Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My comment posts on

I made a lot of posts on And I am proud to say that I have 10:20  'LIKE' ratio (it means out of 10 posts I made, there are 20 'LIKES)! So it means I am giving comments that are 'liked' by my fellow 'suki' on INQ forums. Here it is below:

Tourism chief rallies Filipinos to focus on Philippines’ positive aspects

(My comments below posted Nov. 30, 2011)

Jimenez ako na magsasabi sa iyo na ang bobo mo.

1) una dinadaan mo sa pa FB FB at nag rent ka pa ng tuta to post photos. magkano binayad mo doon? $0.20 per photo post? $0.50 per 150 words? a lot of people do that lalo na sa freelancer dot com. all of us can do that too. but having a cheap idea such as this, it will have temporary results.

2) Dont ever compare us to Thai, you know why tourists come there? its because of prostitution and lewd shows. but hey, it worked. aside from that, they improved their airport and it is shopping heaven. the price of their products are a lot cheaper too with good quality compared sa pinas. nagpapaniwala ka sa sabi sabi ng iba, hindi ka mag focus sa problema dito.

3) it is not cultural, conditioning, or anything! cge may tama ka na 'it takes a nation to sell a nation' how can we sell a product that is 'defective' or it will cause problems in the future? siyempre hindi namin ibebenta. thats why we tell other foreigners that 'do not come to the phils, and if you do come, it will be at your own risk' it pays to be honest.

young Filipinos love their country because they are on the carefree stage and all. once they have work and pay the bills, they will be disgruntled and stressed out at malamang isumpa ang pinas sa taas ng bilihin at bobong politiko na tulad mo na ang alam eh lumamon ng chickenjoy.


KC Concepcion hurt, angry but careful in ‘tell-all’

(comment posted Nov. 30, 2011)

KC - di na ako papaligoy ligoy pa, bibigay ko sa iyo ang 'basic' na hinahanap ng isang babae. bibigay ko ng buong buo. maraming barako dito sa forum di na ako papahuli pa :p makabagbag damdamin ang interview na ito.

but then again baka palabas lang ito at nadali mo kaming lahat. yes Pinoys like me are suckers for entertainment and melodramas like this. i hate to be blunt but you have succeeded on increasing ABS ratings and your fame as well.

O siya, we have to go back to reality. (work mode)  and next time please, go for ordinary guys na lang. trust me - 'liligaya ka'.


Immigration braces for holiday influx of balikbayans

(comment posted: Dec 1, 2011)

to all the balikbayans, welcome back sa pinas, lalo na sa mga ka brad ko diyan na galing sa middle east. ako 7 years wala akong pasko dyan sa atin. dinadaan na lang sa tawag, txt at emails.

small advice lang, please magtira ng pera pabalik sa abroad.madami ako nakakasalamuha na wala na daw sila pera pagbalik eh. ilagay niyo sa medyas o sa brip. bahala na kayo basta itago niyo :p

happy holidays :)


agree ako dyan. bad trip ako sa OEC na yan, pwede naman siguro sa airport na lang eh. what i do is panapadeliver ko sa bahay. magastos nga lang. kaysa naman pumila ako sa counter ng matagal, time is essential sa mga bakasyonista

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am worthless human being

There are times that you cannot do anything right. And people see you as their 'pain'.

This goes to show that you are just worthless. In this world were seven billion people live, you are just one small speck of dust in the whole grain of sand.

Some people think that you are different, yes that small speck of dust may hurt the eye of someone.

I am an inconvenience, I wish I was never born. 

I am sorry, so sorry. 

I can't do anything to make it right.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter is coming - sleepless nights

I have some friends now preparing for the winter season.
It's getting cold now, better prepare my stuff as well. There could be lots of snow, hail, and more typhoons especially in the Philippines.

It is nice to cuddle with your loved one. Watch the fireplace, drink some sake, brandy, tequila (just one of those okay), turn on the TV with video player, or PC and crank this movie...

Paranormal Activity.

I just read the story in Wikipedia, it scared the shit out of me. What more if I watched it?

Last time I watched 'The Ring' with my girlfriend. And damn, I cannot sleep for 2 weeks.

Enjoy your scary winter guys and gals. That will keep your heart pumping.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Does money really make you happy?

Ask everyone around you when pay day comes. Do you see those smiling faces when they get their salary?
Surprisingly, its NO. Because they will tell that the money that they got is not enough for their expenses.

Wait a minute, how come those people who spend money on bars, sex, drugs and other bad things, are happy? Does that mean that when you spend your money, you will be happy. Why do some people say that 'money cannot buy happiness'?

Majority of us have different perceptions of money. But very few people think that money is just a 'tool.' Same like your screwdriver, or a wrench, or even your tweezers. And if it is a tool, it must be used properly. You can't use your screwdriver to drive the nail onto the wood. Or your tweezers to turn the screws. You might get an accident.

Same thing with money.

So let us use money properly, to get the job done, and be happy in the long run. A very simple but a powerful message.