Friday, May 25, 2012

Being in love and being paranoid

One of the most troubling things that Filipinos do to their loved ones is by being paranoid - thinking that their partners are flirting with someone else.

In this day and age, where IM, Facebook (which I despise), SMS, online chat meetings, everything could be possible.

If you really love that person, maybe a simple talk will suffice.

My neighbor has this BF that has a screw loose in his said. He even sent me messages that he himself is paranoid to the girl he loves. And he is mentioning that God will put his wrath against me and so on.

I just hope God will fix his head first before giving His wrath to me.

Another story, my girlfriend has this ex-BF, a policeman, who still cannot accept that they broke up. And now, he is even threatening to kill me, and may the best man win. WTF.

Policemen in the Philippines are like this. Once they got hold of a gun, they become trigger-happy sons of bitches. Forget about their psychology, their mentality is that they are already above the law. A disease that has infected which started from the top ranks. Remember - a fish rots starting from the head.

I checked this policeman's number and called him. I told him to meet at a certain place. That guy backed out, cursing me in every way. He is just good at barking, but a real spineless coward in person.

Loving someone involves trust and acceptance. And for Filipinos, they are still emotionally immature.
I just hope one day these men and women will know their place.

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