Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple things to do for every Filipino to be happy and contented

Some people say I always (not always) write about negative or bad things in the Philippines. Yes I write it so that everyone will be informed about it and to give them a chance to correct their own mistakes.

I made up some simple 'to do' list for Pinoys out there, who are totally confused on what to do everyday.
There are times that they do not do anything at all - another big mistake. So what can a simple Pinoy do to be happy and contented?

1. Avoid envy - this is one of the most pathetic Filipino trait ever. If someone has it, they must have it. Avoid this and look straight to your goals.

2. Save money - This is hard I am sure. I talked to every employee in the Philippines and they can't seem to save money. The bills are high, housing, food, taxes, everything. I think a radical step in saving must be done. That is by removing all unnecessary things you are spending, if possible do not use electricity. Meralco is our number one enemy right now. Avoid taxes as much as possible or make it to a minimum (let the rich people pay more). But try to pay social security as that will secure your future. If you can save at least P100 - P500 a month, that will be a miracle.

3. Love your parents - they are your emotional savior when times are bad. You can also go to your relatives, anyone that is blood related, go to them and seek advice if your are stuck somewhere.

4. Do something worthwhile - engage in business by selling stuff, or do some small services like cleaning, washing clothes, etc. You will earn some money, time will be faster, and it will surely avoid procrastination. Some people look down at these kind of jobs, but these jobs are the ones that pays a lot in abroad. So practice now.

5. Help yourself first - the problem with most Filipinos is that they are too kind. They must save their compassion to take care of themselves first before they can help others. Even your own family. You already lost your own dignity if you keep begging. If we can still work, let us enjoy it while it lasts.

Just imagine, if inventors, scientists, famous people, and athletes thought negatively, what kind of a world we live in today? Life is both positive and negative. But how do we want our relatives and friends know us when we die? Of course in a positive light.

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