Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The boy who wants to be Santa Claus

Introduction: This is a short heart warming story of a poor boy whose magical adventure touched the hearts of everyone, including his own. Hope you like my story and my art :)

May I be the first one to greet you Happy Holidays. 

Just pause for a moment, and forget the things you take for granted.

There was this boy, who is so poor he cannot eat a decent meal. His parents are sick, so he has to make money by begging.

The extra coins that falls on his worn out sardine can makes him very happy.   He can buy something with this, either a week old  bread , or some soup stock. He gives some to his parents and they are happy that they can survive the day.

But times have gone hard, no one dropped any coins. He tried to beg, but his hunger is so unbearable he cannot even stand. He rested on a cold sidewalk, very weak and tired.

Suddenly one guy came, he gave instructions to guard his car for a minute while  he buys something at the store. The boy was happy as he may get some good money, so he went to see the car. The car is an old dirty junk. He thought to himself, maybe if he will clean it, he will get a tip, so he cleaned it with his own clothes, even though he has nothing to wear, he used his own clothes to wash the car.

Seeing that the glass inside has some smudges, he decided to clean it by going inside the car.

Suddenly, like magic or special effects, the car changed its appearance and transformed to a beautiful sports car. A computer from the dashboard talked to the boy and told him to choose two things: 1). get all the money, food, and medicine right now from the car and leave 2). The computer will give him a job that is hard and stressful which he may not get anything in return, and wait for the owner to come back for the reward, if he will give any.

A monitor appeared and saw his parents, they are so sick and weak they cannot eat. He thought that, if there is a job in this world, no matter how hard it is, if he may get something from it, either money or skills, he may use it to make more money. So he chose option 2.

The car then flew through the sky in the speed of light. He was now instructed by the computer to give the gifts that will be given to him to different children around the world. The car hovered at the night sky, he was amazed by the flashing neon lights from the metropolis and bright pilot lights from luxury liners traversing the oceans.

He noticed he can go inside the home without being seen. He is now giving gifts to people, especially those who are  in need. Like those children suffering from famine, was lost because of war and distress, those who are exploited, those who are sick,  and those who are also poor - like him.

Before dawn, the car returned to the parking lot where it left before. The owner of the car was waiting, seems to be watching his watch - for sure he is upset. The boy's knees trembled with fear.

The boy quickly apologized, he told that he can be punished for what he did, either in some juvenile center or take a beating, as he left without his permission and the gifts at the back was distributed without his knowledge.

The man was serious, and he spoke in a simple but ominous tone:
"I didn't know that a young boy like you will like this job, other's have left and took away the gifts instantly.
As you can see, lots of people are also suffering like you, but you chose to help others first instead of yourself and your parents. And you even did my job as well."

"Helping someone without taking care of your own self cannot be exchanged for any gift. You are one of those unique people, let alone a child, posses such deep sense of emotional maturity and responsibility."

"For now, this is my gift for you, a toy car. I want you to play with it, when I was a boy I love to play with cars, I am sure you will do the same. Play, play and learn. This is what young boys do, that is what children must do. When you grow up, that is the time for you to decide whether to help yourself and others."

The boy now asked the man: "Thank you, by the way, are you Santa Claus? Why are you slim and wear black clothes?"

"What an intelligent boy you are, yes I am Santa Claus. As you can see, I lost weight, this is good for the health , and I wear black so that I cannot be seen by people. You know, 'camouflage.' Sorry I have to go as I have to prepare the gifts for tomorrow."

Then he said  goodbye to the boy and flew to the sky.

The boy looked at the toy car, it is the same car as what he has rode earlier. Still thinking of his parents, he decided to check their status and return back on the streets again to beg.

To his surprise his parents are now well, and he saw lots of food, toys, clothes in large amounts that they cannot even walk properly inside. His parents are telling him where they got them and all, but the boy was shocked and cannot speak.

He cried, and cried a lot.

He then played with his toy car, from now on, he can now play and enjoy the simple thing in life that matters most - his innocence.

*** End ***

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