Friday, December 30, 2011

No more firecrackers please!!!

Some Filipinos are just plain stupid as they sell and buy those stupid firecrackers.

We almost got hit by a 'whistle bomb' years ago, courtesy of our neighbor.

The experience is quite traumatic as my mom almost had a heart attack that night.

Stop useless spending, pollution, and inconvenience to yourself and other people - 


Even our neighbors who were policemen in the early days are discharging their guns. Although they do it responsibly as they do it 'muzzle down', there are still some reports that some crazy policemen fire their guns in the air and don't care if someone got hit afterwards with their stray bullet.

I hope I can see them personally and put the guns on their mouths or their brains and let is splatter around like what happened in the Iraq war (sorry for those who are eating out there).

It is just nonsense tradition. There is no such bad spirits. Only bad people, and majority of them are working in the Philippine Government, sucking the tax payer's money. Remove those, and the Philippines will always have good luck. Didn't we notice that industrialized countries don't use firecrackers that much? When the new year comes they greet it with songs, hymns, they got drunk, they got laid. That is much better. Compared to losing a hand, an eye, or dying afterwards because of accidentally eating the dangerous ingredients of firecrackers.

Let us welcome 2012 with full of happiness & hope, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My friend named Pot

(This story is dedicated to my special friend out there, wherever you are, have faith and do your best, I am always here, I did not leave you in anyway...)

(Note: Some of the bits and pieces are added , changed and omitted for the sake of literary wit.)

There are those moments where you get that feeling that you are so in love. Have you ever felt that? Butterflies are flying, the sun is shining when you see him or her? That is that 'moment.' it is like a drug that gives you a sense of fantasy and happiness, you will never let it go.

Unfortunately it did.

I met this cute and petite gal named Pot. She is a nurse. She is the sweetest nurse around and it will make you sing that old OPM tune "Okay, na sa akin kung ako'y dedbol na, basta't ikaw ang lagi kong kasama...." (Translation: It is okay if I die, as long as I am with you). And she became my girlfriend.
I was so proud of her and I even introduced her to my parents and sisters. They were so happy also that we were together. We played games like kids, told stories, accompanying her when she goes to duty at the hospital, and the good night kisses - that is what I like.

Then came Christmas , I gave her a gift. And she told me something that went my world upside down.

"I do not like you anymore, I met someone else"

That made me sad. So sad I have not eaten for weeks. There are somethings that we could not explain. Even Love is an unknown subject too, or maybe I was still young to understand.

I respected her decision and gave her my blessing.

Few months passed by, I was eating dinner, while our doorbell rang and I saw Pot. It was raining that night and I saw her, drenched, and with blood and bruises. To avoid further gossip from my own family, I told her that we will talk outside where we went to a small diner.

She told me that she was being beaten and abused.

I do not know how to react. I could still remember that she was firm and told me in the face that she did not like me. I also came to know that her husband is her childhood friend.

I tried to console her. I became bold, "let us go somewhere, If you have a passport, I can arrange a flight immediately outside where we can be married. I will process your annulment. If you want your husband to be killed, I can also make it look like an accident. Just do not go back there again, please.."

She declined my offer.

She kissed me gently, and held my hand. "You will make a fine husband. I love you so much. Now that I made a wrong decision, it is better to regret this for the rest of my life. Forgive me. I know you are angry because I dumped you. I did not know love that well, but you, you have earned it. And I respect you for that. Please let me go for now, hopefully this is temporary..."

Then again, that shock came to me, but seeing her, so sure of herself, it is "grace under fire" as what they call it, made me a believer. Everything seemed a fantasy and reality at the same time. Seeing her is the epitome of love that exists in the darkest boundaries of our hearts. To make it short, if she will tell me to jump from a building, maybe I will. But that did not happen as she love that son of a bitch guy who hits her like she is a punching bag.

Love and stupidity are almost in the same genre.

I did not see her again. I searched in every directory around the world, I just want her, to see her if she is okay...

Maybe I found her, she is inside my heart as of this moment.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 10 things Filipinos must do on 2012

Okay now this is  your plan. instead of politicking and bashing each other on the street and on the internet, these are the things that you have to do. I did this because I have to. It is not spoon feeding, but rather shoving it up in your assess. 

You may do it or not for all I care. But here is my guarantee, you will become a better individual if you have performed one, AT LEAST ONE of my suggestions here. Not only this will make you become a better Filipino, hopefully it will make you a better citizen of planet Earth:

# 10 - Have discipline in every way you do. Just putting the trash in the trash bin goes a long way. Try to fall in line if there is a cue, or just shut up if there is a church mass or someone is speaking.

#9 - Be well informed so that you will never get left behind. Although it is not necessarily 'news and showbiz' like the junk Philippine media is throwing at us (sometimes they are feeding us garbage anyway), just get the real news on both sides. I tell you, you will surely learn something. Being well informed about your family and your own environment is the best news you can ever get.

#8 - Love your parents. try to love them unconditionally. If they are not the ones to be loved (always gambling, womanizing, etc.) tell them to change their acts. So that you will not be like them in the future. I am sure, they will go teary eyed and love you for the advice. Sometimes we have to remind people and be firm about it so that they can change.

#7 - Be patient and just work hard - times are hard these days. Enough of the complaining, just go on with your work as long as possible. set aside pride for a while, just go and work. Do not mind your co workers or supervisor if he or she gives you problems. Just go on, punch the time card, and work. if there is too much, relax a little, and go back to it again. Or do something to remove your mind off from work but do not spend a lot. Try not to quit as long as you can. If you really can't bear it, go ahead and quit. The reason why that you have endure it as long as you can is because that times will be more harder in 2012. basic goods and gas prices will rise (what else is new anyway?). So hang on to your job for now.

#6 - Tell your family to be budget conscious - while you are slaving away at work,  your wife / husband and kids has the latest iPad and asks you for more money, screw them all and tell them to stop the fantasy. Tell them to practice modest living at all costs. Tell them how much you spend a week for electricity, gas, LPG, food, 'baon' (children's allowance), etc. etc. And tell them the salary you are getting. This is basic accounting which is used by major corporations around the world. Tell them to monitor what they are spending and what is to be received (that is debit and credit). Money is not abundant like the air we breathe (pollution is changing that now), try to budget and save some money for emergencies.

#5 - Study hard on how you can make more money - I remember the days when I was in elementary and th teacher gave me a poor mark on my computer lessons. I told my teacher, "what is the big deal with these computers anyway. Instead of buying them, I will buy food instead or if you can teach me on how to make money out of it, maybe I will listen to you more". They were surprised on hearing those statements, which is true up to this day. Try to study on the things that will help you make more money. A school that doesn't teach that is already a failure. I taught my students on recycling their papers and other stuff instead of throwing them and they are surprised on how much I got from it. (That is why the school janitor has a fat belly, he always have that whisky inside his locker).

Books and other learning materials are useless if these will not make you money in the future. So try to study hard, and think hard if this will give you benefit in the future.

#4 - Care for the environment - we have to plant more trees now and be vigilant about it. We have to clean our surroundings and ourselves. If we can charge each people of littering on the streets or putting them in jail. it will be much better. Or, let us put those people's faces in social media sites so that they will be ashamed and  will not litter anymore. Sometimes drastic measures are needed to produce drastic results especially on problems as basic as this one.

For illegal loggers, well this is easy. Kill them all including their families. Since they are raking up all the blessings of Mother Nature without proper consent, let them suffer the consequences. A man who is an illegal logger will surely pass his trade through his son and other families.

This is the best way to avoid the harrowing incident in Mindanao particularly Cagayan de Oro and Iligan where typhoon Sendong struck and produced flashfloods killing thousands of lives and animals and destroyed millions of pesos in property.

#3 - A complete overhaul in Philippine media (film and television) - let us not watch those episodes in Philippine TV which is full of controversy and blah blahs that turn our minds into empty cracked eggs. Some of our movies are like that too, where we just show anything just to get some money (as if we don't know that making a movie is a cheap process nowadays). The funny thing is, the relevant movies or the ones with good content are shown only in abroad or sent through movie awards. This gives the impression that we just watch junk Philippine movies and we only enjoy Hollywood films.

One good example to emulate is Bollywood. It is known that they produce a lot of movies, but all of these are shown on their own theaters only, only few are watched Internationally (although they are broadcast on various satellite channels). So what if they produce good or nonsense content. The fact is, the viewers are supporting it. And this improves their own film industry. They get new talents (actors/actresses) and improving creativity along the way. The main point here is, we must improve our own media by producing more value added content.

The only good media that where we can be informed & entertained intelligently is the radio. It is cheap and and information is transmitted faster, but that is deteriorating as we speak.

For short, just don't watch junk / unimportant shows and do something productive.

2# - Religion - to tell you the truth the Philippine Catholic Church has some lapses since the early days of Philippine history up to today. They are the ones who made us who we are today and now we may be enjoying it from the mean time, but we are suffering from it. They are always meddling with the affairs of the state, and that brings confusion.
They must know that we can practice any religion we want. Same goes for those die hard fanatics of INC, Dating Daan, and other weird religions that we have in the Phils. To tell you the truth, some of them are misleading the TRUTH about God. (I don't want any debates here guys and gals, lols). 

For now, whatever religion you have, my advise is to pray. Pray that we will be in good hands this coming New Year and succeeding years also. Whatever trials we are facing, we have to pray and do our best. As they say, pray, it works. If it doesn't work, at least you tried. As simple as that.

#1 - For number one - that is YOU. Since you have made it this far, it means you are interested on what I am saying here, and you have this urge on how to become a better individual. Just do what is right under the best circumstances and you will do just fine. If there is a mistake, correct it as soon as possible. This is what I have learned after studying and living on different countries around the world. And successful Filipinos also did the same thing, and now they are living happy and contented lives.

And thanks for reading this blog  as well some of my blogs here.

Whatever and wherever you are, I offer you my sincere 'pat in the back' if you're a guy. For gals,  a small peck on the cheek will do just fine.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Filipinos and the Jabberwocky

(Before I continue to write, may I wish everyone Happy Holidays 2011.)

For all those who are not familiar with the Jabberwocky, it is a horrific creature, like a dragon, with sharp claws and bat-like wings. If you want to see it, just watch the movie Alice and Wonderland movie (starring Johnny Depp and this lovely lass whom I have a crush on, Mia Wasikowska) , or just read the book.

How does this Jabberwocky anything related to Filipinos?

As per interpretation of scholars and critics. And if you have read the book (actually, just go to Wikipedia as a shortcut), the poem describing Jabberwocky is made up of nonsense, mixed up words. Could it be that these nonsense words are related to Filipinos who spew nonsense on the forums and commentaries on various websites and all? They could really confuse and give doubts to our minds in one way or another.

I also see the Jabberwocky as a representation of something unknown evil that is inside us. And we cannot let it go away. It is always there, lurking, watching, and feeding on our sins. Taken care by people who are heartless, greedy, and thirsty for power. (For me, it also represents poverty, corruption, greed, political immaturity, and lack of discipline). I cannot compare it to the devil, because we know that the devil always do bad things. But the Jabberwocky, we don't know what it is. And we always have fear of the unknown.

Unless someone, who is brave and smart like Alice comes along, who can study and kill the Jabberwocky. Of course she cannot do it alone, she must need support. She has been regarded as crazy, bonkers, out of this world thinking, which may do more harm to herself and others. But still she agreed to do it, why?

It is her choice.

We all have various paths to take. And now we have PNoy who is advocating his 'matuwid na daan' (straight / righteous path). The question is, shall we choose to go on that path for success? There are many paths to success right? Some are easy, some are difficult. But it all goes to one destination.

Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Greedy Doctor

(Note: This story I got from an English language test. Simple, yet meaningful.)

The Greedy Doctor

A famous doctor had cured a child of a very serious illness. The mother was 
grateful and went to the doctor's office to thank him.

"Doctor," she said, "there are some things we can't pay for, I thought that you
would want to accept this wallet which I made for you with my own hands."

"Madam," answered the doctor rudely, "I don't practice medicine for sentimental
reasons. You must pay me with money. Your bill is $ 2,000.

The lady opened the wallet, took out the $ 5,000 she had put in it,
and gave the greedy doctor $ 2,000.


Monday, December 19, 2011

A wake up call for the tactless and insensitive

(Note: This is one of the chat conversation that I had with one of my closest friends with relatives who perished in Iligan due to typhoon Sendong. I think the chat conversation speaks for itself.
    The chat is heavily edited for privacy reasons )

With all these tragedies haunting us, the best way is to be prepared, help, and shut up. But Filipinos especially politicians & celebrities are doing what they do best - politicking and exposure. It is so sad indeed. Read on.)
***Update - English translation provided.

*PH*   wat happened n s relatives mo? (What happened to your relatives?)

</3: Some died

</3: Others are recuperating

</3: Shocked and numb at the loss of lives and properties
*PH*: :'(

</3: :(

</3: Badtrip si kris (Kris is bad trip)
*PH* ): Why?
*PH* ): Kris A.??

</3: Yes

</3: Tingnan mo sa net (Check the internet)
*PH* : Yayariin ko yan bukas (I'll show her tomorrow)
*PH* ): Anu sabi? (What did she say?)

</3: Pa importante si kris (She wanted to be important)

</3: Napaka insensitive at tactless (She's insensitive and tactless)

</3: Akala mo kung sino (Who does she think she is?)
*PH* : Alam mo naman yan,di bale,wala ka naman STD (Well you know her, at least you don't have STD)

</3: Kasi wlang reaksyon si pnoy ni hi or hello sa iligan at cdo people wla (Because Pnoy don't care about the plight of people at CDO & Iligan. Even a small hello. Nothing)

</3: Diba magtataka ka ilang days na wla man lang pasabe (Have you noticed, how many days there is no communication?)
*PH* : mrmi galit s forums kanina (A lot of people are angry on the forums)

</3: Di marami na pumupuna lalo pinakita pa nagsayaw sya all nyt sa party daming nainis sa knya (A lot of people are criticizing because he danced all night at the party and all)

</3: Sbe ba naman ng kris, "life goes on" (Kris told "life goes on")

</3: She defended pnoy na naka plan na daw yung party matagal na (She defended Pnoy that the party was already planned)

</3: Duhhh

</3: Its not the point
*PH* ): San nya sinabi yun? (Where did she told that?)

</3: People are really pissed at her now

</3: A friend of mine who's volunteering at ABS-CBN right now texted me. She said they were already at Consolacion to distribute the relief goods to the people, the people were already lining up, when suddenly they rerouted and went back to Balulang. The reason? Kris Aquino is there and they have to fetch her and go back to Consolacion so that she can also help.

Imagine the faces of the people already waiting for the relief goods; All hungry and thirsty and still covered in mud and they all needed fresh clothes to change into...They were shocked to see the ABS-CBN trucks leaving. All they can do is watch and wait for them to come back again. That's what my friend witnessed just a while ago.

</3: s0 kelangan mag appear xa dun para lumabas na c pn0y at ang abscbn mging p0pular sa mga nasalanta. C0me on, p0litics nanaman t0 eh. Para lang mganda imahe nla sa mga tao. Trapo!!
(So she needs to appear so that Pnoy can appear and ABS-CBN will become more popular with the victims. Come on, this is poltics again. So that they will get a good image while helping the victims. Rotten Traditional Politicians!) 

</3: :O

</3: Galit tlg kami (We are so angry)

e</3: The difference when a calamity strikes metro manila and other provinces:

Metro Manila - everything stops, everybody helps, The MEDIA is focused on the efforts of different celebrities, groups and politicians on their effort to help.

Other provinces especially in Mindanao - The shows on major networks goes on... if you turn on your tv you see them dancing, singing, smiling... if there are efforts...not visible enough. media will just show the updates on their allotted time slot.

 SO TRUE! good thing BBC WORLD and CNN shows updates on what happened in CDO and Iligan. -

</3: This is precisely the reason why people in mindanao and visayas dislike politicians claiming to be partial to every filipino. For them, filipinos are living in luzon or manila only

</3: Kapal ng mukha nila. Come election time panay kampanya at pangako. (Such hypocrites, come election time they are always campaigning and full of promises) Come to think of it, mindanao is bigger than luzon with more people and more natural resources. Kung wla ang mindanao (If there is no Mindanao) I'm sure luzon won't be so high and mighty. Politicians just keep on exploiting mindanao. Sana pumasa nlng yung appeal dati na ihiwalay ang mindanao at maging separate country nlng kami. Or under the US.
(I hope Mindanao will become a separate country or be under US regime) 

</3: Eh di sa show na. Life goes on daw regardless of the tragedy that happened to us
(She (Kris) told that "life goes on regardless of the tragedy that happened to us)

</3: Sana nde nya maranasan to jump from roof to roof and see that the roof before it disappears 1 by 1 and gets carried away by the current
(I hope she will not experience to jump from roof to roof and see that the roof before it disappear one by one and gets carried away by the current) 
*PH* -I think jumping from one cock to another is what she does best :p
*PH* -: Forget her

</3: >:O


/3: >:O kainis sila (I am so pissed)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

P-Noy and his Iphone 4s

I saw P-Noy once after a press conference, he came to me and said, "hey i got a new phone" and he showed me the Iphone 4s.

"Alam mo ba gamitin yan?" (Do you know how to use it?)

"Oo, naman, heto.." (Panay ang swipe niya sa mga pages, accessing the wifi, and kung anu-ano pinipindot.)
(Here, let me show you, then he swiped all the pages and accessed all the buttons.)

After almost wasting 15 minutes of my time showing all the features and all to me, he got lost and all, and he seem to be frustrated.

I told him to relax, and I pressed the button that activates 'Siri' and a few secret root passwords:

"Siri, cancel all open applications and open Pnoy's schedule for the whole week."

"Your schedule is open. Anything else?"

"None. thank you Siri."

And he asked me, "how did you do that?"

"You just saw me how I did it right? I spoke to it. That is the main feature of Iphone 4s, voice activation using Siri. You did not know this?"

"No. I thought it is the same as my 3GS."

"You know P-Noy, you are just like any rich Filipino bastard I know. You are just buying something just for display only without utilizing its full potential. How will the people think of you as a mature and smart president if you just bought something new and expensive but do not know how to use it?"

"C'mon man, don't be harsh, teach me."

"I have no time, can't you see that I am very busy soliciting aid for those people affected by Sendong (the typhoon that hit the southern part of the Philippines), you are wasting your time playing that goddamn thing while people are suffering and dying out there!"

I walked away before I get a heart attack.

Man invented technology to be used and abused. That is what it is made for. You have to use tech at its full potential. It is utter nonsense if you just bought it for display only, becoming famous for it because you have it is pathetic.

In my opinion, these material things are just temporary 'bottles of joy.' After it is consumed, they are just thrown away or recycled like everything else.


(one guy posted this on INQ comments...and maybe, this is what PNoy does to Siri..hopefully not)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Philippine Judiciary: A whole lot of grease-money (part 2)

(this is continued from the first blog...)

* Court of Appeals - this is another joke of the Philippine Judicial branch. Let us say I killed someone. So If I was pronounced 'GUILTY', I can 'appeal' again to make it 'NOT GUILTY.'  Hey, it works like a charm, and this has been done by lots of people, who has lots of cash to spend and 'grease' out the judges and staff there.

* Court of Tax Appeals - Ever heard of the pawnshop owner who bought a Ferrari and was sent to the Philippines tax free? So you forgot about this story huh? So he was charged, no big deal. he can always go to this another pathetic branch where you can make an appeal and remove your taxes off the slate.

There are other branches as below, you can read them what they do as you like. They have no purpose in anyway I could think of. Enlighten me if there is something important.

Judicial and Bar Council
Office of the Court Administrator
Philippine Judicial Academy
Philippine Mediation Center

As you can see, I am critical with the Philippine justice system. I myself is a victim too. But past is past, I am just sharing these with you. Life is unfair really, and there maybe other countries out there much worse than the Philippines when it comes to corruption and poor justice. But I am not concerned with them so, let them be.

If you watched 'Back to the Future II', it is a dream for everyone that court decisions come out in just minutes - removing the need for judges and lawyers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Philippine Judiciary: A whole lot of grease-money

With all the hoopla around Corona's impeachment and the 'stop work' or 'sit-down' strike of its supporters, no wonder the Philippine Judiciary system is in shambles. Corona is known as a 'midnight appointee', quickly put or placed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as Chief Justice.

Now, this in itself is questionable. GMA has appointed someone there in a public office -  an office that must be unbiased, impartial, and fair for all citizens. Even though he is a qualified person, with this position as high almost the same as 'God', even more powerful than the President, is being appointed immediately. Without any scrutiny from fellow law bar members, or consensus from any third party organization. Why?

Actually there are lots of answers, I do not want to be involved neither. We all knew the answers in our minds and hearts. What am I after is how can we solve this mess that the Judiciary is facing. Let us study what the Philippine Judiciary is about, IN AN ORDINARY FILIPINO'S PERSPECTIVE :

Supreme Court - if you keep losing on all your cases, your final bet is the supreme court. I am surprised that even small cases right now like compensation for employees against their employer reach to the supreme court! (check out the case of NIÑA JEWELRY MANUFACTURING OF METAL ARTS, INC. (otherwise known as NIÑA MANUFACTURINGAND METAL ARTS, INC.) and ELISEA B. ABELLA, G.R. No. 188169 on SC's website

I am not a lawyer or a judge here, but as a common person. This shows how long the justice system in the Philippines is taking. The case dragged from 2005 with the final decision posted on their website recently (promulgation was on 28 Nov. 2011).

Such a long process, what will the employees do for the rest of those 6 years? How can they eat and pay the bills? if they(employees) are guilty of theft, why they are not charged?

The SC must tackle big court cases only, not a simple employer/employee case which can be handled by the DOLE (another pathetic Phil. government organization).

So if you could just imagine a murder case like Nida Blanca, even the Vizconde Massacre, we don't know yet who is the killer? Where is he/she now? And how could our SC solve these cases? It would take many years for sure.

And if you want to fast track the decision - better have some grease-money to turn the gears of justice. The more the money, the better the chances the results will be in your favor.

(to be continued)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Professional Heckler

I want to give kudos to this site that has won 2011 Philippine Blog awards:

Up to now, I am still working on my Wordpress account, and what I got is one bad comment from someone (I made a squeeze page :p)

Politics in the Philippines is a big joke. And The Professional Heckler does his job well. I want a few tips from his side too, but to tell you the truth, I will get a big headache if the discussion revolves around Philippine politics only.

As for you heckler, kudos to you and congratulations for winning the Philippine Blog Awards of 2011.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Anxiety, Depression, Social Phobia, Panic Attacks

I came across a website that helps me get over with the inconveniences of life.

If you are depressed, does not want to talk to people, suffers from anxiety, and could not decide on various pressures of your lives, check this website

Life is hard in the Philippines because of bad politics, poor security, and rising cost of basic commodities.
try to relax, read, and purchase some of the products there if you like.

Check it out and hope you get better, and don't think too much about the problems of life...we all have problems, if you know mine, i could say, it all started when I was born...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What if the Philippines have snow?

I have been around the world several times, and never seem to notice the world outside as I am focused on my meetings and job assignments.
I was in Russia sometime, -20 C, it is so cold that boiling water froze when tossed in air. I was wondering, what if the Philippines encountered snow in its lands? How can they really handle the real cold weather I am experiencing right now?

The coldest part i have been in the Philippines is in Benguet and Baguio. I became sick because of the long widening zigzag and rough roads I have to endure to come there. To tell you the truth, in my own opinion. It is just ordinary. The weather is cold but not special. Because if it is mid-day, you must remove your jacket as the temperature is just ordinary.

Upon analysis and discussions with some fellow Filipinos and foreigners. I have concluded that Filipinos cannot live through 'snow' on a long term basis. We are just not up to it. I myself go inside my cozy warm office upon the presence of snow. I just can't get used to ice falling down on me - because I was born on a warm part of the planet.

Snow in the Philippines will cause a lot of problems. Drainage systems will be clogged more, no special vehicles or equipment to clean the snow on the roads, and people will not work at all as some of them might get sick (maybe someone stupid enough to gather snow and put it on their food to save refrigeration cost, but didn't know that the snow is contaminated with garbage water).

But the problem these days is that the Philippines is getting hotter and hotter. Something is going whether global warming or we are just getting fatter, I have noticed it myself, and the humidity is so bad, I was sick as well.

Maybe a few drops of snow might work in the Philippines, I hope that happens during the summer season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 5 Philippine TV shows that you must not watch

We all know that our Philippine TV episodes are a lot of junk these days. I got fed up and made this list. All the reasons why we must not watch these are stated here and I will also give alternatives. If you have any comments, suggestions, or violent reactions, let me know:

1). TV Patrol, 24 oras, or any 6:00 news - I know everyone will hate me for this, but please hear me out. All of the news presented there are tabloid style, poor delivery, and redundant. These are just compiled news from the early morning or left overs from yesterday.  Some of which are based on opinions only, and we Filipinos love that. Mike Enriquez is entertaining at first, but somehow other people can't understand him as he is over acting. And we doubt the credibility of Noli De Castro now because he became VP and now back to being broadcaster. Watching these is just sort of a guilty pleasure to some of the viewers. But if you watch with an open mind, it is not worth your time.

Alternative: Watch the evening news or listen to the morning news on the radio. That is much better and the news is more fresh/updated.

2). Eat Bulaga, Showtime, Will Time Big Time and other game shows that make you stupid - The game show culture has been a boom in the early days of television up to today, and the Philippines is suffering from it. Its citizens are queuing from these different broadcasting companies hoping to win some money and losing their dignity in the process (remember 'Jan-jan' where he danced like a male stripper? He is just a small boy!).
I remember during those school days that I always watch Eat Bulaga and after that they have this small telenovela called 'Agila' or 'Heredero'. As a child, it is such good entertainment on those early days. But there was no choice. If there were good learning episodes back then, maybe we should have watched that and improved our grades in school. If I remember, there was this 30 minute episode of Channel 4 where they feature Chemistry and Physics. But that is presented by a woman from DOST, which is so boring. Another thing, it was aired on mid afternoon where a lot of children are having their siesta.

Alternative: You can still watch game shows, but go for those that where you can learn new things. Like 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' or 'Jeopardy'. If you have cable, of course watch Natgeo or Discovery.

3). Telenovelas - Now this is what I do not like bar-none. Waste of time and electricity, but Filipinos love it! I don't know why. We are already a country that's so melodramatic. That is why we cannot prosper. All those crying, womanizing, being a traitor, pa-cute 'kilig' scenes will haunt you and drain your sense of logic.

Alternative: There lots of episodes where you will learn something, like travel shows, trivia, even cooking. at least you have learned something rather than thinking 'where is the diary of Mara?'.... maybe it's in her ass.

4). Showbiz talk shows like 'The Buzz', 'Startalk' and other celebrity shows - Don't you get it? These shows are manipulating your thoughts and feelings? Well so what if KC knows that Piolo has someone (if he wants a banana or a flower I don't give a sh*t). Why are we wasting our time with them anyway? If they give some money probably that's okay. Even so, they are just fooling us to make us watch more.

Alternative: None. Let us focus on major stars who have contributed greatly to the film industry. Oscars or Golden Globes is much better. Gawad-Urian awards is nice.

5). PBB, Survivor, and all those reality shows - I watched some of the reality shows of the US and Europe. Some are good, but not always. I used to watch 'The Real World' from MTV, but the episodes became more, i don't know, ugly. And making it into Philippine version is much more uglier. This brings us to the conclusion that watching ourselves, especially our own race makes us look like animals being observed. Gone are the days where some game shows show your team strengths and your wit to battle against the other teams. Here, it's just plain stupid where you compete as a team but a lone winner will win the prize. Why can't someone had an idea of killing all the cast aways and take the money by himself/herself? That's much faster. Hey, its 'survival' anyway.

Alternative: there are game shows that promote team building. By being a good team where everyone support each other to battle against the other team, that is much better, and a valuable lesson is learned that being a good team can overcome any obstacle. If they want to check the individual's survival instincts, Takeshi's Castle is more entertaining than these 'team to traitor' reality shows.

The bottom line here is, let us watch television shows where we can learn something, that contribute to nation building. Let us be thankful that we have cable, satellite tv. Youtube is now there as another option for us. We can now choose what to watch and when.

I think the only show that live up to its name which helped us through the years is "Ating Alamin" on channel 4.
This show has helped our farmers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens to learn and make money in the process.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Indian farmers dump bags of snakes in tax office (by Yahoo News/AP)

There was this news about those poor Indian farmers who are not served properly by their tax office branch.
Worse, they are being asked for bribes by these government personnel. No shame indeed.

Frustrated, they let out their bag filled with snakes, 40 of them!

 Too bad we do not have a lot of snakes in the Philippines, we already have 'hungry crocodiles' there.