Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sick today, tomorrow, and forever

Our world is filled with diseases, maybe human beings are made to be hosts of many diseases.

I went to the hospital today, I have this recurring problem on my skin (im sure you know what it is, some disease of so called 'rich' folks).

The dermatologist was somewhat upset, and he even told me that I did not do anything about it. Since its the first time I saw him, yes he didn't know that I was checked by many specialists around the world, and yet I still have this stupid disease.

He gave me medicine, and damn, 6 grams! 2 in the morning, 2 afternoon, and 2 in the evening! I dont know if my liver can withstand these large doses of medicine.

I just have to do it, so that I'll be cured.


  1. Dear,
    Have u ever read about " Aayur veda" .That's Indian contribution medical system. Aayur veda means 'The book of life, discribes how can we being healthy. You serch about Aayurveda in google.