Sunday, May 27, 2012

Parent's Trap

Another problem why the Philippine society is not continuously improving is the family's failure on establishing a strong and willed attitude to their children.

Their children are treated like babies even though they are already old enough.

The result is that their children cannot live by themselves, and still they seek their parent's help on every problem they encounter. Then the parents are stressed a lot because they have to contend with theirown problems together with their children.

In Western Countries, children who have reached the age of 18 or 21 are considered adults already, and the parents responsibilities to them must be minimum to nil.

For Asian countries, the sky is the limit. Maybe this is their culture, I don't know.

The family is the basic unit of the society. Let the parents know their responsibility and when to stop it. It is for their own good - if they want to take care of their own future.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Being in love and being paranoid

One of the most troubling things that Filipinos do to their loved ones is by being paranoid - thinking that their partners are flirting with someone else.

In this day and age, where IM, Facebook (which I despise), SMS, online chat meetings, everything could be possible.

If you really love that person, maybe a simple talk will suffice.

My neighbor has this BF that has a screw loose in his said. He even sent me messages that he himself is paranoid to the girl he loves. And he is mentioning that God will put his wrath against me and so on.

I just hope God will fix his head first before giving His wrath to me.

Another story, my girlfriend has this ex-BF, a policeman, who still cannot accept that they broke up. And now, he is even threatening to kill me, and may the best man win. WTF.

Policemen in the Philippines are like this. Once they got hold of a gun, they become trigger-happy sons of bitches. Forget about their psychology, their mentality is that they are already above the law. A disease that has infected which started from the top ranks. Remember - a fish rots starting from the head.

I checked this policeman's number and called him. I told him to meet at a certain place. That guy backed out, cursing me in every way. He is just good at barking, but a real spineless coward in person.

Loving someone involves trust and acceptance. And for Filipinos, they are still emotionally immature.
I just hope one day these men and women will know their place.

Leaving the Philiipines

I have checked all my luggage and informed all my assistants that I am leaving the Philippines. some cried, some were happy, some don't have any reactions, as they know I am coming back again.

Leaving the Philippines makes me sad. Sad in a way that, 'who will take care of this country?' It is still like a small child, still in its infancy, growing slowly and steadily.

Maybe it is also time to leave it behind. Let it grow and let us see if it can survive. Some of my friends and colleagues did it. They left the country and swore they will never go back - which in the end did come back.

The whole world is changing, and so does the Philippines. I have to accept that fact as of this moment. I have stayed on my old home, reminiscing the memories of my childhood. I am glad we still have those old photo albums. The laughter, the anger, the tears, the early hopes and dreams that I and my family have nourished.
Now, we can look back to those days, and see what has gone right and wrong, and to look at the future full of hope and happiness.

I remember the old Tagalog adage: Ang taong hindi tumingin sa pinanggalingan, hindi makalkarating sa paroroonan. (A person who doesn't look back to his past, will never reach his destination in the future.) If you have the best translation for this, just inform me.

Let us welcome the world with full of hope. Even though I leave my beloved Philippines behind, I am sure she can take care of herself. She is having 'fun' anyway.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

China's real agenda on Scarborough Shoal

Sorry I did not update my blog for quite sometime. Thanks for reading my previous articles. Enjoy.

When people talk about China's bullish tactics at Scarborough Shoal, Panatag Shoal, or Huangian island as they call it, I just remove it immediately out of my head.

What do I have to do with it?

Everyone is concerned that the Chinese are trying to bully the Philippines and encroaching on its territories little by little.

Everyone, who is in the right mindset, will surely know what the Chinese or even other nations are doing to the Philippines - THEY ARE STEALING OUR PRECIOUS MINERALS OR NATURAL RESOURCES. Right now they are taking fish and other endangered species. Remember the Spratly Islands? The Chinese are interested with that too. Maybe oil or a large natural gas reserve is there.

These days, if you own a piece of land, that is something big. Like in the real estate business. So if you have more land, the more wealth you have, and that is what the Chinese wants.

This gives the conclusion, the Chinese are greedy.

They already have acres of land in their possession which they have not yet developed. Why is that? It is because nothing is there. There is nothing to get from it. That is why they are looking for other lands that are rich in minerals or anything that is valuable.

Okay, now they want it. Why don't they take the whole Philippines as well? It is because they are still afraid of the USA. They are good in provocation, but not in continuous action.

As for me, I always joke that if the Chinese conquered Philippines, at least I can have some good dimsum or noodles.

What can you expect from our president that also has Chinese blood? As usual, NOTHING.
Update: 8 May 2012

See, In told you guys. They know there is something there in Scarborough Shoal. At this moment, the Chinese have successfully made an offshore rig, capable of drilling oil and natural gases.

For the fishing vessels, they are just 'pawns'. I am pretty sure, the next day, the rig will be there.
I will talk to the Chinese once more. If they did not leave the shoal alone, there will be serious consequences against China - for now, I will think on what do I have to do.