Saturday, June 25, 2011

Think back on your childhood.

I visited one government office and observed their work habits. they didn't know that I was a big shot.
Transactions are very slow and the management and senior officers are just sitting around and doing nothing.

Then the yearly bonus came, and their names are there, seeking higher bonuses.

I talked to the president and told them to invite me on their conference.

I told this story:

Once upon a time a Pig, a Cat, a Dog, and a Little Red Hen lived together
in a little house.  The Pig, the Cat, and the Dog were all very lazy.
The Little Red Hen had to do everything around the house by herself.

All the Pig, the Cat, and the Dog wanted to do was play.

One day, as the Little Red Hen was raking in the yard, she found some
seeds.  "Who will help me plant these grains of wheat?"  she asked.

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

Soon the wheat grew tall and golden.  "Who will help me cut the wheat?"
asked the Little Red Hen.

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

When the grain was cut and ready to be ground into flour, the Little Red
Hen asked, "Who will help me take the grain to the mill?"

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

When the flour came back from the mill, the Little Red Hen asked, "Who
will help me bake the bread?"

"Not I," said the Pig.

"Not I," said the Cat.

"Not I," said the Dog.

"Then I will do it myself," said the Little Red Hen.  And she did.

She made the flour into dough, and rolled the dough, and put it in the
oven.  When the bread was baked, she took it out of the oven.
Mmmmmmmmmm!  Didn't it smell good!

"Who will help me eat this bread?" asked the Little Red Hen.

"I will," said the Pig.

"I will," said the Cat.

"I will," said the Dog.

"Oh, no, you won't!" said the Little Red Hen.  "I found the seeds.  I
planted them.  I harvested the grain and took it to the mill.  I made
the flour into bread.  I did the work by myself, and now I am going to
eat the bread--all by myself."

And she did.

Think back to your childhood...didn't we learn ANYTHING?

I removed them from their posts and all their bonuses I gave it to those people who really worked.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Adventures at Work part 3

During work tenure at Philippines, I learned many things. I was very surprised that we are more technically competent even with industrialized countries.

Imagine, I told foreign companies,


We retrofitted existing plants and machineries, especially obsolete ones. I have worked in an ice plant factory as a technician. Compressors are there since World War II, still it runs today.

We even produced spare parts for expensive machineries. Instead of ordering it from the manufacturer, which is time consuming end expensive, we can make our own.

Filipino skilled personnel are the best workers if compensated properly. Too bad they are leaving because the pay is not good in their own country. Workers who work hard in nation building are building nations of others instead of their own.

So I went to abroad as well. Thats my next story.

I will tell this to PNOY!

I have received an email from one of my colleague, I was really inspired.

I will share it with you:


Germany is a highly industrialized country. It produces top brands like Benz, BMW, and Siemens etc. The nuclear reactor pump is made in a small
town in this country. In such a country, many will think its people lead a luxurious life. At least that was my impression before my study trip.
When I arrived at Hamburg , my colleagues who work in Hamburg arranged a welcome party for me in a restaurant. As we walked into the restaurant, we
noticed that a lot of tables were empty. There was a table where a young couple was having their meal. There were only two dishes and two
cans of beer on the table. I wondered if such simple meal could be romantic, and whether the girl will leave this stingy guy.
There were a few old ladies on another table. When a dish is served, the waiter would distribute the food for them, and they would finish every bit of the food on their
plates.We did not pay much attention to them, as we were looking forward to the dishes we ordered. As we were hungry, our local colleague
ordered more food for us. As the restaurant was quiet, the food came quite fast. Since there were other activities arranged for us, we did not
spend much time dining. When we left, there was still about one third of unconsumed food on the table.

When we were leaving the restaurant, we heard someone calling us. We noticed the old ladies in the restaurant were talking about us to the restaurant
owner. When they spoke to us in English, we understood that they were unhappy about us wasting so much food. We immediately felt that they were
really being too busybody.  "We paid for our food, it is none of your business how much food we left behind," my colleague Gui told the old
ladies. The old ladies were furious. One of them immediately took her hand phone out and made a call to someone. After a while, a man in uniform
claimed to be an officer from the Social Security organization arrived.
Upon knowing what the dispute was, he issued us a 50 Mark fine. We all kept quiet. The local colleague took out a 50 Mark note and repeatedly
apologized to the officer.

Our face turned red. We all agreed with him in our hearts. The mindset of people of this rich country put all of us to shame. WE REALLY NEED TO
REFLECT ON THIS. We are from country which is not very rich in resources. To save face, we order large quantity and also waste food when we give
My colleague photostatted the fine ticket and gave a copy to each of us as a souvenir. All of us kept it and pasted on our wall to remind us that we shall never be wasteful.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Adventures at work part 2

Actually, I was a working student. This is to show to my parents that I can support myself and be independent. Although they want me to study in exclusive schools like Ateneo, La Salle, etc. I was
disgusted by their way of teaching.

"How can I learn if money is always part of the curriculum?"

So I studied in a state university. Wherein the government subsidize the tuition fee. I enjoyed studying
here. I learned a lot of things and met new friends. My father once told me that some parents will sell
their land, cows, jewelry, etc. for their sons/daughters to finish their studies. That I encountered first hand with my classmates. Some even became farmers before, or out of schoo, youths. Some are twice
as old as I am and have children, but still they want to finish their studies. That for me is a lesson
not being taught in books - education is for everyone who wants it.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

My adventures at work

My adventures at work

You probably think that even though I own the Philippines does not necessarily mean I live an easy life.

My early ancestors (you can check from my previous blogs) had a good time and a rough one too. If you have a country that is a little messed up, probably you will not go easy on it. As lives are on the line.

I started work when I was 17, on a fast food chain. I got my social security and tax I.d. I was bussing left over food and hosted kiddie parties. It was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot from it.

My love of cars crept on me. How can I find a job that involves cars a lot? I had this crazy idea - in a gas station. Believe it folks I filled up every kind of vehicle with an engine there. Since gas prices in my country are always rising, customers can't help but complain to the gas pump attendants - the hell! As if we are the ones who are managing OPEC!

One lady customer got so angry that she wanted to remove the gas from her gas tank. Since I'm the supervisor, someone called me to solve it. I just smiled and didn't say anything. I reached out my credit card and paid for her gas.

The woman was impressed on how I dealt with the problem. We made love that night..

(To be continued)
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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bachelor President

Some of my social circles asked me why the elected president is still a bachelor.

He got lots of beautiful women around him but he dumped them. I dont know why.

My answer is 'maybe he is gay!' everyone laughed, but one of her supporters find it offensive.

I told her to come to me:

"Tell me what is your problem..."

"Sir, you are over the belt, why would you think he is gay?"

"Ms. **** I don't care if he is a pussy lover or a cock-sucker, as long as he can feed my country men, that's fine with me. That is one of the main tasks I gave to him. So support him on that cause and not on his relationship / sexual affairs."

She left the room.

That my friends is one of the problems of our countrymen in the Philippines. Some are 'onion-skinned' and not able to handle deep criticism. Europeans, Americans, even Japanese have been very critical to their governemnt and yet they perform what they should be - in a satisfactory manner. That is because they do not mind the external or minor problems that is affecting the society. If we will be after for the 'root cause' of the problem, it will be solved instantly. Same like a worn out motor. After troubleshooting and finding out the root cause, after proper overhaul is done, the motor will perform well again.

Once he is laid back and not up to it. i tell you, I will be very sad, I am pretty sure he will never ever sleep at night.

So far Kris is having the best time of her life in their family. Lucky her.

Loving a Filipino Man

(to my Pinoy followers, thank you)

I have travelled around the world searching for a true woman. A perfect one that will love a Filipino man. It is quite mind boggling that women from different races love a Filipino man. Why is that?

First of all, they are so sweet. They will take care of a woman from head to toe. That is something that you will miss if the Pinoy man has gone out from a journey for quite sometime. Take note, I am talking about real love here. No hanky panky or anything like that. try it and you will see.

Second is responsibility. Kids are taken care and the house is neat. You will be surprised that they are good house-husbands. If the woman works, of course the Pinoy husband will take care of things.

Third is plan for the future. they plan accordingly what will happen for the next 3-5 or 10 years. planning is essential. Especially these days where anything is unpredictable.

So that is it. We are not the same like Japanese, Chinese, or any other Asian counterparts. We are Filipinos, and we take 'love' seriously.


One woman told me that Filipinos are narcissistic, it is based on the latest survey held recently.
Sadly, I agree on this. Gone are the days that a Filipino man must serve and take care of a woman.
Now, sheeesh, I have one room mate who always checks on the mirror every minute!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Technology in the Philippine Setting

I am an avid fan of technology. I do love it when it reaches to those people who really need it the most. Tractors for farmers, Powerful computers for scientists, latest books and computers for schools, etc.

Filipinos are very resilient and easy to adapt to any technology. First of all they can read and comprehend English, which is written in manuals and instructions. Second is proper care and usage of the equipment. They ensure that it will last. Third is upgrade, they can upgrade almost anything. Even obsolete technology.

During my time, while I was learning about DDC and BMS, I have met the best technicians and engineers in the field here and abroad. There is one guy that doesn't have any wife yet. Because of his knowledge and skill, he was being offered very high salary that will surely make any HR scratch their heads. If I am an owner, well maybe I can give half of my salary, because this guy can plan, install, and manage all your automation needs in your building, plant, or company easily. He is not one of those who wear fancy suits and all, he looks like a regular Joe. I did not see him anymore, i wonder which building or company he will design again.

Filipinos also love old school tech, it is like nostalgia. There is a shop in Greenhills that they restore old Nokia 909 or those Motorola Startacs. They make it work on regular sim and you can send SMS also. Surely, it is a head turner. And if someone steals it, hit the thief with your old school cellphone right on his/her head. Pretty soon he/she will be dead!

But there is a problem. We are so fond of other technology, we forgot or lazy to make our own. We are dependent on China made products right now. Why cannot we make it - that is my question to some large corporate CEO's. Well what they say is "...your goverment is corrupt, try to do something about it. It is hard to put up a business in your country. Also the people want more salary, not like in other countries there are cheap labor."

I cannot answer back.

My father also told me, "if we can make our own engine, then our country will prosper."
So i shelled out some money and supported some of the brightest students of the country. I turned out to be that they are not that bright. They are lazy sons/daughters of bitches. Why in the hell we can't make one?

Then I came to know one student from a state university.

He made his own engine from scratch, started it and all. I was so impressed by what he did and told him why you did not tell this?

"Sir, wala po kasing gustong makinig at tumulong sa akin." (Nobody listened and helped me.)

I was crying too, because his wife and chilfren left him while he was doing his research and engine development. He was fired from his job because of this. It was so lucky that I saw him and he showed me his creation. it was made not just a work of art, but with flesh, blood, and time.

I gave him an immigrant VISA to Europe, where he was hired immediately by a well known car manufacturer through my connection. Right now he is enjoying his new life there.

If nobody listened and helped him, they do not deserve his help as well. As simple as that

This is one of the things I am thinking now. Maybe I should stop the entry of any foreign products. i dont know....there is more planning to do. Please help me if you can.

The End of the Republic of the Philippines

Owning the Philippines is quite hard. Typhoons love it especially. Every year typhoons come and go to my country, and man, I tell you. It is getting scarier every year. As it becomes more stronger and stronger. You remember typhoon 'Milenyo'? our windows were all shattered because of the strong winds.

I have studied a lot about early civilizations and anthropologists about the rise, prosperity and fall of civilization, I really tried to think hard how it can be applied to my country. I talked to some teams in Hardvard, did computer modeling at MIT, and research in Oxford, my studies are fascinating and downright scary. For the Philippines, you will be surprised, there is a chance. I will tell you why in a minute.

How? You can imagine how corrupt the government is. From the president down to its every rank and file government employee. You cannot blame them too as their salary is not that big enough to support themselves and their families.

The rising prices of oil is truly mind boggling. If the price of oil is high, everything becomes high as well. Other neighboring countries are not that high like Thailand, etc. they did something like oild price subsidies, and promotion of alternative fuels like ethanol and LPG. Their vehicles are converted as well. With this, their government offered rebates. You will lose greatly if you use traditional fuel to run your vehicle.

And large private corporations are to blame too. Well they give jobs to my countrymen that's ok. But the job is not secured. Contractualization is still there, and this gives problems to workers, they do not know if they will be fired tomorrow.

So you tell me, how come is there a chance. Here it is:
Agriculture is still the main source of living of my country. Don't worry, I always talk to the president or else I will give him a hard time, better yet, People Power 3. I give utmost priority to the farmers and give them land so that they can produce more food. And this also helps on the export business, creating good GDP values.

Second, you ever know of quickening? 'Quickening' the term implies is the putting the civilization on 'fast forward'. The country that is so advanced will face early destruction. If you have read the Bible, where God has been angry on this one city, he made a big flood to wash out those who don't believe in HIM. Well, my country Philippines is not like that, I even put it 'backward.'  But now that is changing.

Third. I am still here. it means I am still alive taking care of things. of course I own my country, I love it the way it is. there are some imperfections and all, well I am not perfect as well. For now, let us keep it the way it was, for now.

So don't worry my friend, there is no end to the Philippines. Even though lots of typhoons, earthquakes, eruptions, or any other natural calamities will come knocking - we can handle it.

Still worried about corruption though, time to check out my sniper scope and remove all those rats from my country.