Sunday, March 18, 2012

National Geographic's episode "Inside Malacanang" a failure

You will be disappointed if you watched National Geographic's exclusive episode "Inside Malacanang."

I have high hopes for this, but for others who watched with me, the episode is like 'stale bread.' Nothing is there really. Much better if they did a small trivia episode only, and not wasting 60 minutes of your time. I really thought it is all about Malacanang, which they featured some of it, but not in detail, that is due to security reasons. So why bother making a video of it in the first place? We cannot be impressed of the cut grass and polished wood inside, we want more history - which NGC failed to give. I hate to say this, all of these are just publicity for P-Noy. Previous presidents are not interviewed or other staff that does the real work on maintaining Malacanang Palace. We don't care about the president and his trio does. If they can lower the gas prices, maybe they can be commended in one way or another. It will be more entertaining if they interviewed those people who cut the grass or those who polished those expensive wooden parquet floors and walls.

For those who missed it, this is the rundown -  the three most important people to P-Noy right now are these men:

The presidential food taster - Now this job is the coolest I think. This guy can taste any food before it is served to the president. And his main tool of the trade? Just a flashlight. 

The bodyguard cum personal aide - This guy is together with the president at all times for his protection. And also mentioned that he will risk his life for the president. Well that's his job we know that already. 

The presidential photographer - This photographer documents everything what the president does through the lens of his camera. I think this job was imitated like those photographers and staff from the US White House (check NGC's "The Obama White House"). Did we have this in the early days? Guess not. Because early Philippine presidents don't prefer these photographers to be around them as they will be caught on camera stealing  tax payer's money. As for P-Noy, Photoshop could be his great friend.

After that, there were some small history of P-Noy's family, Cory and Ninoy. And some small archives why it is there and all, but not given in thorough detail. They just interviewed P-Noy and his 'No wang-wang' travel policy motorcade - an old publicity gimmick. They even showcased the Presidential Security Group's capability. Frankly speaking, it is like a SUV showcase. The US Secret Service has a more modest presidential convoy than what they have shown there. Quite unrealistic. National Geographic has lowered its standards here.

The narrator is trying his best to keep the scene entertaining and informative, which is not successful.

It is corporately biased too, as it is directed by the wife of a broadcaster in GMA 7. 

A total fail for now. I am sure there will be improvements in the future. Better yet, do not make any documentaries anymore of Malacanang if P-Noy is around. As he told in his own words, "the place (Malacanang) is dull. I prefer to govern the Philippines at my home in Times St., Quezon City."

Instead of talking, do it Mr. President. You are single anyway, no need for a large space.

Nobody will harm you, as the people are too busy trying to work hard to augment their finances due to rising costs of petroleum products, they are just too hungry to give a damn.

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