Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bachelor President

Some of my social circles asked me why the elected president is still a bachelor.

He got lots of beautiful women around him but he dumped them. I dont know why.

My answer is 'maybe he is gay!' everyone laughed, but one of her supporters find it offensive.

I told her to come to me:

"Tell me what is your problem..."

"Sir, you are over the belt, why would you think he is gay?"

"Ms. **** I don't care if he is a pussy lover or a cock-sucker, as long as he can feed my country men, that's fine with me. That is one of the main tasks I gave to him. So support him on that cause and not on his relationship / sexual affairs."

She left the room.

That my friends is one of the problems of our countrymen in the Philippines. Some are 'onion-skinned' and not able to handle deep criticism. Europeans, Americans, even Japanese have been very critical to their governemnt and yet they perform what they should be - in a satisfactory manner. That is because they do not mind the external or minor problems that is affecting the society. If we will be after for the 'root cause' of the problem, it will be solved instantly. Same like a worn out motor. After troubleshooting and finding out the root cause, after proper overhaul is done, the motor will perform well again.

Once he is laid back and not up to it. i tell you, I will be very sad, I am pretty sure he will never ever sleep at night.

So far Kris is having the best time of her life in their family. Lucky her.

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