Saturday, March 24, 2012

Philippines to North Korea: Bring it on!

You have seen the news that North Korea is planning to launch a rocket in which they told that it is trying to put its satellite into space. Other countries claim that it is testing missile ballistics technology, which can bring in nuclear weapons.

If the estimates are correct, their Taepodong missile can reach the Philippines which is just 4,000 km away from North Korea, give and take.

Truly scary at first, but it is all part of the 'scare game.' Remember the cold war between the US and Cuba? And all the people are on high alert? The stress will kill you first instead of those missiles dropping and exploding.

And for the Philippines, we couldn't care less. All that matters is breakfast, lunch and dinner (maybe we are skipping dinner as prices of basic commodities is so high). What preparations does the Philippine Army, Navy, or Airforce is in store? As usual nothing. If you have seen Japan, they are already on their posts trying to defend their nation. Together with interceptor missiles on stand-by.

Filipinos could not care less if that missile drops or not. Actually, some might say 'bring it on!' Let those heavy metals drop from anywhere in our nation. That could be sold as scrap metals to junk shops here.

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