Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peoples Republic of the 'Chippines'

It has been a continuous debate from the streets and ordinary workers of how the Chinese are so greedy, they claiming all the islands for themselves. First is the Scarborough Shoal, which is very near to the Philippines, then they are also claiming some of the islands of Japan. When does the greediness end?

In the early stages of Asian economy, the Chinese has been highly influential. Setting up trading routes to its Asian neighbors. They always want something for themselves, something unique, something useful, it's in their culture.

The First Quarter storm in the Philippines has been troublesome, as the Philippines has been undergoing some drastic changes from its government. While Filipinos are killing each other, the Chinese has set up its territory, putting up businesses and taking up shares. The Marcoses don't like it actually, so they tried to take the money also to themselves, which they can share it with other Filipinos in need.

When Ninoy challenged the Marcoses, he was assassinated. We do not know who it was, but the end says it all - China has invaded the Philippines permanently. Because Cory became president, and she was Chinese. If you do not believe me, here are some points for you to ponder:

* The contractualization of employees is the idea of Chinese businessmen. They recruit young new graduates, use them and 'suck' them out dry, then throw them out after six months.

* Large companies like SM, San Miguel, Major Banks, broadcasting corporations, communications, even transportation (buses) are all owned and controlled by the Chinese. Maybe the air we breathe is the only thing not made in China.

* Chinatown has been established in Manila for a very very long time. Although it commemorates the good relations between the Philippines and China, it served as a disguise for pirated/counterfeit goods, harboring illegal Chinese immigrants, prostitution, gambling, and illegal drug trade.

* Even majority of our politicians are Chinese. Even P-Noy himself has Chinese blood.

* Majority of the products coming in the Philippines are from China. Something is totally wrong as our customs are very incompetent, all these cheap substandard products come to our country. All these garbage hurt our own economy, and our environment. But there is nothing we can do about it as customs officials are full of 'grease money' inside their mouths.

Now, let us contemplate our future. Filipinos are now leaving the country to look for work in abroad. Those  weak souls who are left behind cannot think for themselves and blinded by money given to them by the Chinese, who is 'managing' a 'puppet Philippine Government.'

So are you still angry that China is stealing our islands? The Chinese already took the Philippines long time ago!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Collar Jobs are the future

Many thanks to Ariel Famitangco for showing me the different tools and equipment used in HVACR

The problem with Filipino culture is that they are in favor of white collar jobs instead of blue collar ones.
If they have children, they let them take courses that let them sit on the desk and file documents and so forth.

Such a boring and and dead end job.

They do not recommend them to take technical or vocational courses as they think it is dirty. But now this is changing. Young adults are into electrical, automotive, refrigeration and air-conditioning, drafting, and other skilled courses. These courses will place into good paying jobs which can support their families in the future.

Let us promote the value of hard-work. Promote blue collared jobs as this makes the world go 'round.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aftermath of continuous monsoon rains in Manila

My heart goes to the people of the Philippines who are struggling out there. Be safe, be healthy, and do your best to move on. Good times are ahead. 
Ever since typhoon Ondoy struck in Manila on 2009, everybody has this 'rainophobia' where a lot of people are afraid of continuous rain. Now, the first week of August 2012, history repeats itself. Actually it is making history as it surpasses Ondoy, and this is only a monsoon rain, not a typhoon!

The usual happened, rescue workers are there saving stranded victims, relief goods are given, and so forth. This is the norm now. Actually, we are not alone. India recently suffered severe flooding also, Japan, which is an industrialized country, was also affected by monsoon rain. The USA is now suffering from heatwave, and now, one big hurricane will strike Mexico, and I am still monitoring about it in the news and satellite images.

I think we must prepare ourselves now. We must go to higher ground. Government and private institutions must work on something tangible, where they must do something for everyone

Every country right now is one big 'Titanic'. It may sink soon. It is inevitable. The sad thing is, maybe the rich and powerful people will be saved first. The poor people will die for not bringing any money to save themselves. For the rich people out there, if you die, can you take that money with you?

Let us be frank here, these rich people are the ones to blame actually. They are the ones who pay people and contractors who cut trees and build factories, mines and other structures by denuding forests and other land.
They are the ones who bribe crooked government officials who let them cut trees during the night. And when you wake up you can see the forest was already gone.

Let us see the big picture here. The problem is already at our noses. And yet, everybody was silent, not hearing, or not looking, if money was put down over or under the table. Again, that money cannot be brought to the afterlife.

Real estate is a very valuable commodity. When you purchase land, the land itself together what is under or above it is already your property. If your land has oil or water under it, you hit the jackpot.

Greed is the most number one enemy of man right now. Everybody wants a piece of everything. This is the same greed that triggered all the financial recessions suffered by the financial markets, the same greed that led to the suffering of many people on this Earth.

Since people are now 'raping' the Earth for its natural resources. Mother Nature can be greedy too, by unleashing its power by way of typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and many other natural calamities. She can take back Mother Earth, the same she did to the dinosaurs.

I HOPE EVERYONE WILL AVOID GREED. Everyone will die soon. But will you die as a good person or a bad person, it is your choice.

Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Philippine Team = 0

I never watched the 2012 London Olympic Games. Aside from the fact that I do not have a television set, I am also living in a middle of the jungle, where there is no signal. And my internet connection has limited bandwidth, so I am stuck just seeing the news in text and some photos.

As usual, Philippines has no gold medals. This goes to show that the Philippine government does not care for its athletes anymore. Because of greed and corruption, they want to build shopping malls first instead of buying good athletic equipment and facilities for Filipino sportsmen.

Even Philippine broadcasting has been hypocrites ast they are cheering for other competitors who have any trace of Filipino blood in their veins and claim that they are Filipino who was born or lived in the Philippines (even for 1 second), but represent another country. And our own athletes? No exposure whatsoever. They will not make money our own athletes anyway so why bother right? So let's go and find Filipinos who represent the USA, UK, and other rich countries as they have a big chance on winning medals.

Let the government save more money by removing the dysfunctional Philippine Sports Commission. Let Manny Pacquiao make a new sports organization that will help train a new breed of athletes. Let us just focus on what we do best. And that new organization must not send anyone to the Olympics without winning some sort of internationally recognized competition. Because the present problem is, most of the competitors sent by the government are also their relatives or someone who has deep pockets but with no talent. They are just there for shopping and doing PR. Absolute hypocrisy.

I am much more a fan of Paralympics which will start on August 24 after the Summer Olympics. The competitors are disabled children who are given a chance to compete at each other in an international level.
Everybody has a chance to win here, and their struggles are more real and inspiring.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Be a Hero within: Let us go to Eclipse

People nowadays are cowards. They always turn a blind eye on every bad thing that they see. Are there no more heroes or kind souls who can help us?

There is this new world called Eclipse. In there, you can be a hero and save humanity. You can have amazing powers and join others to fight evil doers.

There are friendly people in the game and they can assist you if you have any queries online and even offline.

So what are you waiting for, JOIN NOW. If you have any questions about the game, check the URL below:


List of Taken and Available Powers/Abilities:

Celebrity Claim (for character looks/images):

Advertising/Affiliating On Eclipse:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple things to do for every Filipino to be happy and contented

Some people say I always (not always) write about negative or bad things in the Philippines. Yes I write it so that everyone will be informed about it and to give them a chance to correct their own mistakes.

I made up some simple 'to do' list for Pinoys out there, who are totally confused on what to do everyday.
There are times that they do not do anything at all - another big mistake. So what can a simple Pinoy do to be happy and contented?

1. Avoid envy - this is one of the most pathetic Filipino trait ever. If someone has it, they must have it. Avoid this and look straight to your goals.

2. Save money - This is hard I am sure. I talked to every employee in the Philippines and they can't seem to save money. The bills are high, housing, food, taxes, everything. I think a radical step in saving must be done. That is by removing all unnecessary things you are spending, if possible do not use electricity. Meralco is our number one enemy right now. Avoid taxes as much as possible or make it to a minimum (let the rich people pay more). But try to pay social security as that will secure your future. If you can save at least P100 - P500 a month, that will be a miracle.

3. Love your parents - they are your emotional savior when times are bad. You can also go to your relatives, anyone that is blood related, go to them and seek advice if your are stuck somewhere.

4. Do something worthwhile - engage in business by selling stuff, or do some small services like cleaning, washing clothes, etc. You will earn some money, time will be faster, and it will surely avoid procrastination. Some people look down at these kind of jobs, but these jobs are the ones that pays a lot in abroad. So practice now.

5. Help yourself first - the problem with most Filipinos is that they are too kind. They must save their compassion to take care of themselves first before they can help others. Even your own family. You already lost your own dignity if you keep begging. If we can still work, let us enjoy it while it lasts.

Just imagine, if inventors, scientists, famous people, and athletes thought negatively, what kind of a world we live in today? Life is both positive and negative. But how do we want our relatives and friends know us when we die? Of course in a positive light.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hacking: More Fun in the Philippines

There was a news report recently that some South Koreans are caught and sent to jail together with their, I don't know, entourage of cute ladies.

But their motive is clear, they are hacking Globe (one of the mobile carriers in the Philippines) networks communication infrastructure. Its purpose, to get access to cheap calls. But they are nabbed by authorities.

A true sign of corporate greed in lurking around here.

There are some rumors maybe the technology they have used is VoIP, which uses the Internet to make long distance and local calls much cheaper. It is being used predominantly in India, Europe, and even in the USA.
You know Skype right? And so is Magic Jack, Nimbuzz, Fring, Truphone, and a whole lot more. When I was in abroad, I can see some expatriates talk long hours on their relatives in their home country (mostly India). And when I ask them how much is the rate in Philippines, they are telling that it is more expensive or the call quality is poor. And yes it is true. I have tried one myself and the delay is so long. Quality is also poor. In short, telcos in the Philippines do not support this kind of technology. They want you to buy everything from them.

Why is that technology is prohibited in the Philippines while it is available elsewhere?
They cannot make money. As simple as that.

To the mobile networks and communication providers in the Philippines, give us a break. Make this technology available to everyone so that we can enjoy communicating each other cheaply. Maybe that is the reason why Globe was hacked because they are greedy sons of bitches, and have poor signal outside Makati Area. Have you noticed that? Smart's signal is more prominent in the provinces than Globe. But there is another problem with Smart, poor customer service and high bill rates.

By the way, there are reports of a 'hackathon' to be held in some private islands of the Philippines. It is a secret by the way. Where all the hackers from all over the world will come and code. and at the same time enjoy the beautiful sights of the Philippines. To all the hackers out there, go ahead - it is more fun to hack in the Philippines.

Did you remember the 'I Love You' Virus which caused downtime to lots of computers around the world?
Yes, two Filipinos did it, named Reomel Ramores and Onel de Guzman. In year 2000, the damages were estimated up to $5.5 billion worldwide.

But there is another side to the story, Onel did make a virus to present it as his thesis to his university (AMA Computer College). The virus is in a form of a program, where everyone can have free internet access. The university rejected the idea (why would they reject something like that?). Onel became upset and he dropped out. Depressed and upset, he released the uncontrolled form of the program - which is a virus, and has affected billions of computer users around the world.

He is still lucky though, as there are no 'anti-hacking' laws in the Philippines that time. He was set free.

I do believe that the Internet is for everyone. Information must be free and we must use it to create innovations that will benefit everyone. If it is enjoyed by greedy corporations only, progress will be slow and highly depressing.