Thursday, March 8, 2012

The ultimate sacrifice for love

In have decided on something, something good.

I have changed now, I chose one LOVE one WOMAN one LIFE.

For now it is clear, my mind is much better now.

One way to solve your problems, is to remove the unnecessary, all that is complicated, and all those who loved you so much. I do apologize I am only one man, with one life.

We all have one life to live and we must live through it, in love and peace.

Many thanks to everyone and all. Especially to my readers here. I will tell it in detail soon. Hope you continue to read my blog.


I am watching Harry Potter in HBO right now (Deathly Hallows part I), and I could say it was good. Doby (I'm not a Potter fan so hope the spelling is right) died there, saving Harry and his friends from danger.

Can we do this these days? Guess not. Maybe we will die if we can't access our iPad or check Facebook.

Let us get a life.

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