeing him as a jolly person down going down as a troubled depressed individual have forced them to help him out. Some of them asked little or nothing at all. As all nations are devasted at war, rebuilding is the only option for now.

Machinery, equipment, tools, etc. came. all are used and some are already broken. What can you expect for something that is free? Of course they will never give new ones.

That triggered the Filipino notion of becoming a 'second hand/used item addict.' no need to buy new ones, just buy the used cheap one to get the job done.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not with the 'IN' crowd

Have you ever felt that you are alone in this world? seems that everybody has its own path to take and they knew what to do and seem to be very busy about it.

I am the one that watches things from the back drop, or in the background. Just checking things and be sure they are alright.

i dont know, what are our purpose in this world? is it to create a world or destroy it? I have the Philippines on the palm of my hand. What shall I do about it?

Maybe sell it to China.

Let the US come again and suck out all its natural resources.

Let the Brits come and colonize it like India.

Japan should conquer it too, they almost done it before.

Being a filipino is like almost nothing nowadays. it is quite different when someone mentions you are an indian, malaysian, chinese, korean, even vietnamese. hell, some are even confused on how they decribe your nationality. India = Indian; Bangladesh = bangladeshi; Korea=korean; Japan = Japanese

Philippines = hmmm Philippians (like the Bible?); Philippini (semi Arabic?); Philipinesse (odd);

So the correct one is Filipino. But that is a term for 'male' citizens of the Philippines. For Philippine women they are called 'Filipina.'


I am the owner, I am the one that is having problems. Well, i dont wanna sweat on the small stuff. There are important matters to attend to.

This is a more neutral thing to mention if someone asks your citizenship: "Philippine citizen'

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do you feel that empty feeling?

There are times when I view the whole metropolis from the PBCOM Tower in Makati (Philippine's tallest building), I've thought "what will become of my beloved Philippines?"

All of my best staff and workers from a semi-government company that I manage went out of the country to find good opportunities. Here is the most puzzling thing, i even offered them large bonuses, house and lot and a car (and you thought Manny Pacquiao can do this, so can I!), THEY DECLINED!

I told them "this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I am giving you something that you deserve, you have worked hard for it, and I know you deserve this amount. There is even more I have to offer you, just ask."

Some cried, some are stunned, some fought against me (because maybe I am buying them or something), but none of them accepted the money and other things that is important for their families.

Actually, some of them I tricked believing they have won it as a prize or something. I even asked PCSO to rig some of the numbers that they have picked so that they will win.

But when I offered them in a direct manner, they refused.

We all want money, and material things. I do not know if this is an asset of the Filipino, or just being shy about it all, money and opportunity is there, why should you leave the country?

If it is work, being globally competitive, money, fame, etc. it is part of their reason. there is another thing:

Philippine Government sucks.

I knew it will come out to this. of course I kept my 'secret' with me, i still didn't tell them that I own the motherland. If I told them it will be a different ballgame. After I said goodbye to them. I always weep, because it is really hard to leave the place you were born. Not to mention leaving your family behind.

(To be continued)