Monday, March 19, 2012

Killing the Filipino by its fellow Filipino

Gas prices are truly high. It is not 'fun' as they say here in the Philippines if prices of basic commodities are going up and the salary are still the same.

Prices of gas and diesel will soon go up this midnight. Philippine time, while I am writing this.

Go ahead and join those militant and transport groups out there. But chances are, you will be wasting also your time and money. Nothing will happen. Nothing. They are testing us if we can afford it, and Filipinos still can, but the question is how long?

My friend, it is time to stop it. If you have a vehicle at home, or anything that uses fuel, stop using it.

I think it is time to live like a caveman. Back to basics. Hone your survival instincts. The government will not do anything to help us, so better we help ourselves. Again, it is survival.

What I am pissed about is the taxes. And the how the government intervenes on each individual's success by taxing them and giving them a hard time on everything.

Think about it. Better 'put up, or shut up.'


If you traverse the long widening road of Commonwealth Ave., this is the example how the government kills its own citizen, by putting a 1 foot concrete island barrier to separate the public utility vehicles, motorcycles, and private vehicles. In addition to this, the 'turtle-paced' 60 kph speed limit.

I just hope these guys from the MMDA stop experimenting on our roads. And why should we follow them anyway? They are the ones who do not follow their own rules. They are the ones who are riding in their expensive SUV's. Do they know the true sentiments of the drivers? Nada. And the new concrete barriers? As usual some commissions are there that is why they are putting it. Commissions: That is more fun in the Philippines

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