Thursday, December 8, 2011

What if the Philippines have snow?

I have been around the world several times, and never seem to notice the world outside as I am focused on my meetings and job assignments.
I was in Russia sometime, -20 C, it is so cold that boiling water froze when tossed in air. I was wondering, what if the Philippines encountered snow in its lands? How can they really handle the real cold weather I am experiencing right now?

The coldest part i have been in the Philippines is in Benguet and Baguio. I became sick because of the long widening zigzag and rough roads I have to endure to come there. To tell you the truth, in my own opinion. It is just ordinary. The weather is cold but not special. Because if it is mid-day, you must remove your jacket as the temperature is just ordinary.

Upon analysis and discussions with some fellow Filipinos and foreigners. I have concluded that Filipinos cannot live through 'snow' on a long term basis. We are just not up to it. I myself go inside my cozy warm office upon the presence of snow. I just can't get used to ice falling down on me - because I was born on a warm part of the planet.

Snow in the Philippines will cause a lot of problems. Drainage systems will be clogged more, no special vehicles or equipment to clean the snow on the roads, and people will not work at all as some of them might get sick (maybe someone stupid enough to gather snow and put it on their food to save refrigeration cost, but didn't know that the snow is contaminated with garbage water).

But the problem these days is that the Philippines is getting hotter and hotter. Something is going whether global warming or we are just getting fatter, I have noticed it myself, and the humidity is so bad, I was sick as well.

Maybe a few drops of snow might work in the Philippines, I hope that happens during the summer season.

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