Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Right on the money

I know you want to ask how do I make money?

Simple. By tapping on to our natural resources.

In the Philippines, we got everything, manpower, natural resources, etc. I have some foreign contractors with me and I give them proper permits to get these natural resources.

Natural gas, gold, silver, copper, nickel, wood.You name it.

But the problem is the people, who seem don't understand the value of these precious minerals. Sure the environment is being hurt, thats normal. We have done it many times right? As if we are getting a lot from here, chances are we don't. As the Philippines don't have a big land mass. Majority are islands / islets with some bodies of water. That is hard especially for foreign contractors who come in and bring specialized equipment. Not to mention those guys from the government who keeps begging for some bribe if we want to do our business. How can we get some profit if these guys get our money immediately even before starting our business? Fucking bureaucrats.

But still I make some money. Right now I have added my profits by making money online. It was impossible at first but I got the tricks of the trade.

Be it Google Adsense, pay to click, Ebay, website flipping, Bringing 'Likes' at Facebook, I have done it all. Not to mention programming and games development. I don't want to let them buy my programs for just $5 and let them sell it for millions. That's not how stupid I am.

Anyway, making money is quite hard, and managing it is another thing as well. Just wanna give advise to everyone, if you want to double your money, fold it once and put it in you pocket.

Save, save, save.

Romance in communication

Love and romance is with us. From the early ages up to now, we are always full of love and waiting to be loved in return. That separates us from the animals. Love truly makes the world go 'round.
Even God himself is love. Well I won't talk about religion here, ill talk about how we communicate our love our special someone. It can be our parents, siblings, husbands, wives, teacher, close friend, relatives, bosses, co employees, we need to communicate even its far away right? So here is what I did, and I'm sure you did it too.
1. Letters - letters are the oldest forms of communication. I still do it. Some of my friends are laughing that if the recipient can still receive the letters. Mind you, they are the most sweetest form of conveying your love to your special someone. And if there is no electricity or if there is a super catastrophic virus that affects all computers, your letters are the only key in communication.
2. Phone call - we love to talk on the phone always. No need explaining here. Just keep your conversations short max. 3 mins, as emergency calls might come in.
3. Fax-fax or facsimile is still the best way to send information in black and white (office jargon for information printed on paper).every office must have one. It surely gives us a smile if your child will send you their drawings. Too bad fax machines are replaced by computers. Which is seen by the secretary first before it is sent to you.
4. Email - email is now the modern medium and being used always. But I find it boring, I just use it if I will give important information only.
5. SMS - short message service or texting is for me one of the best ways in communicating to your loved ones. Why? Because its fast, easy, secure, and has lots of features where u can spice up your messages. You can also do it on email but sms truly works wonders.
6. Someone telling the information - well this is far most the inexpensive way. Of giving information. Be sure its your trusted friend or someone that has a good memory. If you are still skeptical about the persons skill on delivering the information, just write it on a piece of paper and ask him/her to give it to the concerned person.
7. Blackberry Messaging - while I write this blog, I almost forgot that Blackberry messaging or BBM is the most effective means of communication to date. Fast, secure, lots of emoticons, really it has worked wonders. SMS is quite different from BBM, and Blackberry owners are winners on this new type of communication. if you don't have one, well try to borrow from a friend first before buying one. Better to buy 2 because the other half you must give to your loved one.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Smile and everything will be alright...

There are lots of problems that we encounter, take it from me, I was born with it. Speaking figuratively, my foot tied to a chain, attached is the Philippine archipelago. All its beauty and filth, I have to take care.

Don't ask why it was attached to me, maybe the good question is how to get rid of it so that my rant would stop.

Its a responsibility I have to take care of.

Other people surely have sold it or just left it behind. That is normal. A person's persona is measured in the greatest of adversities. That shows how you cope up with extreme pressure, stress, critical decisions, dealing with failure. All of these are traits of a great leader.

I don't know if I am one, but for now as you can see, what my country has become, it is still surviving as I speak.

World war 2, rebuilding of manila, martial law, marcoses, People power, jobless filipinos, the asian financial crisis, coup de etat, people power 2, the maguindanao massacre, hosatge crisis in manila, even P-noy's hairdo, all of these are the responsibility of my family.

Now I am taking care, please pray for me.
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Eating it Right, Loving it light.


Eating is one of those happiest things that we do in our lives. We eat with our family, with friends, we eat alone.
Eating is a habit. We do it at least once in a day. Rich or poor, whatever our standing in this place on Earth, we must eat to survive.

As for me, I also love to eat. I'm a chubby boy before, and in our custom, we must not leave any food on the table. What if that table is full of goodies you can imagine? Well surely you will gain weight.

I am not a sports enthusiast, I have played some basketball on the side, and have done some physical activities. But these are occasional only.

So the best technique that I can share now is to eat less. That is it. So if you eat something a plate full, cut it in half. If your tummy can still tolerate it, cut it on another half and drink lots of water.

Hope that helps.

I have this technique to avoid people as well. In our world, meeting people includes good food. You know the saying that "the food becomes good when someone is eating with you" is true. So better not to join them and I eat alone. That surely ruins my appetite.

Don't forget more veggies.

Friday, August 26, 2011

If you are in debt, you will not go to jail

Those who are in debt, lucky for you, you still have lady luck on you side - that you will get incarcerated because of debt.

Why is that?

Maybe because if you are in debt, you cannot pay it anymore if you are in jail. That is the main thing.

It is quite unfair isn't it?

Why cannot we take his/her hands off? or one leg? or any of his/her assets? That is what others have done anyway, if they want to avoid prosecution or humiliation from their creditors.

Look at me. I made the Philippines suffer because I borrowed to IMF, lots of money indeed, just to keep my country moving. And yet there are no returns. NO ONE PAID YET!

I am the kind person who borrowed money for others so that they can go on with their lives and make my country proud. But all was lost. Especially the trust and time.

I wonder if they can still sleep at night.

So you see. Before lending to someone, be safe and secure, get a collateral. Money does not grow on trees or comes out from someones mouth like vomit.

It really hurts I tell you straight out....

Be careful.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sad but still moving

all of us have sad moments in our lives.

but at some point, after trying so hard, something comes up. something good that brings success after all our hardships.

for those people, who are there, still struggling, still coping, and still suffering.

smile and never give up.

i am with you...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long Story Short

To all those who just read my story. I will make it short for you.

I own the Republic of the Philippines, and it is killing me day by day.

Thank you for letting me get it out of my chest.

Check my previous stories on how I got its ownership. It is a never ending struggle, my family suffered from generations. Now I am taking the whole burden, like Atlas who is carrying the whole world by himself.

What is the problem with my country? I tell you as below:

1. Rotten politics
2. Undisciplined people
3. Colonial mentality / globalized economy
4. Corrupt Government Officials
5. Destruction of Environment

Foreign investment is just temporary, they will just use Filipinos as 'cheap and docile' labor and leave. But Filipinos are not cheap anymore, they are going to China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc.

We do not have a plan on how to improve. All we want is a good time. No stress also right?

Relax.... bring it all to me, i will try to solve the Philippine's problems somehow...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthdays, Rainy Days and Mondays

Lots of problems in our lives. Bills, relatives, loved ones, society, it never ends. Then you noticed that it is your birthday. You are getting older and facing more problems. Is it fair?

That is life's greatest mysteries. Why should we become more depressed or sad being old? Getting older means you have to get happier. All those troubles must be set aside and delegated to the younger ones. They have youth, vigor, and raging hormones.

It will be my birthday soon. And yes I am one of those who is deeply troubled. No one greeted me. No one cared. But I am happy. As long as everyone goes on in their lives living day to day with the battles of existence, especially in my country Philippines.

In the Philippines, either you will be sad (a little) or be extremely happy, you will die surely of it. So choose wisely.

Nature, good food, entertainment, the people, so come one and come all.

I do know some tourists that they prefer neighboring countries like Thailand, Malaysia, even Vietnam. But some of them speaks fluent English. WE ALL ARE!

Right now I am managing my country elsewhere, surely I miss it. I miss the malls, the slow traffic, families with their kids, such a nice place to be.

But I have to sacrifice myself for others. I was born with this kind of fate and burden. I don't know where I will reach, just move on forward and let it be.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Adventures in the Philippine Entertainment Industry

Philippine Showbiz is very colorful. Same as its politics. The changing of faces, bright lights, and cameras is quite amusing to my eyes. Beautiful and Handsome women and men, who perform during the wee hours of the morning, is totally a great feat.

I saw Kuya Germs once and he was talking with my mother. My mother is quite bitchy at times as he wants those new 'fresh' guys at 'That's Entertainment'. But sometimes they fight each other on how to keep things running (or the term broadcasting is more proper) and to generate more income through sponsors.

I was almost to be put on the show too but my mother told, '..don't put him, he is camera-shy.' yes she is correct.

I was more focused on how things work, how does the camera takes a video, how it is transferred to tape, how do they mix audio and do a transition on the videos, how do they set up the lights, the speakers, the special effects. I have this idea now that maybe I can do this on my own. I want to be a director that entertains people, make them laugh, cry or be inspired. With all of these equipment. Maybe I can have my own channel.

In the early days of entertainment, we all knew that it was simple. We get all the 'canned' (these are term for video cassettes, a durable one that contains one week of the series episodes) from abroad and just show it here. No interaction, no viewer input. Only in news reports that we get some live feeds. Very few have the knowledge and resources that they have to perform and broadcast an episode LIVE.

My mom always went out with Sharon and Vilma. I have seen them once or twice at home. They are big stars  but still they are people. They went out shopping and sometimes drinking, and crying. Especially when it comes to their husbands. I was just listening and all. So I thought that they put up a big smile on the screen, but in their personal lives they are really miserable. Very few stars have been happy on both on and off camera. Maybe it is a way of life for the, They entered in this world and this is the risk they have to take.

Some actors/actresses are so naive that I do not know why they deserve such adulation from the viewers.
There was this one early budding host which shouted at me and my companion while we are fixing a pipe on one of the lavatory (we thought there was no one there and the attendant told there was nobody inside).
She shouted so hard that we must get out. She even called my companion and asked if he has seen her naked or something. then she looked for me as well, luckily it was my day off. Then they called back on the leaking pipe again and told my people never fix their pipe there because you might be mistaken as a peeping-Tom.

Some actors actresses are so, i dont know, dumb perhaps. I was working once in a cooling tower in one of the biggest networks in QC,  I saw someone fighting near the studio, then I came to know it was RP, and his boyfriend who looks like an ex-convict. Why such a pretty face will have a bf like that? I talked to her manager and told about what I saw. She just shrugged it off and told that 'she's dumb maybe. she was treated like shit and all, but she still loves him.' Sad but true.

There was this funny thing I will share with you, I have met many actors and actresses, local and foreign, but I did not get their autographs. During one of our maintenance schedules, I was asked to ask for an autograph to any actor/actress that pass by.

"C'mon, you are the most handsome guy we have around!"

Then I saw an open dressing room, I saw one pretty face, It was Jolina Magdangal. Then quickly I went inside and asked for her autograph. Quite embarrassing as my pen didn't work, so she used her own pen.
My colleagues are quite happy with what I did but was teased heavily at home with my sisters.

Good quality movies fascinates me. I am not swayed into special effects and stuff like that. A good movie requires good quality story telling. Simple as that. Whether it gathered awards or not, if the movie is good. I give my recommendations to the director, staff and actors.

Love Conquers All (maybe some of them)

I was really upset when Mikey talked to me. He wants me to solve the problem regarding the helicopter deal.

"Problema mo yan Mikey, lusutan mo."  (It's your problem, solve it.)

"Di ko alam kung paano eh, teka sumasakit ang....." (I don't now how to, wait, i have some pain in my...."

I called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital.

It is quite obvious even to a elementary student - that we can tell a material or equipment if it is new or old.

As I said earlier, Filipinos love second hand items. But paying it like it is brand new is like ms. stupidity & mr. greedy in marriage.

I will stop for now before I get a heart attack and die much sooner than him.

Seeing Manila above the skies creates a different feeling. Feeling of home. Well of course as I lived there since I was born. But my foreign friends also love the islands and told me to stay a little bit longer.

I told them yes you can, but you have to pay the VISA extension fees.

Yes they willingly agreed.

Now if you are one of those Overseas Filipino Workers, who cheers when the plane lands at NAIA, yes I salute you. Your hard work overseas has paid off. Now is the time to love your family, as well as your country. Share the blessings that you have, either in money or skills learned.

Too bad some of the fellow OFW's didn't become successful. At least they tried. I know how hard it is nowadays. And it will become much worse in the future. If you have the opportunity, please leave and work again overseas.

One time I was in a plane, I saw this young beautiful lady who is very quiet in her seat while others are cheering on the successful landing.

"Miss what happened? it is okay tell me."

"My employer beat me up and I have no money to bring for my family."

She then showed me her bruises and wounds. I was so shocked that such a beautiful girl from Mindanao will do something to her maybe even the devil himself will not do. She was still shaking, that is when I hugged her, and she cried.

When we arrived, I called my assistant to book her a special flight to Mindanao and a special chartered limousine to her home. Then I told her family to provide all the details of her employment starting from the agency and up to the employer abroad.

Don't ask what I did next. Maybe you knew it already. You know me my friend. It is not about religion, revenge, justice, or anything.

It is love.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Why we Filipinos love second hand items? (conclusion)

Although I have met some Pinoys who have this 'pride' that they want to have brand new things in their possession, majority of them are also swayed if they something cheap but original items which they long for.

Because Philippines is a third-world-country. That is about it.

Instead of buying brand new items which is overpriced for profit, items can be bought or even traded or swapped. We have lots of original items from around the world. Just go to the pier in Manila Port and you will lots of items from underwear to heavy equipment machinery. It is a big bargain really.

But it makes Pinoys also lazy.

They cannot make their own items for now, they all depend on these items that already existed in the market.

One good example is rice.

Rice is a common Asian staple food. So rice imported from neighboring countries like Thailand, Vietnam comes to the Philippines, all hell will break loose as the farmers there who plants their own rice variety will suffer because of the competition. RICE IMPORTED FROM OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE THE SAME PRICE SOMETIMES LOWER THAN THAT IS PRODUCED FROM THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

No need to explain further.

I asked some farmers too, why you are not planting your crops anymore? The answer is simple - why should we work very hard while I can buy rice immediately and even sell it?

But you will not get good profit.

Low profit is better than toiling hard, planting, breaking your back farming, bet your ass you cant stay at the field for an hour.

I was silent.

Something needs to be done here. Globalization and Capitalization can be our ally, and yet it became our worst enemy.