Saturday, February 26, 2011

Power (continued final)

he gave big bonuses and rewards to the employees. he even gave house and lots to small people, the cleaners, janitors, drivers, and rank and file personnel. his reasons were simple "ive seen all the people who are working really hard but don't have enough money. let them have it even for sometime. for sure they do not know what to do with it, but i am pretty sure it is something good."

he was liked by the masses as a bad boy hero, a robin hood that gives all his money to the poor. he liked the adulation and fame. and lived a happy life till his death, he almost tried to bury the certificate of ownership, because he knew, whoever who has it, will surely be troubled and depressed. but, it depends upon the person's emotional strength.

he gave the certificate to his only son. his son does not want it and it is afraid of it. he knew his father's wrong doings before, he did not grew up to see his mother, he hated his father to the bone. but he promised himself that he will do more better than his father, if he has the certificate in his posession.

Power (continued)


So the Americans bombed the Japanese. That's it. But it has no effect whatsoever. G2G still did not do any significant thing for his own country. For now, he grew tired of all his spending, and just took care of his family. He applied for a job in a private corporation, you know the beer your drinking, SanMiguel, well he was one of the board of directors there. Some people thought he was just another rich pussy hanging around the office, but they were mistaken. (continued again)


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Your still ok? Have a beer, you have some more questions and shit? Ok, i'm sure you still do not believe me. It is ok I do not mind at all. I told this story to a lot of people but they called me crazy and stuff. There was this one time that I told this story to my ex gf before, we were having sex hehe, and Pres. Gloria called. She is asking how to handle the financial crisis that is creeping on everyone's doors. But you know man, Philippines was badly hit. Up to now it is still recovering. their monetary system is tied up closely with the US dollar, that is why if the dollar goes down, so does the peso. i told her that, "try to release more products that we have and put more prices on our goods so that we can have, you know that you are an economist for christ's sake." well, easier said than done. if we put more prices on their goods, they will go to our countries like china, indonesia, even thailand.

well enough of the economic shit, now is my g2g, my great great grandfather. its the 1950's war is over and the land was fucked up. you know what he did, nothing. during the war came, he used the certificate's power to gain access around the world. women, wine, gambling, everything. he just shown the certificate like a badge and he got all he wanted. like what i said, he came to know the power of that certificate. he knew that the war will come to the philippines, because japan gaines supremacy there. but he tried one noble thing, he told the americans to avoid the philippines, he will relinquish the ownership of it if they agreed. the americans rejected the offer. they told "while you are busy drinking and fucking around the world," japan already came to your country and spreading their shit all around it." he went to japan and talked to the emperor. he was also given an offer - that is - to bow down to them and they will give him a position as an ambassador. he will become part of the japanese government for international affairs. a good offer considering he will be part of the international delegation around the world - that is if they won the war. they will take the philippines in their posession and turn it into a major military stronghold against the americans.

he almost took the offer, but, being a filipino, and seeing what japan did during the war, killing, raping, torturing his fellow filipinos, he repented on the sins he made against the country he owned. and decided to talk again to the americans.

blast all the japs till they suffer. but there is one crazy thing he thought of:
drop the atomic bombs in manila and major cities around it.


well, we want a new beginning. this is to serve as a lesson to all nationalities, especially filipinos. the horrors of war will never be forgotten. it is like the bible, where a great flood came, and everybody died excet those who believed in god, and we will come back again from the ashes and become a super power.

american generals, including douglas macarthur laughed. "you crazy sonofabitch, japan is our enemy, not the philippines. if we want someone to dead, it is the japanese."


Friday, February 25, 2011

Women ????

Women ????
Bloggel No. -1 (please be adviced, some mature content is here, ill try to censor myself dont worry).

You remember my earlier post that my G3G and his partners paid back the Philippines for $ 30 M + ????. Well maybe you know the answer. The ???? =  women.

My G3G is against it at first. But I do hate them. From my old generation up to now. That women here in the Philippines are not treated fairly, because of money. During that time when the Americans came to discuss the agreement between my G3G and others, they were drunk and all. And one of the server maids tried to serve them alcoholic drinks, and one US government official grabbed her.

"You know guys, if you give me this fine piece of p*ssy, I will give you more money."

My greedy G3G and the rest agreed. Now, the meeting, in a government owned place, became a whorehouse. Some of the organization even called their own daughters to be part of this. This is to ensure that they have a good future in the US and to provide them more money. They were the ultimate sacrifice for their own future security.

I tell you, 50 women, 50 beautiful Filipinas, gave their bodies to the greedy society which they live in.
Such a shame. Anyone can be changed because of money. But I do pity them, as they will not enjoy the true love and care of a man who will make love to them. Some of the women went to the US together with American officials, on which, they became sex slaves, toilet cleaners and baby sitters for life, some are tortured and abused. maybe some were lucky too. Well, those are in the 1900's no one will surely know what they have done on those days.

Filipinas are thoughtful, caring, and wise. They will surely take care of you. Although some are bad motherf*ckers who even put drugs on their babies while begging for alms. Filipina women are strong and resilient. That is why Westerners like them. As my father said, well, it serves the purpose - I want a good wife. I can f*ck her and let her cook/serve my meal and I give her some allowance. Caucasians are more expensive if they do the same thing.

Once my G3 grandmother knew about my G3G's doing. She left him. She re-married again to a Chinese businessman. Now, our life is becoming more complex.

Bloggel -2 continued

But here is the catch, someone bought back the Philippines. And that was the association of rich aristocrats. And my great great great grandfather volunteered to be the 'Chairman' of the association who will solely own the Philippine Archipelago. They bought this for $ 30 M + ???? ( I will tell you the ???? later). And a mutual agreement was also made with the US - their presence will still be in the Philippines to check & extract the country's natural resources with a constant profit sharing for the chariman and the rest of the organization.

His decision cost him his life.

I will tell you the problem directly my friend. Filipinos have this poor discipline in money saving. Instead of putting it in the bank or investing it to promote prosperity within the land. They put it in their pockets and spend it like there is no tomorrow. My great great great, damn, its long ill just call him G3G. G3G was very mad about this, they told them that he want to earn back what they spent and get the US out of the Phils. The US is extracting a lot of natural ores and oil in the Philippines. The US get rich, and only a handful of people, who are already rich, are getting the money. Now that is bullshit.

My G3G tried to set up schools and roads, but the US and greedy Pinoys who were family members of the Aristocrat organization tried to stop him, as they want to 'survey' the land first for potential ores and minerals for extraction. He tried his best on different locations of the country, especially on poor areas of Leyte, Iligan, Masbate, Negros, Surigao, even parts of Manila. He just want to use the money paid by the Americans to good use. When he put up something, it was demolished.

He became depressed and commited suicide.

The Organization of Aristocrats broke up little by little and eventually gone, but some known surnames in Philippine politics are still there. Little did they know that the contract / certificate was still in my G3G's possession. Which means, he got more share than the others. G3G's son, G2G got this certificate, and soon learned its power. It is more magical, as money is involved.


Bloggel -2

How I got this? well my father gave it to me. Our family was an aristocrat in the early days ever since the Spaniards came to the Philippines. We were well off, having dinner parties and discussing business and all, just normal affluent stuff.

Then there is this one guy... Jose Rizal.

You know him I'm sure, the Philippine hero. So called father of Hitler (just a joke man! but quite a debate in school before). He called all the rich and wise Filipinos before and talked about this...

"We need to organize. Let us have this revolt against the Spaniards. I plan to write a book if I have the time. For now. we need someone who will serve as trhe ruler of the Philippines. Anyone who want this post?"

All became silent.

Philippines is a lush country, considered before as the spice islands by mistake. Ever since Ferdinand Magellan came, he has brought many things with him, including Christianity. The Spaniards almost settled in the Philippines but you know the case where the Americans fought with Spain long back? Well that is part of it. I will cut it short for you, the Treaty of Paris in 1898 is just one big auction. Spain will go out of teh Philippines - with a price. And for that, the US got $ 20M cash at hand. Spain, suffering from losses after their battles and skirmishes. decided to accept the money...(continued)

The Man who owned the Philippines

(This is my 'bloggel' (blog + novel). Hope you will like it., any similarity or depiction of the characters herewith are coincindental and ficticious.

The Man who owned the Philippines
Bloggel No. -3

You do not know who I am, you see me down the street, in a cab, in a tram. Going to a restaurant. Just an ordinary guy. You don't notice it because you are busy on your normal lives. But I will tell you something, I have this 'thing' that I own. It is good, bad, in between, I don't know how to deal with it...

I own the Republic of the Philippines.

You don't believe me? Just come to my room for a second...

Sorry for the cluttered room. Here it is, this is the glass safe, see this certificate of ownsership and treaty signed by Gen.Douglas MacAurthur, this is my name here...

all these wires?, i have a t1 and t3 connection, dsl and wireless, here it is, the hotline to the president Noy. He calls me for quite sometime, about some domestic issues and foreign diplomacies...

Sorry about the books, and magazines, just watch your step. maybe you think about that these are all fake and shit.. if you can spare me a few hours, you will believe me..