Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to become more famous?

In these days, you can become famous instantly. With the advent of the Internet, just post your videos in Youtube and watch your stats grow.

Being famous is studied actually. There are even some scientific ways on how to become more famous than you ever know. Famous actors / actresses even politicians use these, and I can share to you these simple but powerful procedures on becoming more famous than ever before, check it below:

  • Attend famous events - Attending famous events will surely expose your identity. It will make you a more well known personality. If you have the 'balls' on attending an Oscar night gala or have the access to a famous bar in your area, that is cool and that will surely make your 'famous meter' up a notch.
  • Make a book - Now this involves patience and further study. But this is really elementary. If you know the Harry Potter or Twilight titles or already watched the movie, the authors of these books; JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer became so famous and got rich as well. Any book will do, as long as you like to write about it. There are lots of famous books that were turned into movies or plays, so better make a story that is worthwhile to read and original.
  • Promotion by a famous artist - Nothing is more simpler and the fastest way to success is getting promoted by an actor or actress. This sort of publicity can change your life. Just imagine, being a restaurant owner and Brad Pitt together with Angelina Jolie ate in your restaurant. That will be awesome! Promotion by a well known figure has been time tested since early times. If these famous people like you or your products in one way or another, you have something special that others don't. 
So I hope you become more famous by the mentioned steps. Tell me if your 'likes' have increased or people came for your autograph.

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