Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aftermath of continuous monsoon rains in Manila

My heart goes to the people of the Philippines who are struggling out there. Be safe, be healthy, and do your best to move on. Good times are ahead. 
Ever since typhoon Ondoy struck in Manila on 2009, everybody has this 'rainophobia' where a lot of people are afraid of continuous rain. Now, the first week of August 2012, history repeats itself. Actually it is making history as it surpasses Ondoy, and this is only a monsoon rain, not a typhoon!

The usual happened, rescue workers are there saving stranded victims, relief goods are given, and so forth. This is the norm now. Actually, we are not alone. India recently suffered severe flooding also, Japan, which is an industrialized country, was also affected by monsoon rain. The USA is now suffering from heatwave, and now, one big hurricane will strike Mexico, and I am still monitoring about it in the news and satellite images.

I think we must prepare ourselves now. We must go to higher ground. Government and private institutions must work on something tangible, where they must do something for everyone

Every country right now is one big 'Titanic'. It may sink soon. It is inevitable. The sad thing is, maybe the rich and powerful people will be saved first. The poor people will die for not bringing any money to save themselves. For the rich people out there, if you die, can you take that money with you?

Let us be frank here, these rich people are the ones to blame actually. They are the ones who pay people and contractors who cut trees and build factories, mines and other structures by denuding forests and other land.
They are the ones who bribe crooked government officials who let them cut trees during the night. And when you wake up you can see the forest was already gone.

Let us see the big picture here. The problem is already at our noses. And yet, everybody was silent, not hearing, or not looking, if money was put down over or under the table. Again, that money cannot be brought to the afterlife.

Real estate is a very valuable commodity. When you purchase land, the land itself together what is under or above it is already your property. If your land has oil or water under it, you hit the jackpot.

Greed is the most number one enemy of man right now. Everybody wants a piece of everything. This is the same greed that triggered all the financial recessions suffered by the financial markets, the same greed that led to the suffering of many people on this Earth.

Since people are now 'raping' the Earth for its natural resources. Mother Nature can be greedy too, by unleashing its power by way of typhoons, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and many other natural calamities. She can take back Mother Earth, the same she did to the dinosaurs.

I HOPE EVERYONE WILL AVOID GREED. Everyone will die soon. But will you die as a good person or a bad person, it is your choice.

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