Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao's Loss is another one's Gain

Manny Pacquiao was lost, defeated, a loser.

Filipinos were really shocked to see MP, on laid flat on the canvas 'almost slept for 2 minutes' against Juan Manuel Marquez on their 12 round Welterweight non titled fight (whew!) but the knock-out was, as sports commentators and journalists called 'picture perfect.'

Now the rant begins, here are the reasons why Manny Pacquiao lost the fight. From the logical, to the absurd, and outright crazy. Here it is below, and tell me which one it is the true reason why Pacman lost:

1. Pacquiao was overconfident (he said it himself), didn't check the time, and just jabbed all his way inside without thinking the JMM is a counter-puncher (that is someone punches him first then he punches back). As a champion, he must learn to exercise restraint and build up power, after all, he is leading from the last 6 rounds. He forgot to protect his chin also - which is a big no-no.

2. JMM was lucky. He was at the right moment and position. A true sign of a good boxer that every opportunity must be taken quickly. Even boxing analysts and the foreign press thinks the same way. 

3. MP changed religions. He was Catholic before and became a born-again Protestant pastor. This was told by Pacman's mother. Because of continuous bible studies even at night by the pastors of his new religion, his health was not in tip-top shape and lost.

4. MP did not wear the rosary he used to wear on his previous fights. And he did not perform the sign of the cross.

5. JMM stepped on his foot again. Causing Pacquiao to look down and therefore giving the knock out punch.

6. JMM was under the influence of PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and JMM's coach has been notorious for this and used it against other athletes.

7. MP concentration with boxing was disrupted because of his other activities. He is also known as a pastor, game show host,  politician,  product endorser, a businessman,  a father, and possibly more. 

So that's what I could think of. If you have more, please post it on the comments below.

On this fight, Pacquaio's loss is another one's gain. Maybe a little bit for JMM, but to the people of the whole world and to the Philippines. Pacquiao did a great job on bringing honor to Filipinos - WIN OR LOSE.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eric Bristow suggests new Darts Practice Rings

Eric Bristow has been a legend when it comes to darts. We used to play it when I was a young teen. My mom is quite angry because we were very rowdy. There is this new innovation: Darts Practice Rings  and it will surely help on improving your game. These are composed of rings that you put on the dart board. There are big rings, medium, and small ones. These rings are good as it psychologically triggers your aim to put the dart pins inside the ring. The rings are in bright neon colors.

Try it and buy so that you will be good like Eric Bristow!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greed is the weakness of the Filipino (History of Pyramid scam)

You have seen the news already that a lot of people were scammed by Aman Futures. P12 billion pesos worth of money were all taken by a single or group of persons. These people, who are just mere janitors or drivers have duped educated people of their hard earned money.

How did pyramiding start anyway?

Okay now I will explain this in my own words. I did not consult Wikipedia here, just based on my own words and personal experience.

It maybe started during the early days of Christianity, and the inception of taxes. Just imagine, things that we have for free like land, housing, water, food, just living your life, you must pay to someone. And who is that you might ask? - The Government. That government can be a King, a religious sect (priests, bishops), your dictator, whatever. You are paying them to be accepted in a society. And that money is supposed to be 'helping' everyone around you. Build infrastructures, improving security, blah blah.

But it is not accomplished properly. There are still crime, there is still food shortage, bridges are not built quickly, where is the money that you have paid for? There seems to be no auditing. No transparency where have your money has gone.

The only time that your taxes work for you is through wars. Where the government builds military equipment.

After the war, there were a lot of poor people who were affected by it. And some bastard (he or she is also poor) thought of an idea on how to get rich easily, and that will succeed with the help of an investor. That person is a good speaker, where he or she can entice people to invest on whatever they have, clothes, jewelry, farm animals, and they will replace it with something less. I don't know, it can be a small portion of special bread, or just entry to a foreign land (which is not sure if they would reach it). This has continued until the person who enticed the people and its investor leaves in the blink of an eye taking the hard earned money or assets of the poor hapless people.

Now same thing goes on, and this time using money. Money is given and you're expecting to get something big in return.

Call it greediness - yes. But this happens when there is poor people around. And since 70% of citizens in the Philippines are poor, they succumb to this scams proliferated by greedy people as well.

If everyone has been informed and been well off - good career with good pay, secure environment, less stress on the environment, who will be able to invest on this kind of scam? That is why majority of the victims are from Visayas and Mindanao, I will be frank here, these areas in the Philippines are forgotten by the government. Only powerful bureaucrats and tribes are taking charge. Only few people are victimized in Luzon.

I was a victim also. And sadly, the person can your trusted colleague, a friend, or a classmate (relatives are excluded, as it is your relative anyway). Anyone right now can be a scammer or will you dupe you of your hard earned money.

So that is it. Let us charge this to experience and move on. Failures like this can bring success afterwards.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why do we have to work?

So that we can have money, to spend and give to your family...
So that we can have a good career...
So that we can be respected...

Whatever your answer is, you still have to work. It has become human kind's main source of acceptance in society. If you have work, you are well received.

Or is it?

In the early days, man used to hunt. They used everything to catch animals from the forest and took care of livestock. That's it. They did not worry about the things in the future, they just prepared for it. You know when summer and winter is coming, just prepare for it and that's it.

Nowadays it has become more complex, and then our society became quite useless.

Before you do something, you got to get the consensus of your parents, people, and even the government. What is wrong in letting you prepare for the future? Following are some examples:

1. Instead of buying gas, why don't you buy other alternatives? the question is, why is it expensive and the government is not doing its best to lower gas prices and support new innovations?

2. Crime is still there, is there something that you can prevent it? Some take guns, or stun guns, or even get additional insurance, but how come it is hard to get these? We cannot rely on the government always right?

3. We always buy our food from the market. Isn't it time that we grow our own food? We always complain on the rising food prices, but have we heard the farmers and livestock breeders, shepherds, complain on their work? Yes. And if they stopped working, we will stop eating.

These are some of my wild card points. I am sure there are some out there. Why the present society has continued to alienate us from the real problems at hand.

I think we must follow the simple rule of every living organism as below:

Get some food, do not become food, reproduce...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Online advertisement is more effective than traditional ads

With so many people accessing the internet everyday, online advertisement has become an effective medium for online entrpreneurs.

One cool site I have seen is

This is a UK based online free ads website but it is more easier to navigate than other ad sites today.
Lots of people are posting their ads for free. Which in turn can gain more exposure to their products and services. is just a new site right now, but soon it will grow more diverse than Craigslist or any other online ad sites out there. You can post your ads and select your country of choice, then that's it!

Go ahead and post your advertisement for free. Be a netrepreneur today!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RA 10175 Cybercrime Law - It's not fun in the Phils.

The fish rots starting from the head onward.

A lot of people are posting black images at Facebook and other social media sites. That is because of the RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.
Problem is, this law has a lot of loopholes. You can't express yourself freely anymore online.
The notorious hacker group Anonymous with its branch Anonymous Philippines has hacked/defaced various government websites already in protest.
So why in the hell the Philippine Government passed this into a law? There are lots of important laws and concerns to be addressed as below:
1. RH Bill, it has been debated for quite sometime. How come it has died down? or simply, they want future Filipinos to die down with the bill
2. Socialized Healthcare services for the poor - There is none at the moment. The poor are not given proper health care, let alone educating them on their health issues. case and point - Philippine hospitals wont release the newborn child if the parents did not pay the fees (that is what happened before, and it will happen again).
3. Anti-Epal bill - this law must be passed immediately. Politicians are using taxpayers money and claiming it as their own.
4. Cyber businesses will flop - There is this pathetic rule of Dept. of Tourism that foreigners are allowed to stay longer provided they will do business in the Philippines. The real quick and easy business to put up by foreigners that has high revenue is... (think women, computer, and a webcam). Now, foreigners will not come anymore because of that blasted cybercrime law.
5. People cannot get reliable sources of info - Information is now limited and the government will put their own 'messages' to the people. They will brainwash them same as what they do in North Korea and China. Censorship for various websites will be implemented and  the people will suffer on lack of knowledge. Major decisions are put on hold, businesses will be slow, and progress for the Philippines will be slow as hell.
My fellow citizens, due to this law, the Philippines has become part of People's Republic of China. Such game they play to make them stay.
N*y, I hope you are happy with this sh*t. We are now stuck watching your sister on national television who is a complete w***e.
Troubling times for the Philippines indeed.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God Bless the Philippines

Try to watch the movie ‘god bless america’, (the small letters are done on purpose). And you will see how bad the world has become.

Everybody is mean, angry, and stupid enough to pull their fellow men or women down the drain. Why is that?

I think it is in our nature to be this way, to hurt each other, physically and mentally. Animals and insects know better. They support each other, build colonies, and rear their children properly until they become independent on their own. And the cycle continues. For us it’s the opposite. We destroy each other. And because of the explosion of media, we believe in everything they say. In tv, radio, newspapers, internet - we are not talking to real persons anymore.

If you have seen the movie, I just want to do the same. Pick up a gun and kill those people who deserve to die. And there is a lot on my list, especially in the Philippines. Of course I can’t do it. I am a kind person ‘til the day I die. But at that moment, when my sanity is affected by the bastards who interfere with my life with no shame or decency, I hope they will have a bullet in the head.
Wishful thinking, if I have a gun, I will kill these people outright below instantly, and let them do their bad activities to hell:

·         Corrupt politicians, government employees, and police force
·         People who smoke at public utility vehicles / not smoking areas
·         People who throw trash anywhere
·         Greedy employers and store owners
·         Backstabbing / gossiping employees
·         Drivers who are not following traffic rules
For now, this is my list. I am sure, if these people are killed. Philippines will be a nice place to stay.
If you have more to add on this list, please do and I do welcome your suggestions.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peoples Republic of the 'Chippines'

It has been a continuous debate from the streets and ordinary workers of how the Chinese are so greedy, they claiming all the islands for themselves. First is the Scarborough Shoal, which is very near to the Philippines, then they are also claiming some of the islands of Japan. When does the greediness end?

In the early stages of Asian economy, the Chinese has been highly influential. Setting up trading routes to its Asian neighbors. They always want something for themselves, something unique, something useful, it's in their culture.

The First Quarter storm in the Philippines has been troublesome, as the Philippines has been undergoing some drastic changes from its government. While Filipinos are killing each other, the Chinese has set up its territory, putting up businesses and taking up shares. The Marcoses don't like it actually, so they tried to take the money also to themselves, which they can share it with other Filipinos in need.

When Ninoy challenged the Marcoses, he was assassinated. We do not know who it was, but the end says it all - China has invaded the Philippines permanently. Because Cory became president, and she was Chinese. If you do not believe me, here are some points for you to ponder:

* The contractualization of employees is the idea of Chinese businessmen. They recruit young new graduates, use them and 'suck' them out dry, then throw them out after six months.

* Large companies like SM, San Miguel, Major Banks, broadcasting corporations, communications, even transportation (buses) are all owned and controlled by the Chinese. Maybe the air we breathe is the only thing not made in China.

* Chinatown has been established in Manila for a very very long time. Although it commemorates the good relations between the Philippines and China, it served as a disguise for pirated/counterfeit goods, harboring illegal Chinese immigrants, prostitution, gambling, and illegal drug trade.

* Even majority of our politicians are Chinese. Even P-Noy himself has Chinese blood.

* Majority of the products coming in the Philippines are from China. Something is totally wrong as our customs are very incompetent, all these cheap substandard products come to our country. All these garbage hurt our own economy, and our environment. But there is nothing we can do about it as customs officials are full of 'grease money' inside their mouths.

Now, let us contemplate our future. Filipinos are now leaving the country to look for work in abroad. Those  weak souls who are left behind cannot think for themselves and blinded by money given to them by the Chinese, who is 'managing' a 'puppet Philippine Government.'

So are you still angry that China is stealing our islands? The Chinese already took the Philippines long time ago!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Collar Jobs are the future

Many thanks to Ariel Famitangco for showing me the different tools and equipment used in HVACR

The problem with Filipino culture is that they are in favor of white collar jobs instead of blue collar ones.
If they have children, they let them take courses that let them sit on the desk and file documents and so forth.

Such a boring and and dead end job.

They do not recommend them to take technical or vocational courses as they think it is dirty. But now this is changing. Young adults are into electrical, automotive, refrigeration and air-conditioning, drafting, and other skilled courses. These courses will place into good paying jobs which can support their families in the future.

Let us promote the value of hard-work. Promote blue collared jobs as this makes the world go 'round.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aftermath of continuous monsoon rains in Manila

My heart goes to the people of the Philippines who are struggling out there. Be safe, be healthy, and do your best to move on. Good times are ahead. 
Ever since typhoon Ondoy struck in Manila on 2009, everybody has this 'rainophobia' where a lot of people are afraid of continuous rain. Now, the first week of August 2012, history repeats itself. Actually it is making history as it surpasses Ondoy, and this is only a monsoon rain, not a typhoon!

The usual happened, rescue workers are there saving stranded victims, relief goods are given, and so forth. This is the norm now. Actually, we are not alone. India recently suffered severe flooding also, Japan, which is an industrialized country, was also affected by monsoon rain. The USA is now suffering from heatwave, and now, one big hurricane will strike Mexico, and I am still monitoring about it in the news and satellite images.

I think we must prepare ourselves now. We must go to higher ground. Government and private institutions must work on something tangible, where they must do something for everyone

Every country right now is one big 'Titanic'. It may sink soon. It is inevitable. The sad thing is, maybe the rich and powerful people will be saved first. The poor people will die for not bringing any money to save themselves. For the rich people out there, if you die, can you take that money with you?

Let us be frank here, these rich people are the ones to blame actually. They are the ones who pay people and contractors who cut trees and build factories, mines and other structures by denuding forests and other land.
They are the ones who bribe crooked government officials who let them cut trees during the night. And when you wake up you can see the forest was already gone.

Let us see the big picture here. The problem is already at our noses. And yet, everybody was silent, not hearing, or not looking, if money was put down over or under the table. Again, that money cannot be brought to the afterlife.

Real estate is a very valuable commodity. When you purchase land, the land itself together what is under or above it is already your property. If your land has oil or water under it, you hit the jackpot.

Greed is the most number one enemy of man right now. Everybody wants a piece of everything. This is the same greed that triggered all the financial recessions suffered by the financial markets, the same greed that led to the suffering of many people on this Earth.

Since people are now 'raping' the Earth for its natural resources. Mother Nature can be greedy too, by unleashing its power by way of typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and many other natural calamities. She can take back Mother Earth, the same she did to the dinosaurs.

I HOPE EVERYONE WILL AVOID GREED. Everyone will die soon. But will you die as a good person or a bad person, it is your choice.

Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Philippine Team = 0

I never watched the 2012 London Olympic Games. Aside from the fact that I do not have a television set, I am also living in a middle of the jungle, where there is no signal. And my internet connection has limited bandwidth, so I am stuck just seeing the news in text and some photos.

As usual, Philippines has no gold medals. This goes to show that the Philippine government does not care for its athletes anymore. Because of greed and corruption, they want to build shopping malls first instead of buying good athletic equipment and facilities for Filipino sportsmen.

Even Philippine broadcasting has been hypocrites ast they are cheering for other competitors who have any trace of Filipino blood in their veins and claim that they are Filipino who was born or lived in the Philippines (even for 1 second), but represent another country. And our own athletes? No exposure whatsoever. They will not make money our own athletes anyway so why bother right? So let's go and find Filipinos who represent the USA, UK, and other rich countries as they have a big chance on winning medals.

Let the government save more money by removing the dysfunctional Philippine Sports Commission. Let Manny Pacquiao make a new sports organization that will help train a new breed of athletes. Let us just focus on what we do best. And that new organization must not send anyone to the Olympics without winning some sort of internationally recognized competition. Because the present problem is, most of the competitors sent by the government are also their relatives or someone who has deep pockets but with no talent. They are just there for shopping and doing PR. Absolute hypocrisy.

I am much more a fan of Paralympics which will start on August 24 after the Summer Olympics. The competitors are disabled children who are given a chance to compete at each other in an international level.
Everybody has a chance to win here, and their struggles are more real and inspiring.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Be a Hero within: Let us go to Eclipse

People nowadays are cowards. They always turn a blind eye on every bad thing that they see. Are there no more heroes or kind souls who can help us?

There is this new world called Eclipse. In there, you can be a hero and save humanity. You can have amazing powers and join others to fight evil doers.

There are friendly people in the game and they can assist you if you have any queries online and even offline.

So what are you waiting for, JOIN NOW. If you have any questions about the game, check the URL below:


List of Taken and Available Powers/Abilities:

Celebrity Claim (for character looks/images):

Advertising/Affiliating On Eclipse:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple things to do for every Filipino to be happy and contented

Some people say I always (not always) write about negative or bad things in the Philippines. Yes I write it so that everyone will be informed about it and to give them a chance to correct their own mistakes.

I made up some simple 'to do' list for Pinoys out there, who are totally confused on what to do everyday.
There are times that they do not do anything at all - another big mistake. So what can a simple Pinoy do to be happy and contented?

1. Avoid envy - this is one of the most pathetic Filipino trait ever. If someone has it, they must have it. Avoid this and look straight to your goals.

2. Save money - This is hard I am sure. I talked to every employee in the Philippines and they can't seem to save money. The bills are high, housing, food, taxes, everything. I think a radical step in saving must be done. That is by removing all unnecessary things you are spending, if possible do not use electricity. Meralco is our number one enemy right now. Avoid taxes as much as possible or make it to a minimum (let the rich people pay more). But try to pay social security as that will secure your future. If you can save at least P100 - P500 a month, that will be a miracle.

3. Love your parents - they are your emotional savior when times are bad. You can also go to your relatives, anyone that is blood related, go to them and seek advice if your are stuck somewhere.

4. Do something worthwhile - engage in business by selling stuff, or do some small services like cleaning, washing clothes, etc. You will earn some money, time will be faster, and it will surely avoid procrastination. Some people look down at these kind of jobs, but these jobs are the ones that pays a lot in abroad. So practice now.

5. Help yourself first - the problem with most Filipinos is that they are too kind. They must save their compassion to take care of themselves first before they can help others. Even your own family. You already lost your own dignity if you keep begging. If we can still work, let us enjoy it while it lasts.

Just imagine, if inventors, scientists, famous people, and athletes thought negatively, what kind of a world we live in today? Life is both positive and negative. But how do we want our relatives and friends know us when we die? Of course in a positive light.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hacking: More Fun in the Philippines

There was a news report recently that some South Koreans are caught and sent to jail together with their, I don't know, entourage of cute ladies.

But their motive is clear, they are hacking Globe (one of the mobile carriers in the Philippines) networks communication infrastructure. Its purpose, to get access to cheap calls. But they are nabbed by authorities.

A true sign of corporate greed in lurking around here.

There are some rumors maybe the technology they have used is VoIP, which uses the Internet to make long distance and local calls much cheaper. It is being used predominantly in India, Europe, and even in the USA.
You know Skype right? And so is Magic Jack, Nimbuzz, Fring, Truphone, and a whole lot more. When I was in abroad, I can see some expatriates talk long hours on their relatives in their home country (mostly India). And when I ask them how much is the rate in Philippines, they are telling that it is more expensive or the call quality is poor. And yes it is true. I have tried one myself and the delay is so long. Quality is also poor. In short, telcos in the Philippines do not support this kind of technology. They want you to buy everything from them.

Why is that technology is prohibited in the Philippines while it is available elsewhere?
They cannot make money. As simple as that.

To the mobile networks and communication providers in the Philippines, give us a break. Make this technology available to everyone so that we can enjoy communicating each other cheaply. Maybe that is the reason why Globe was hacked because they are greedy sons of bitches, and have poor signal outside Makati Area. Have you noticed that? Smart's signal is more prominent in the provinces than Globe. But there is another problem with Smart, poor customer service and high bill rates.

By the way, there are reports of a 'hackathon' to be held in some private islands of the Philippines. It is a secret by the way. Where all the hackers from all over the world will come and code. and at the same time enjoy the beautiful sights of the Philippines. To all the hackers out there, go ahead - it is more fun to hack in the Philippines.

Did you remember the 'I Love You' Virus which caused downtime to lots of computers around the world?
Yes, two Filipinos did it, named Reomel Ramores and Onel de Guzman. In year 2000, the damages were estimated up to $5.5 billion worldwide.

But there is another side to the story, Onel did make a virus to present it as his thesis to his university (AMA Computer College). The virus is in a form of a program, where everyone can have free internet access. The university rejected the idea (why would they reject something like that?). Onel became upset and he dropped out. Depressed and upset, he released the uncontrolled form of the program - which is a virus, and has affected billions of computer users around the world.

He is still lucky though, as there are no 'anti-hacking' laws in the Philippines that time. He was set free.

I do believe that the Internet is for everyone. Information must be free and we must use it to create innovations that will benefit everyone. If it is enjoyed by greedy corporations only, progress will be slow and highly depressing.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Would you still give alms to the poor?

Would you still give alms to the poor?

It is a question that we always ask every time we see the poor, especially children, knocking on our windshield of our cars or displaying their palms in front of us.

When I was young, I used to fight for the poor people. Lambasting the government's inability to provide basic services for them. That is why we pay taxes right? But why does the poor exist and why does rich people become richer anyway? 

Greed has something to do with it. 

In our days while we are learning at school. We already learned the gift of sharing. That is good, if you are still young and single. But when you have a family, paying for kid's tuition fees and allowances, paying the rent, electricity, water, etc. Every dollar or cent is important. Are you being greedy? My firm answer, No. You are doing it for your own family's survival.

But there are some rich people. Who are wasting their money by gambling. Worse, if they lose, the government bails them out. Some say that only few people in this world have the wealth of the whole population. I just hope they can bring this wealth to their graves.

Gone are the days of philanthropists. Who are giving their money to charity. There is no such news like that anymore. Where CEO's are donating money to charity. Even building churches or places of worship. It is money they are worshiping right here, right now.

So, will you still give alms for the poor? It is your choice.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Being cranky: One of Filipino culture's negative traits

Did you encounter someone, a Filipino, who got mad at you for nothing?

That is no surprise. Even myself I got mad or my blood pressure rises over small trivial things. And yes, I do have a high blood pressure. I always get this 140 / 90 or 100. Doctors and nurses told I have to reduce eating and salt intake.

My friends mostly foreigners are asking me the same thing. Why do Filipino culture incorporate snobbish and 'cranky' attitude towards other people?

Maybe because of the stress in their work. Most Filipinos are workaholics. They dive immediately and immerse on the work without minding others. I am a victim too, and sometimes, I do not smile anymore to other people. I feel guilty about it sometime, and apologize to them. Now, I am suffering. Because of this hypertension problem of mine, everybody is now laughing at my condition.

We should laugh more when we have the chance.

I am now working on my attitude. I smile always, and don't stress myself at work anymore. I learn to laugh and listen to other people's success and failures. With that, I become a wise person. And able to do good judgement with my own life.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Social media sites are being used to screen job applicants

Just imagine, you are a job applicant, and want to apply on a big corporation called ABC. You answered all the interviews, topped all the exams given, passed the medical tests, but in the end, you are not hired. Why?
Because the HR manager has seen your photo, drunk and looked like s*#%$% on Facebook.

During my time while I am applying for a job, yes I do accept that some people out there are more smarter and more talented than I am. But there is another thing that applicants should bear in mind now, it is responsible use of social media.

There are some corporations now in the USA that asks for your Facebook password. Since I do not use FB that much, it is okay for me. But for others, that will be a big NO. Why should they check your Facebook and log in into it? It is invasion of privacy.

Another check, type your name in Google, and check how many links that appears on top of the search engine . Mine appears to be on top, as my name is not that common and I have written some blogs like this one. So right now, companies can check my profile, as well as my blogs. Actually, some applicants are not accepted as they have poor grammar skills online!

Although businesses encounter a lot of 'noise' while checking on the applicant's profile online, they must know how to filter and absorb only important information. There are some applicants that make dummy accounts also and they must distinguish the truth from the lies.

But honestly, social media sites will gain popularity on accepting job applications. Right now, I will update my Linkedin profile. As Linkedin is connected to large corporations around the world.

I still believe that nothing beats a good resume. Online media is just a tool, but not a complete solution.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dictator in the Philippines

I recently watched 'The Dictator' by Sacha Baron Cohen and find it really amusing. He is a famous British comedian who took the role as Ali G, Borat, and Bruno.

One particular scene which is quite controversial up to this day is that they think Filipinos are same as the Chinese. Actually, Americans or even some westerners do think that an Asian person always has slanted eyes, and lives in China. Other countries are not considered, not even remembered. And the movie will surely be banned in both Philippines and China because of the tensions between these both countries.

I have no beef with the movie. It is great. But when I think of it, jokes are always half meant. While it is almost true that some of the Filipinos look like Chinese, while analyzing myself further, what do Filipinos have contributed to the world anyway?

Let us take note of Japan. Japan is one of the major exporters of electronics and industrial equipment. Thailand, probably elephants, beautiful women (or men), and their rich culture, Taiwan, electronics assembler, China - everything, world's super power, Philippines - NIL. The Philippines can't seem to remember what they have did in its lifetime. So 'she' absorbed any culture that comes into her way. China, Japan, USA, Europe, etc. Like a prostitute that can be used and left behind.

But this can be a great opportunity too.

The Philippines can choose where she might go. Let it be China, USA, or any powerful nation or individual that money can buy. We already knew that one CEO from a big software country can buy islands, why not a country? Hey! I own the Philippines, name me your price and I will sell it to 'yah.

Everything has a price. But then again, it is a nice movie. By the way they forgot that the Philippines was ruled by a dictator too, and his name is Ferdinand Marcos.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saving the Earth by saving yourself

I do apologize for not updating my blog :( As I am busy on making the other one where I assist on the webmaster on finding scammers and swindlers who commit online frauds and cyber crimes. Do not worry, I will always check and update this one.

I watched the 'Inconvenient Truth' and 'Home' movies back to back. And I must say that humans are really at fault on destroying the planet Earth because of its greed and never ending thirst for power and progress.

Why should we care anyway? We have no choice but to buy various products from the store, watch tv, play with our computers, even the bed we sleep was made by greedy capitalists who give workers less than a dime to make something with their bare hands. That money, is used to buy food.

In the early days we used to hunt for food, and money is excluded. You see a deer, kill it, chop it, roast, and eat it. The day is done.

The heat is unbearable nowadays, you can't go out anymore, and we are stuck in our air condtioned homes. What if the a/c breaks? What shall we do now? The endless cycle of being a consumer is totally a tiresome affair.

It is a time of great change. I hope it will be for the better. We have to save the planet in little way we can. I think that is the most important.

But for now, the only way to save the Earth, is to save ourselves first. Let is live and survive through the remainder of our lives. And everything will come into place.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ebola Virus: You may get it in the Philippines

A friend invited me to their meeting in California where they are discussing the great potential of bio-technology and its effects in the society in the years to come.

DNA can me mapped and you can identify your disease before you acquire it. Hence, you can prevent it from acquiring.

Nano-technology and Genomics will further improve and enhance our bodies to fight disease and become super humans in the future.

These may come in the future, but I am more worried on the present...

I came to know that the Philippines had an outbreak of an Ebola virus. This happened in 1989-1990, 1996, then recently in 2008. Yes it was contained quickly and no one died. Still it is something to worry about. Not to mention my country has not improved its medical technology expertise for a very long time. And still we rely on foreign scientists to contain the said virus. Ebola virus is one major f*cker that will haunt us continuously. And something must be done to eradicate the disease permanently. In 2008, the strain of Ebola virus was traced to a pig farm. Check it out below:

While our government officials are politicking and getting more richer, ordinary citizens are put to a risk.
If natural calamities come, pretty sure diseases like Malaria, Leptospirosis, and this dreaded Ebola virus will come knocking at our doors. I just hope they kill the greedy politicians, crooked cops, and those undisciplined Filipinos who ruin the environment.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Parent's Trap

Another problem why the Philippine society is not continuously improving is the family's failure on establishing a strong and willed attitude to their children.

Their children are treated like babies even though they are already old enough.

The result is that their children cannot live by themselves, and still they seek their parent's help on every problem they encounter. Then the parents are stressed a lot because they have to contend with theirown problems together with their children.

In Western Countries, children who have reached the age of 18 or 21 are considered adults already, and the parents responsibilities to them must be minimum to nil.

For Asian countries, the sky is the limit. Maybe this is their culture, I don't know.

The family is the basic unit of the society. Let the parents know their responsibility and when to stop it. It is for their own good - if they want to take care of their own future.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Being in love and being paranoid

One of the most troubling things that Filipinos do to their loved ones is by being paranoid - thinking that their partners are flirting with someone else.

In this day and age, where IM, Facebook (which I despise), SMS, online chat meetings, everything could be possible.

If you really love that person, maybe a simple talk will suffice.

My neighbor has this BF that has a screw loose in his said. He even sent me messages that he himself is paranoid to the girl he loves. And he is mentioning that God will put his wrath against me and so on.

I just hope God will fix his head first before giving His wrath to me.

Another story, my girlfriend has this ex-BF, a policeman, who still cannot accept that they broke up. And now, he is even threatening to kill me, and may the best man win. WTF.

Policemen in the Philippines are like this. Once they got hold of a gun, they become trigger-happy sons of bitches. Forget about their psychology, their mentality is that they are already above the law. A disease that has infected which started from the top ranks. Remember - a fish rots starting from the head.

I checked this policeman's number and called him. I told him to meet at a certain place. That guy backed out, cursing me in every way. He is just good at barking, but a real spineless coward in person.

Loving someone involves trust and acceptance. And for Filipinos, they are still emotionally immature.
I just hope one day these men and women will know their place.

Leaving the Philiipines

I have checked all my luggage and informed all my assistants that I am leaving the Philippines. some cried, some were happy, some don't have any reactions, as they know I am coming back again.

Leaving the Philippines makes me sad. Sad in a way that, 'who will take care of this country?' It is still like a small child, still in its infancy, growing slowly and steadily.

Maybe it is also time to leave it behind. Let it grow and let us see if it can survive. Some of my friends and colleagues did it. They left the country and swore they will never go back - which in the end did come back.

The whole world is changing, and so does the Philippines. I have to accept that fact as of this moment. I have stayed on my old home, reminiscing the memories of my childhood. I am glad we still have those old photo albums. The laughter, the anger, the tears, the early hopes and dreams that I and my family have nourished.
Now, we can look back to those days, and see what has gone right and wrong, and to look at the future full of hope and happiness.

I remember the old Tagalog adage: Ang taong hindi tumingin sa pinanggalingan, hindi makalkarating sa paroroonan. (A person who doesn't look back to his past, will never reach his destination in the future.) If you have the best translation for this, just inform me.

Let us welcome the world with full of hope. Even though I leave my beloved Philippines behind, I am sure she can take care of herself. She is having 'fun' anyway.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

China's real agenda on Scarborough Shoal

Sorry I did not update my blog for quite sometime. Thanks for reading my previous articles. Enjoy.

When people talk about China's bullish tactics at Scarborough Shoal, Panatag Shoal, or Huangian island as they call it, I just remove it immediately out of my head.

What do I have to do with it?

Everyone is concerned that the Chinese are trying to bully the Philippines and encroaching on its territories little by little.

Everyone, who is in the right mindset, will surely know what the Chinese or even other nations are doing to the Philippines - THEY ARE STEALING OUR PRECIOUS MINERALS OR NATURAL RESOURCES. Right now they are taking fish and other endangered species. Remember the Spratly Islands? The Chinese are interested with that too. Maybe oil or a large natural gas reserve is there.

These days, if you own a piece of land, that is something big. Like in the real estate business. So if you have more land, the more wealth you have, and that is what the Chinese wants.

This gives the conclusion, the Chinese are greedy.

They already have acres of land in their possession which they have not yet developed. Why is that? It is because nothing is there. There is nothing to get from it. That is why they are looking for other lands that are rich in minerals or anything that is valuable.

Okay, now they want it. Why don't they take the whole Philippines as well? It is because they are still afraid of the USA. They are good in provocation, but not in continuous action.

As for me, I always joke that if the Chinese conquered Philippines, at least I can have some good dimsum or noodles.

What can you expect from our president that also has Chinese blood? As usual, NOTHING.
Update: 8 May 2012

See, In told you guys. They know there is something there in Scarborough Shoal. At this moment, the Chinese have successfully made an offshore rig, capable of drilling oil and natural gases.

For the fishing vessels, they are just 'pawns'. I am pretty sure, the next day, the rig will be there.
I will talk to the Chinese once more. If they did not leave the shoal alone, there will be serious consequences against China - for now, I will think on what do I have to do.

Monday, April 16, 2012

P-Noy wants increase in power rates for better service

To tell you the truth, I am upset with P-Noy.

With his intellect and persona, I cannot imagine he will say such logic, such incompetence is reeking out in his ears.

Just imagine, waking up in Mindanao with no power. And if there is no power, logically there will be no water as the pumps need electricity to bring water to its destination. And the president, whose main priority is to help Mindanao, one of the most troubled areas in the Philippines, is not helping in any way.

Instead of trying to solve the problem, he is avoiding it: "just give it to the private sector" is what he says. We all know where this goes, money is always on the private sector. And the main victims of this outright incompetence, is the Filipino people.

I am from the NCR and not from Mindanao, but I could smell something rotten here, and I urge my fellow brothers and sisters in Mindanao to do something, make your grievances heard. Hey, no need to shout too, you have a winning card on your hands...

You got our food.

Yes, let P-Noy know that you are our 'breadbasket'. Ika nga, pinapalamon ninyo si P-Noy. 

You know what to do..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday

Today is Holy Thursday in the Philippines. It is not the same as it was before, where it is really serene and quiet. As of now, one radio station is blasting out modern tunes and rock and roll, I want to make an issue out of it, but somehow, let it be a holy Thursday by not making a mountain out of the molehill.

A lot of people are going to the provinces, their hometowns, due to the long vacation. As per the news, they are tightening up the security, checking every baggage and people before entering the terminals.

As for some of us, who are just here in our homes, nothing to do, it may be a good time to reflect as well. These coming three days where Jesus is nailed on the cross and rose up again from the dead could be a redundant story for us, but this goes to show that He has been solving problems anytime -  a cycle. The sun always shines and goes down, waiting for that another day ahead of us, to conquer, or just to idle away.

Having your loved ones with you is the best thing as of this moment.

Let us pray for ourselves, loved ones, and to our community. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three pathetic things how Filipinos hurt their own kind

I couldn't control my anger, forgive me. I hit a window of the FX (an air conditioned shuttle transport van) in a sudden burst of anger. I just could not contain it anymore.

The FX van's driver wanted to cut his trip due to the bad traffic condition along Quezon Ave. going to Quiapo.

This is the deal, right from the street. This is how Filipinos hurt their own kind, listen and watch your high blood pressure rise. And if you want to add, well, it is up to you.

1). Doing bad things to increase business profits - This is the most simple but most pathetic Filipino attitude you will ever come across - some people are deliberately putting garbage / non biodegradable things to cover the drainage, thereby causing floods. And these same people will make artificial bridges, where you pay a lot just to cross these. Just imagine, what more can large businesses do? For sure, your livelihood, or maybe your life itself will be just a few pesos away.

2). Cutting the trip short - I am sure you experienced it, that public transport systems cut their trips, hence, it is called 'cutting trip.' Their obligation on transporting the passengers from point A to point B was never accomplished. They do this anytime. Just the same with large government projects. They are good from the start, but halfway through, it is not accomplished.

3). Stealing - Sad to say, Filipinos are quite good in stealing. Kleptomania is in their blood. I am sure you have seen the news where a mother and a child died as they were hit by a train. They did not see any warning signs as they were already stolen. There is a law implemented called 'Anti-Fencing law' were buyers cannot buy those items which were undocumented or presumed to be public property. But that law was always ignored. Hence, Pinoys steal everything: phone cables, manholes, train tracks, everything that is shiny, plasticky, or everything that is useful, they can steal it. I will add more here, I am not scaring you, as it happened right in front of me. If you wear those fancy jewelry, say, earrings, they can steal that too. Even if these are fake, as long as it shines, beware.

These are the ones that pisses everyone the most. Fellow Filipinos are pissed off, what more if foreigners / tourists come here? Same thing.

Again, be careful, and don't act what I did where I lost my temper. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No power? Cut the food supplies

My heart goes to Zamboanga City where they have no power for about 1-3 hours.
It is hard to go on in our day to day lives if there is no electricity. If evening comes, we need those lights and television sets to watch the 6' o clock news. Or, to power the electric fans as the weather is humid.

The Department of Energy has a smart ass suggestion which will make your high blood pressure rise -
they can solve the power problem in Mindanao, but the power price will increase.

The Philippine Government has turned into a business. Instead of serving their countryman first, they need
MONEY FIRST before performing any kind of service.And this has been a standard for all Philippine Government agencies here. Passport, NBI Clearance, Taxes, everything!

For all those people Zamboanga, Mindanao. Since our incompetent government officials here in Luzon are trying to be a 'smart ass', be wise also, stop supplying food to Luzon. And don't continue supplying food until your power problem is solved. (In case you didn't know, Mindanao is the 'breadbasket' of the Philippines)

Sometimes we need to do some drastic measures as they (those corrupt officials from the DOE) continue to fool us on these rising cost of basic commodities like power, water, oil, and food supplies.

Be wise and vigilant. This is wake up P-Noy from his slumber on watching that useless impeachment of Corona. A total waste of tax payers money and airtime.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Say no to corruption

I will say honestly from my side that I am a corrupt individual.

I tried to corrupt many minds during my tenure as the owner of the Philippines, look at it now, still pathetic.

Check out this video I saw from Youtube. I just hope me, all of us, will say NO TO CORRUPTION.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Philippines to North Korea: Bring it on!

You have seen the news that North Korea is planning to launch a rocket in which they told that it is trying to put its satellite into space. Other countries claim that it is testing missile ballistics technology, which can bring in nuclear weapons.

If the estimates are correct, their Taepodong missile can reach the Philippines which is just 4,000 km away from North Korea, give and take.

Truly scary at first, but it is all part of the 'scare game.' Remember the cold war between the US and Cuba? And all the people are on high alert? The stress will kill you first instead of those missiles dropping and exploding.

And for the Philippines, we couldn't care less. All that matters is breakfast, lunch and dinner (maybe we are skipping dinner as prices of basic commodities is so high). What preparations does the Philippine Army, Navy, or Airforce is in store? As usual nothing. If you have seen Japan, they are already on their posts trying to defend their nation. Together with interceptor missiles on stand-by.

Filipinos could not care less if that missile drops or not. Actually, some might say 'bring it on!' Let those heavy metals drop from anywhere in our nation. That could be sold as scrap metals to junk shops here.

Thailand, the place that is close to my heart

It is truly disturbing that the Philippine Government is yapping on how great Thailand is and all that. The Department of Tourism is just all talk and not using their own brains. How can be Thailand great as they are developing their red light district? Gambling is also there, and so is political instability. The flood last time still affects most of Thailand up to this date.

The main thing the DOT missed is the people of Thailand. Yes they mentioned it by promoting their own country with their own 'hypocrite smile'. To tell you the truth the people of Thailand are the ones who are really honest about their country's situation. They protect the tourists instead of misleading them.

I have been to Thailand, I was on a tour. One bubbly old lady is our tour guide (she was named Ms. Bangkok). She has been very helpful to us and all. But there is one thing she said that stuck into my head for quite sometime:

"Thank you for enjoying our country (Thailand). If you did not enjoy it, we deeply apologize. Tell everyone about our imperfections so that our government will correct it on its own."

That is honesty at its finest. That is why I love Thailand.

We can't do that here in the Philippines. Be careful especially those employees from the Department of Tourism. They will just give you all those 'fake smiles' and 'goody helpful attitudes' (realizing that your mobile phone is gone in split second).

I remind all the tourists out there to be very careful in the Philippines especially in these trying times were gas prices are high. Lots of bad people are out here preying on tourists like you. Be careful. Just go to Thailand. Take my word for it, you will enjoy there. Nothing is here in the Philippines than garbage and corrupt government officials.


I helped one Thailand tourist here in the Philippines to reach his destination. Some idiot just gave the tourist some vague instructions through SMS. I do pray he arrived safely.

One advice to tourists. If you will travel here in the Philippines, at least speak good English. Yes in the Philippines 80% of its people can speak English properly. That is why Europeans and Americans love it here. For other nationalities, please, practice your English.

Or you can study English in the Philippines, which is much cheaper, that is what Koreans do at the moment.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Killing the Filipino by its fellow Filipino

Gas prices are truly high. It is not 'fun' as they say here in the Philippines if prices of basic commodities are going up and the salary are still the same.

Prices of gas and diesel will soon go up this midnight. Philippine time, while I am writing this.

Go ahead and join those militant and transport groups out there. But chances are, you will be wasting also your time and money. Nothing will happen. Nothing. They are testing us if we can afford it, and Filipinos still can, but the question is how long?

My friend, it is time to stop it. If you have a vehicle at home, or anything that uses fuel, stop using it.

I think it is time to live like a caveman. Back to basics. Hone your survival instincts. The government will not do anything to help us, so better we help ourselves. Again, it is survival.

What I am pissed about is the taxes. And the how the government intervenes on each individual's success by taxing them and giving them a hard time on everything.

Think about it. Better 'put up, or shut up.'


If you traverse the long widening road of Commonwealth Ave., this is the example how the government kills its own citizen, by putting a 1 foot concrete island barrier to separate the public utility vehicles, motorcycles, and private vehicles. In addition to this, the 'turtle-paced' 60 kph speed limit.

I just hope these guys from the MMDA stop experimenting on our roads. And why should we follow them anyway? They are the ones who do not follow their own rules. They are the ones who are riding in their expensive SUV's. Do they know the true sentiments of the drivers? Nada. And the new concrete barriers? As usual some commissions are there that is why they are putting it. Commissions: That is more fun in the Philippines

Sunday, March 18, 2012

National Geographic's episode "Inside Malacanang" a failure

You will be disappointed if you watched National Geographic's exclusive episode "Inside Malacanang."

I have high hopes for this, but for others who watched with me, the episode is like 'stale bread.' Nothing is there really. Much better if they did a small trivia episode only, and not wasting 60 minutes of your time. I really thought it is all about Malacanang, which they featured some of it, but not in detail, that is due to security reasons. So why bother making a video of it in the first place? We cannot be impressed of the cut grass and polished wood inside, we want more history - which NGC failed to give. I hate to say this, all of these are just publicity for P-Noy. Previous presidents are not interviewed or other staff that does the real work on maintaining Malacanang Palace. We don't care about the president and his trio does. If they can lower the gas prices, maybe they can be commended in one way or another. It will be more entertaining if they interviewed those people who cut the grass or those who polished those expensive wooden parquet floors and walls.

For those who missed it, this is the rundown -  the three most important people to P-Noy right now are these men:

The presidential food taster - Now this job is the coolest I think. This guy can taste any food before it is served to the president. And his main tool of the trade? Just a flashlight. 

The bodyguard cum personal aide - This guy is together with the president at all times for his protection. And also mentioned that he will risk his life for the president. Well that's his job we know that already. 

The presidential photographer - This photographer documents everything what the president does through the lens of his camera. I think this job was imitated like those photographers and staff from the US White House (check NGC's "The Obama White House"). Did we have this in the early days? Guess not. Because early Philippine presidents don't prefer these photographers to be around them as they will be caught on camera stealing  tax payer's money. As for P-Noy, Photoshop could be his great friend.

After that, there were some small history of P-Noy's family, Cory and Ninoy. And some small archives why it is there and all, but not given in thorough detail. They just interviewed P-Noy and his 'No wang-wang' travel policy motorcade - an old publicity gimmick. They even showcased the Presidential Security Group's capability. Frankly speaking, it is like a SUV showcase. The US Secret Service has a more modest presidential convoy than what they have shown there. Quite unrealistic. National Geographic has lowered its standards here.

The narrator is trying his best to keep the scene entertaining and informative, which is not successful.

It is corporately biased too, as it is directed by the wife of a broadcaster in GMA 7. 

A total fail for now. I am sure there will be improvements in the future. Better yet, do not make any documentaries anymore of Malacanang if P-Noy is around. As he told in his own words, "the place (Malacanang) is dull. I prefer to govern the Philippines at my home in Times St., Quezon City."

Instead of talking, do it Mr. President. You are single anyway, no need for a large space.

Nobody will harm you, as the people are too busy trying to work hard to augment their finances due to rising costs of petroleum products, they are just too hungry to give a damn.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can't sleep? Check this out

If you are like me, who can't sleep even though you have a nice comfortable bed and all that, there is still something wrong. Your environment is still affecting your sleep behavior (not psychologically as they say, heck, you will spend money on those nasty sleeping pills. Good luck if you can wake up the next morning), and I have these simple tips which could help you sleep in no time:

* Wear something comfortable - Go to your kid's closet right now, there is one cabinet for kid's sleep wear right? That is why kids always sleep comfortably. You should do the same. Wear pajamas or nightgowns which can make your sleep comfortable. I do sometimes wear matching pajamas even though I am 30 yrs old, I don't care if people laugh at me, as long as I could go to dreamland easily.

* Inducing Sleep Natural Way - There are some simple techniques to help you sleep. One of it is 'stomach breathing'. Just let the air fill your stomach and let it out. You want an example of this? Go check a baby or a toddler while sleeping, you will notice the same practice. And this works wonders. These deep breathing exercises will surely put you to sleep immediately. It will also help if you drink a glass of milk. Try to force yourself to sleep by closing your eyes, and just think about nothing. Chances are, you already dozed off.

* Research on the Internet about Sleeping -  Thinking of a good site about sleep? Tips on proper sleep and teaching your kids on good sleeping habits? There are lots of sites on the internet about this, and hopefully you will not be confused about it.

The best way is to consult someone immediately, your friend our your doctor. Everyone has a certain sleep problem and it is not the same as others. That means you cannot rely on the information mentioned on various websites.

Hope this will help, thank you and hope we can sleep together (literally!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer sickness

Summer is here, and I felt sick. 

Quite peculiar really, that summer season came, and it rained. That is why I became sick. The change of weather has hurt my immune system. I am okay now.

Lots of people are preparing for that summer outings and all. Resorts and other beaches will surely increase their rates. Not only that, prices of petroleum products increased to an all time high, causing transport strikes and price hikes of basic commodities.

What do we do then?

For now, lets save. If you and your family want to go out on a trip, be sure it is well planned. This is to avoid extra costs which is an inconvenience.

Going on a business is good. Make some ice on your refrigerators and sell them. Make Halo-halo or any cold beverage. Try to be an entrepreneur and that will surely keep you busy.

Gather all your school supplies and sell them! Sure we are still on vacation mode, but we have to be prepared. You can make big money by buying school supplies in bulk and sell them, check out this link below for cheap school and office supplies:

Or just stay at home. The heat outside is truly exhausting. Just enjoy every minute of your vacation.

How to become more famous?

In these days, you can become famous instantly. With the advent of the Internet, just post your videos in Youtube and watch your stats grow.

Being famous is studied actually. There are even some scientific ways on how to become more famous than you ever know. Famous actors / actresses even politicians use these, and I can share to you these simple but powerful procedures on becoming more famous than ever before, check it below:

  • Attend famous events - Attending famous events will surely expose your identity. It will make you a more well known personality. If you have the 'balls' on attending an Oscar night gala or have the access to a famous bar in your area, that is cool and that will surely make your 'famous meter' up a notch.
  • Make a book - Now this involves patience and further study. But this is really elementary. If you know the Harry Potter or Twilight titles or already watched the movie, the authors of these books; JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer became so famous and got rich as well. Any book will do, as long as you like to write about it. There are lots of famous books that were turned into movies or plays, so better make a story that is worthwhile to read and original.
  • Promotion by a famous artist - Nothing is more simpler and the fastest way to success is getting promoted by an actor or actress. This sort of publicity can change your life. Just imagine, being a restaurant owner and Brad Pitt together with Angelina Jolie ate in your restaurant. That will be awesome! Promotion by a well known figure has been time tested since early times. If these famous people like you or your products in one way or another, you have something special that others don't. 
So I hope you become more famous by the mentioned steps. Tell me if your 'likes' have increased or people came for your autograph.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Get some quotes to live by

We love a good quote. These collection of words told by famous people are truly inspiring, and it helps us go on through the right path.

Popular quotes like "Honesty is the best policy" is timeless and still important up to this day. Try to check on Google about your daily those of quotes and much better if you will get these on your mobile phone.

There are lots of quotes out there, but the most common ones are quotes on thoughts. This is basic. We have to condition our minds to accept these quotes and live through them. One good example as below:

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.
Buddha (563 BC-483 BC) Founder of Buddhism.

Another important part of quote finding is looking for quotes on deeds. This quote tells about 'action.' What you have to do or what are those good deeds and what are its benefits. Like the example below:

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.Saint Basil

Read a good quote today and everyday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hope it rains cats, dogs, and nipples

So hot in the Philippines today. Can't turn on the air conditioning as I could die of high electricity bills. Maybe sleeping at a mall will be fine. I just hope the security guard will not wake me up if I am snoring peacefully.

If you have visited the Philippines this summer season, you will see a lot of nipples. Nipples of men, as they always remove their shirt. Why do men have nipples  anyway? Much better if it is for women, but for men, I hope they don't have nipples. What do you think?


I do love rain. It washes away all the filth and makes everything wet and pure. It makes me wonder why does it rain? I opt for a more simpler explanation like:
* God is crying, and He wants to clean up all the bad things the people has done to Earth.
* Cloud seeding is being done to make it rain, and to avoid severe heat suffered by the people, livestock, and crops.
* When Jesus was crucified, God the Almighty father cried and large droplets of tears came falling down.
* Clouds absorb water vapor, until it cannot absorb any further which turns into rain.
What do you think?


Do you know the answer why do cats purr? It is one of the most coolest sounds we could ever hear. I do not know about you but the sound is like an engine, a rotating machine, a steady flow of vibration that gives goosebumps to our spine. 

I kind of like cats instead of dogs. But my main problem is the fur. We have to vacuum or remove it manually. Very bad if you have asthma, luckily I don't have one. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The real China and how the Philippines can learn from it

One of the best documentaries I have seen by NHK, I will share it with you.

The future is determined by the children, the youth, and the young working class.

NHK interviewed a lot of youth in Beijing, and they answered very honestly, here are some of their actual answers to questions:

What is success to you? What are your dreams?

* I believe we are the future of our country. They must not manipulate us. We need bad news too instead of good news.

* I do not have dreams at the moment. I haven't thought about it because of lots of opportunities (an honest guy, I understand him).

* There are too much expenses and salary deductions. My social security almost took all of my salary, it is really unfair. They must let us hold on to our money at least and able to use our money for ourselves immediately. Not until before we die.


Discrimination among urban and rural citizens

There was this part on the interview of workers of Beijing who are just working there to make a living. Their original homes are from far away provinces of China. They are living in a very small dwelling and 4 people share it together. They are complaining and telling that discrimination is existent from urban and rural citizens. Companies always prioritize those people who are born and originally living in urban areas than those rural workers who are just staying in the city to work.

Maybe it is a sense of security or just a flawed sense of logic. As an urban or rural citizen, both workers must work in harmony, and both of them must have the same equal rights as an employee.

In the Philippines, this is still being practiced also. Even the people themselves are bragging about it. So what if you are born or raised in Manila? It is not to be bragged about. Successful Filipinos came from far flung provinces, with serene landscapes, flowing seas and rivers, green forests, and big mountain bosoms that hone the minds of these respected 'promdis' into great citizens of the Philippines.

As long as the person helps his brother or sister to be successful, that person is to be respected. I have met a lot of people in my life. Actually, those people came from poor or simple areas are more respectable than those people who came from rich suburbs or big cities. My explanation, their minds are not 'spoiled' yet by the materialistic and 'success-oriented-mindset' of people who live in the city. Take it from me, I lived in the city for all my life.

The ultimate sacrifice for love

In have decided on something, something good.

I have changed now, I chose one LOVE one WOMAN one LIFE.

For now it is clear, my mind is much better now.

One way to solve your problems, is to remove the unnecessary, all that is complicated, and all those who loved you so much. I do apologize I am only one man, with one life.

We all have one life to live and we must live through it, in love and peace.

Many thanks to everyone and all. Especially to my readers here. I will tell it in detail soon. Hope you continue to read my blog.


I am watching Harry Potter in HBO right now (Deathly Hallows part I), and I could say it was good. Doby (I'm not a Potter fan so hope the spelling is right) died there, saving Harry and his friends from danger.

Can we do this these days? Guess not. Maybe we will die if we can't access our iPad or check Facebook.

Let us get a life.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some not so interesting news and product reviews

I have some not so good or babble on what they say "interesting news".
It is mentioned there on some of the weird news I have read about things that we shouldn't be concerned about. What the hell, just read it and relax for a moment and hope you will be entertained.


"Hollister vs Abercrombie"

Both of these are great clothes. Pure cotton, comfortable, with lots of good designs. But which one should you choose? 
I personally like Abercombie, they make great clothes with good design and material. How about you? Choose wisely :)


"Kwitter vs Citikitty"

If you do not know what are these things, both of these are plastic/paper bags that teaches the kitty on putting the litter on these bags. Citikitty is easy to put, just put it on the toilet and put some holes using a knife. The Kwitter has some clips to make it fit right onto the toilet seat.

But both of these are just plastics. From my point of view, choose the ones that is more cheaper.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Philippines: The real score

I have to go back to the Philippines.

This is the country that I am managing, I must see its progress, what it looks, smells, even tastes like. And I can tell you outright... right now, how it is, this first quarter of 2012. This is for those investors and foreign friends of mine, who want to come here and invest or tour, listen to me...

Traffic - traffic is still the same. Undisciplined drivers still traverse through the roads of the metropolis. Jeepneys and buses still swerve without care. Another thing is, Commonwealth Ave., dubbed as the 'killer hi-way' dropped its speed limit to 60 kph. I understand the concern but this goes to show that progress was being slowed down by the government. Just imagine the time and fuel you have saved going from point A to point B by driving faster. One good tip though, just avoid speeding when you see a pedestrian overpass. Chances are there is someone holding a radar gun. They are even proposing a 40 kph speed limit for buses. Damn. These ideas come from people who are sitting their asses in their air conditioned SUV's. In this area, a total fail.

MRT has improved a little. They provide more coaches to those stops with more commuters.Now, you do not have to argue and punch someone while boarding the MRT during rush hour. Another thing In have noticed is, people do not fall in line.

Taxis are good, but still scary. Be careful on those taxis who have fast meters or taking long routes. Old taxis have poor air conditioning and unsanitary, so go for new ones.

Over all, if you are not in a hurry, or don't mind about the heat and humidity, commuting in the Philippines is quite good.

Commerce - Wow, business is booming. I have seen more shops now than ever before. Something is going on, I mean, the Philippines is booming right now. But wait, some shops were closed. Especially the ones that you have been buying on since you were a child growing here. That is normal right? But very few have businesses have stood the test of time.

Government Transactions - Yes, it has improved due to technology and contractualization of workers. Still, some bad seeds remain. These corrupt government officials are the ones who keep your documents pending, and they are asking for some, you know, 'grease money' for its release. I have a friend who is a businessman who is so afraid to put up a sign on his business. Why? Because employees from the BIR and other employees of the Local Government keep coming for some 'alms.' And if you did not give anything, they will not clear you off if you filed for engineering permits, sanitary permits, clearances, or anything that they could think of. Better watch out still if you want to do business here.

Power & Water - Water quality is still not good so buy mineral water if you can. Reserve a good clean water in a large drum. There are times water is not continuously available.

As for power, still not a good sign. Electricity rates are coinciding with the price increase of petroleum products. That is because the Philippines is still using old school turbines powered by coal or diesel. Few powerplants are run by water (hydro electric) or geothermal. So, whenever we see that electric bill, we just brush it aside and pay for it. I just wish power rates will go down so that more investors come pouring in.

People - People in the Philippines are courteous and known for their hospitality. But sad to say, times have changed. Due to media, internet, and bad surroundings, they are not as friendly as they are these days. Just go to the mall, and everyone seems to want you to buy something. That fake smile is totally annoying. There are few people now who are honest and would not tell the truth, that is why I do not buy at malls anymore. And buy mostly my products like clothing, perfume, and other things on small shops, tiangges (flee markets) and some entrepreneurs online. They give reasonable prices on products which is more cheaper and last longer (these products came from abroad as well, just brought here by OFW's).

I can see the sense of happiness and contentment especially for young families. I have to admit, the best way to raise a child is in the Philippines. Good values are taught, and ability to take care of their own well being. Lots of love in here.

Money and Banking - If you have seen the new Philippine money, it is nice due to the bold colors. But be careful on the P 200 and P 500 bill, as they almost have the same color, or maybe I am just getting old.

I can tell you outright that banking in the Philippines is a hassle in one way or another. I have applied for a credit card in my main bank but due to large number of customers coming in, I was not entertained properly. So I applied for another less famous bank, in which I was entertained immediately. But be very careful with the bank you have chosen, there are banks that goes bankrupt here. Like the case of Banco Filipino. Banks here in the Philippines just close without warning. So be mindful if you want to deposit some money here. Another thing is, the interest rates are low, and service charges are high.

If a bank knows that you are a long time depositor or have been transacting with them with huge amounts of money, they can treat you like a king or queen. And sometimes, that goes beyond the head. A recent squabble about parking happened recently around China Bank at Timog Branch. The long time depositor and China Bank officials have been rudely cursing the people around them, too bad that some of them are from the Philippine media and they are on 'hot water' in which they are cursed on air in a morning radio show.

Security - Still bad. Enough said. So please, come here at your own risk. Just recently in the news (this was mentioned today only), one torso was found in a suburb here in Caloocan, Manila. There was no head, arms, and legs. Just the torso.

Media - Not good either. Just go for AM radio. Luckily we have cable tv, and I do love TLC, NGC, and Discovery Channels.

Overall Culprit - The Philippines still has a long way to go. If you want to have a good vacation, or if you have some family you will visit here, that is best.

UPDATE: 10 MAR 2012

Be careful with your money. There are times you have to bring lots of it. Why? Because some shops for credit cards are not existing / not working. Even in reputable shops in the malls. Really bad indeed. Why do you have to bring boatloads of money anyway? You are just inviting danger for yourselves.

Is it really fun in the Philippines nowadays? Maybe, just maybe. The fun could be an illusion. So please be sure  before you come here.