Monday, October 17, 2011

Anatomy of an Overseas Filipino Worker

We all know what Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW's) have been through, they are the ones who work outside their home country for their families. It is for their survival, and good for the Philippine economy as well.

You have seen the news recently, that a former seaman killed his own family in Cebu. It is quite a shock indeed.
Upon reading the story, the man has suffered a head injury while at work. Due to this he cannot work again due to his medical condition.

Maybe he became crazy because of that accident. But there are others out there who became crazy because of extreme stress, i.e. isolation, poor/stressful working conditions, conflicts, debt, homesickness, sometimes even extreme weather conditions affect the OFW's personality.

There are lots of stories out there regarding OFW's, but I always tell these two stories to those who newly arrived in abroad. This will serve as a warning to them, to keep your sanity in times of crisis:

1). THE QUIET BUT DANGEROUS ENGINEER - There was this engineer in the Middle East who has a fat paycheck. Everytime he send almost all his earnings to his lovely wife in one the provinces in the Philippines. One day while working, he received a call from one of the wife's relative - that his wife has a relationship with another man. The engr. became silent, and still he continued his job. After he finished his contract, he did not tell everyone not even his relatives that he was going back to his home country.
Upon arrival, he went immediately to a machine shop and made a long steel tube with a sharp end.
At night, he has hidden himself in the bushes near his home. He waited for the other man to come to his home. The man came and he waited more until his wife and the man are copulating, he then went inside and stabbed them both with a long steel stake.
He surrendered himself to the authorities and everyone was shocked on what he did and his honest surrender. The mayor of that province saw the man's crime and he told him "just go away from here and never come back."

2) (to be continued...)

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