Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some not so interesting news and product reviews

I have some not so good or babble on what they say "interesting news".
It is mentioned there on some of the weird news I have read about things that we shouldn't be concerned about. What the hell, just read it and relax for a moment and hope you will be entertained.


"Hollister vs Abercrombie"

Both of these are great clothes. Pure cotton, comfortable, with lots of good designs. But which one should you choose? 
I personally like Abercombie, they make great clothes with good design and material. How about you? Choose wisely :)


"Kwitter vs Citikitty"

If you do not know what are these things, both of these are plastic/paper bags that teaches the kitty on putting the litter on these bags. Citikitty is easy to put, just put it on the toilet and put some holes using a knife. The Kwitter has some clips to make it fit right onto the toilet seat.

But both of these are just plastics. From my point of view, choose the ones that is more cheaper.

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