Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peoples Republic of the 'Chippines'

It has been a continuous debate from the streets and ordinary workers of how the Chinese are so greedy, they claiming all the islands for themselves. First is the Scarborough Shoal, which is very near to the Philippines, then they are also claiming some of the islands of Japan. When does the greediness end?

In the early stages of Asian economy, the Chinese has been highly influential. Setting up trading routes to its Asian neighbors. They always want something for themselves, something unique, something useful, it's in their culture.

The First Quarter storm in the Philippines has been troublesome, as the Philippines has been undergoing some drastic changes from its government. While Filipinos are killing each other, the Chinese has set up its territory, putting up businesses and taking up shares. The Marcoses don't like it actually, so they tried to take the money also to themselves, which they can share it with other Filipinos in need.

When Ninoy challenged the Marcoses, he was assassinated. We do not know who it was, but the end says it all - China has invaded the Philippines permanently. Because Cory became president, and she was Chinese. If you do not believe me, here are some points for you to ponder:

* The contractualization of employees is the idea of Chinese businessmen. They recruit young new graduates, use them and 'suck' them out dry, then throw them out after six months.

* Large companies like SM, San Miguel, Major Banks, broadcasting corporations, communications, even transportation (buses) are all owned and controlled by the Chinese. Maybe the air we breathe is the only thing not made in China.

* Chinatown has been established in Manila for a very very long time. Although it commemorates the good relations between the Philippines and China, it served as a disguise for pirated/counterfeit goods, harboring illegal Chinese immigrants, prostitution, gambling, and illegal drug trade.

* Even majority of our politicians are Chinese. Even P-Noy himself has Chinese blood.

* Majority of the products coming in the Philippines are from China. Something is totally wrong as our customs are very incompetent, all these cheap substandard products come to our country. All these garbage hurt our own economy, and our environment. But there is nothing we can do about it as customs officials are full of 'grease money' inside their mouths.

Now, let us contemplate our future. Filipinos are now leaving the country to look for work in abroad. Those  weak souls who are left behind cannot think for themselves and blinded by money given to them by the Chinese, who is 'managing' a 'puppet Philippine Government.'

So are you still angry that China is stealing our islands? The Chinese already took the Philippines long time ago!

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