Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sick today, tomorrow, and forever

Our world is filled with diseases, maybe human beings are made to be hosts of many diseases.

I went to the hospital today, I have this recurring problem on my skin (im sure you know what it is, some disease of so called 'rich' folks).

The dermatologist was somewhat upset, and he even told me that I did not do anything about it. Since its the first time I saw him, yes he didn't know that I was checked by many specialists around the world, and yet I still have this stupid disease.

He gave me medicine, and damn, 6 grams! 2 in the morning, 2 afternoon, and 2 in the evening! I dont know if my liver can withstand these large doses of medicine.

I just have to do it, so that I'll be cured.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anatomy of an Overseas Filipino Worker (cont. 2)


Now this one is a little morbid (if you are eating, please do not read this story).

Filipinos are compulsive gamblers. They gamble on everything that gives random results (I remember before that me and my classmates used to gamble using 'Lucky 9' by checking the license plates of oncoming vehicles.)

I will make this story short as I do not know how to write in a shocking or dramatic sort of way. One Filipino made himself a lottery 'banker' (one who buys prizes and gives out the numbers for betting) to earn some extra money. After the results were drawn (results are based on Thailand Lottery), he saw that one Pakistani guy won the prize. For whatever weird or crazy reason, he doesn't like that another nationality will take the prize, he wants only his fellow 'kabayan.' to win the prize. He and his friends beat the Pakistani guy, they chopped his body in small pieces, put it in a freezer, cooked, and ate it.

This cannibalistic fiasco has been the gossip and buzz from every expatriate I have talk to. Even my boss asked me "Do you Filipinos do that? You eat dogs right? How is human flesh?"

There is more, I told this story to a taxi driver, and he was glad to add more to the story as he is a nurse (wtf! times are hard these days). The Filipino cannibals went to the hospital as their stomach are in pain. Upon analysis of the doctors, they found out that they ate human flesh. The hospital staff called the police and caught the cannibals. Their fate is now unknown.


Now this story gives a lot of smile instead of pity. There was this Filipino technician who serviced an air conditioning unit in a tall building. When he entered on a bedroom, a beautiful lady tried to seduced the Filipino. He was reluctant at first but the woman, who was so pretty, she tried to make advances like holding his d**k, and a lot of that. The Filipino can't take it anymore so he went for it - he had sex with a foreign woman.

After they finished, the Filipino wanted to leave the premises. The woman told that he cannot leave. Suddenly, the dressers and cabinets opened which was full of women! They also wanted to have sex with the Filipino. Of course he cannot because he was still 'tired' with the first one. The women became upset and they beat him, and thrown him out of the building.

Well. Those are some of my stories. Hope you enjoyed it. I can write more, if I remember some of them. You can share if you like.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Anatomy of an Overseas Filipino Worker

We all know what Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) have been through, they are the ones who work outside their home country for their families. It is for their survival, and good for the Philippine economy as well.

You have seen the news recently, that a former seaman killed his own family in Cebu. It is quite a shock indeed.
Upon reading the story, the man has suffered a head injury while at work. Due to this he cannot work again due to his medical condition.

Maybe he became crazy because of that accident. But there are others out there who became crazy because of extreme stress, i.e. isolation, poor/stressful working conditions, conflicts, debt, homesickness, sometimes even extreme weather conditions affect the OFW's personality.

There are lots of stories out there regarding OFW's, but I always tell these two stories to those who newly arrived in abroad. This will serve as a warning to them, to keep your sanity in times of crisis:

1). THE QUIET BUT DANGEROUS ENGINEER - There was this engineer in the Middle East who has a fat paycheck. Everytime he send almost all his earnings to his lovely wife in one the provinces in the Philippines. One day while working, he received a call from one of the wife's relative - that his wife has a relationship with another man. The engr. became silent, and still he continued his job. After he finished his contract, he did not tell everyone not even his relatives that he was going back to his home country.
Upon arrival, he went immediately to a machine shop and made a long steel tube with a sharp end.
At night, he has hidden himself in the bushes near his home. He waited for the other man to come to his home. The man came and he waited more until his wife and the man are copulating, he then went inside and stabbed them both with a long steel stake.
He surrendered himself to the authorities and everyone was shocked on what he did and his honest surrender. The mayor of that province saw the man's crime and he told him "just go away from here and never come back."

2) (to be continued...)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Death of a vicious, mean, angry dog - Bubbles

It is hard to discuss death especially to young children. We cannot lie that 'they are sleeping' or 'they went to heaven.'

We have to accept death as a journey, it is what Steve Jobs have said, that it is a destination we share in the end.

Let me tell you the death of one of our family, her name is Bubbles (named after our favorite character from the Powerpuff Girls), our dog. She is vicious, mean, and scares the shit out of everyone who comes near our gate. She is a Rottweiler by the way.

Our family has always been a pet lover, we had dogs, cats, fishes, birds, and rabbits. We were fascinated by them, as they are cute and cuddly. We feed them, clean them, and their cages.

But we take care of our dogs the most. They are the ones who is more vocal, more lively, and importantly, more useful. Thieves has been lurking in our neighborhood in the early days up to now. And the best way to prevent them is to have a dog.

But we bought not just any dog, we bought breeds that are known to protect its masters to the extreme - that is why we chose German Shepherds, Pitbulls, Dobermans, and lastly, Rottweilers.

Bubbles, has shown extreme dedication even she is young. She barked immediately to strangers, she loves to play harshly, and we had our share of bites, cuts and bruises. She loves to exercise, but sometimes, when her leash snaps because of her great strength, she escapes and much to our horror that she may bite someone. But she just wants to explore, and we catch her back by using the 'choke chain' or doing the 'headlock'. We bought a real heavy duty 'chain' used in chain blocks to securely leash her.

She even bit me once, as she did not recognize my 'smell' (I was in abroad for a year), she was silent for a while, but when I reached for her head, she bit me. Luckily I took it away, or else I may not have a job anymore, it was my right hand too.

Her food is quite expensive. Sometimes we buy some left over beef ribs for her at the market, she loves this, together with the adult dog food. She suffered a mild insect infestation before on her skin, but was cured immediately by frequent baths and cleaning of her cage.

One thing we do not forget always is, she is telling us that she is hungry by barking. Her bark is so loud that sometimes the neighbors are angry. It can be heard 5 blocks away. So we keep a stock of her food always.

Everything is fine and all, but she has reached her limit. She is 11 years old. Our vet told that Rottweilers live for about 7-8 years. Our Bubbles did not bear any offspring, as she is always on guard protecting our home.

So Bubbles, wherever you are, now you are free. You can now be vicious and mean, and bite those bad people off, you are now free to do so. We're sorry sometimes we can't feed you on time, or we don't clean your cage immediately. We always remember that you are happy when you see us coming, asking for food, asking us to play, or just a simple pat on the head.

Thank you for guarding our home Bubbles. You can now rest.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The boy who wants to be Santa Claus

Introduction: This is a short heart warming story of a poor boy whose magical adventure touched the hearts of everyone, including his own. Hope you like my story and my art :)

May I be the first one to greet you Happy Holidays. 

Just pause for a moment, and forget the things you take for granted.

There was this boy, who is so poor he cannot eat a decent meal. His parents are sick, so he has to make money by begging.

The extra coins that falls on his worn out sardine can makes him very happy.   He can buy something with this, either a week old  bread , or some soup stock. He gives some to his parents and they are happy that they can survive the day.

But times have gone hard, no one dropped any coins. He tried to beg, but his hunger is so unbearable he cannot even stand. He rested on a cold sidewalk, very weak and tired.

Suddenly one guy came, he gave instructions to guard his car for a minute while  he buys something at the store. The boy was happy as he may get some good money, so he went to see the car. The car is an old dirty junk. He thought to himself, maybe if he will clean it, he will get a tip, so he cleaned it with his own clothes, even though he has nothing to wear, he used his own clothes to wash the car.

Seeing that the glass inside has some smudges, he decided to clean it by going inside the car.

Suddenly, like magic or special effects, the car changed its appearance and transformed to a beautiful sports car. A computer from the dashboard talked to the boy and told him to choose two things: 1). get all the money, food, and medicine right now from the car and leave 2). The computer will give him a job that is hard and stressful which he may not get anything in return, and wait for the owner to come back for the reward, if he will give any.

A monitor appeared and saw his parents, they are so sick and weak they cannot eat. He thought that, if there is a job in this world, no matter how hard it is, if he may get something from it, either money or skills, he may use it to make more money. So he chose option 2.

The car then flew through the sky in the speed of light. He was now instructed by the computer to give the gifts that will be given to him to different children around the world. The car hovered at the night sky, he was amazed by the flashing neon lights from the metropolis and bright pilot lights from luxury liners traversing the oceans.

He noticed he can go inside the home without being seen. He is now giving gifts to people, especially those who are  in need. Like those children suffering from famine, was lost because of war and distress, those who are exploited, those who are sick,  and those who are also poor - like him.

Before dawn, the car returned to the parking lot where it left before. The owner of the car was waiting, seems to be watching his watch - for sure he is upset. The boy's knees trembled with fear.

The boy quickly apologized, he told that he can be punished for what he did, either in some juvenile center or take a beating, as he left without his permission and the gifts at the back was distributed without his knowledge.

The man was serious, and he spoke in a simple but ominous tone:
"I didn't know that a young boy like you will like this job, other's have left and took away the gifts instantly.
As you can see, lots of people are also suffering like you, but you chose to help others first instead of yourself and your parents. And you even did my job as well."

"Helping someone without taking care of your own self cannot be exchanged for any gift. You are one of those unique people, let alone a child, posses such deep sense of emotional maturity and responsibility."

"For now, this is my gift for you, a toy car. I want you to play with it, when I was a boy I love to play with cars, I am sure you will do the same. Play, play and learn. This is what young boys do, that is what children must do. When you grow up, that is the time for you to decide whether to help yourself and others."

The boy now asked the man: "Thank you, by the way, are you Santa Claus? Why are you slim and wear black clothes?"

"What an intelligent boy you are, yes I am Santa Claus. As you can see, I lost weight, this is good for the health , and I wear black so that I cannot be seen by people. You know, 'camouflage.' Sorry I have to go as I have to prepare the gifts for tomorrow."

Then he said  goodbye to the boy and flew to the sky.

The boy looked at the toy car, it is the same car as what he has rode earlier. Still thinking of his parents, he decided to check their status and return back on the streets again to beg.

To his surprise his parents are now well, and he saw lots of food, toys, clothes in large amounts that they cannot even walk properly inside. His parents are telling him where they got them and all, but the boy was shocked and cannot speak.

He cried, and cried a lot.

He then played with his toy car, from now on, he can now play and enjoy the simple thing in life that matters most - his innocence.

*** End ***

Friday, October 7, 2011

Philippines: 10, 20, 50 years from now (cont 3...)

There will be a time of civil war. All Filipinos will try to kill each other. All businesses will turn their backs away.
Everything will be in ruins. But some still remained, especially major companies from Japan and USA.

There will be extreme chaos all around. China will step in, as well as Americans. Some Filipinos will try to fight them off, but when offered asylum to their respective countries, they did not fight them anymore. Pathetic indeed.

A major earthquake may come on June, some few hundred people may die.

Increase in water level is also a concern, and fishing will be a great business venture.

Traffic will still be a problem, no one has ever solved it. Pollution will be on an all time high, and gas prices seem to soar in the sky. People will now opt to stay at their workplaces to save on transportation fares and traffic jams that waste time. People will learn to work online.

In the end, the Philippines will not change for many years. It will still be the same third world country that everyone has spitted and enjoyed on. It is open, it is adaptable, lazy, but can be developed.

I do not see any major thing that will happen. If some Filipinos will die, it is replaced immediately by 'baby-makers' who make babies just for fun and continue to increase the population. The government will be lax on this one, and they even encourage to produce more offspring - as this - they told - will be cheap and docile labor to the investors and bring more money to the economy.

As for me, I will die, and give this burden to my son. Hope he may do something about it, it is up to him if he will make the Philippines prosperous, or a failure.

*** END ***

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Think Differently' My letter to Steve Jobs

First of all, when you say 'Apple', the name Steve Jobs comes in second.

I do not know him in any way, but whenever I see Apple products on the store, I really do think Steve Jobs invented and reinvented these wonderful gadgets. 

Frankly speaking I cannot afford one. Seeing my friends and strangers have one, or any Apple related gadget/device seems like I was left behind in this fast paced world. I know there is something special behind it, aside from being regarded as an 'elite', you are also hip, cool, and more importantly, Apple owners know more about computers than anyone else.

The beautiful operating system has enchanted me a lot. Steve has put his heart in his creations. He thought differently, it shows in the products.

To the bereaved family, my deep condolences. I may not be an Apple fan, but somehow, somewhere, Steve's vision and leadership has inspired me, and countless others. 

Thank you for letting us 'think differently.'

Teacher's Day

Since it is teacher day, I will share again my story of one teacher who has 'awakened' my spirit to do better.

Click the link below:

(Note, this was published in

To my teacher, I love you, thank you for bringing me the knowledge and the skills. Although I failed you lots of times, and I did not follow your righteous teachings, in the end, I am truly grateful.

Now that I am also a teacher, I do see your vision, it does not matter if we did not get a good grade, but to be able to survive in the real world, is much more important.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Philippines: 10, 20, 50 years from now (cont 2...)

The rich and affluent will find themselves uncomfortable living in the Philippines as criminals will roam around and rob them in broad daylight. There will be horrible murders too. Some of them will arm themselves, but it will make matters worse. Law and order will be a major issue.

The Philippine government will try to calm down its people by increasing the basic salary of every worker, but this has turned off investors, and they are forced to look for cheap labor in other Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Unemployment will rise.

People will be upset and are forced to move out. Mass exodus of Filipinos are going to Asian countries to work. Many will die as they are crossing other territories as refugees, some will drown, or killed by security.
Filipinos are losing hope and will go back to provinces to plant on the rice fields.

(continued 3..)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

In the future these government officials will be erased

See these guys (from the Department of Public Works and Highways, a Government Agency in the Philippines) , just idling around. If you look closer, the officials are pasted on the background using a photo software editor.
Lots of people are dying and they have the nerve to fool people that they are working...
I tell you, do not come to the Philippines as this will continue for a looooooonngggg time.

Philippines: 10, 20, 50 years from now (cont...)

Radical changes are being tried, tested in put in place. People will be worried and nervous. Prices will sky rocket and fighting confusion among fellow Filipinos will start.

Not all will be gloomy, the entertainment industry will gain more accolades internationally. Small business will thrive, no more people will shop at the malls. Actually these will be used by the government as giant evacuation centers. Again, more typhoons will come.

The Catholic church will further gain its presence, as its believers are troubled and continuously seeking for help. One priest will be a senator or part of some government agency.

(continued 2)

Philippines: 10, 20, 50 years from now

Now ladies and gentlemen. I will tell you my plans for the future of your country.

I don't want to scare you or anything like that, its just, I want to warn all of you.

Be brave. I will bare now the future of the Philippines and its citizens.

10 years later...

It will become worse. Poverty and unemployment will rise for about 20-30%. Major investors are pulling out because of the corruption, high prices of basic utilities/goods, and rampant problems in transportation (air, land, water). Filipinos are trying to migrate or work overseas and keep the country stable financially.

Mindanao will have more conflicts than ever. Skirmishes, killings, hostages, and terrorist activities will further increase. This is because the government and foreign investors are interested on doing business but cannot compete with the advanced guerrilla army / rebels / clans that is 'guarding' Mindanao. Both parties will become desperate and there will be lots of deaths.

The nation will become more polluted because of inadequate garbage disposal and also more deaths are there due to 'trash-slide.' One Filipino will think of a way to solve this and will become rich temporarily. Total garbage will be reduced for about 40%.

P-Noy will continuously struggle up to the end of his term. Promises are not kept and his countrymen will become more upset with him. But he will marry and have a child (a boy) - and was forgiven by the Filipino people. The next president will be a scary one. An ambitious person who will do radical changes to the Philippines.

(to be continued...)