Friday, February 25, 2011

Women ????

Women ????
Bloggel No. -1 (please be adviced, some mature content is here, ill try to censor myself dont worry).

You remember my earlier post that my G3G and his partners paid back the Philippines for $ 30 M + ????. Well maybe you know the answer. The ???? =  women.

My G3G is against it at first. But I do hate them. From my old generation up to now. That women here in the Philippines are not treated fairly, because of money. During that time when the Americans came to discuss the agreement between my G3G and others, they were drunk and all. And one of the server maids tried to serve them alcoholic drinks, and one US government official grabbed her.

"You know guys, if you give me this fine piece of p*ssy, I will give you more money."

My greedy G3G and the rest agreed. Now, the meeting, in a government owned place, became a whorehouse. Some of the organization even called their own daughters to be part of this. This is to ensure that they have a good future in the US and to provide them more money. They were the ultimate sacrifice for their own future security.

I tell you, 50 women, 50 beautiful Filipinas, gave their bodies to the greedy society which they live in.
Such a shame. Anyone can be changed because of money. But I do pity them, as they will not enjoy the true love and care of a man who will make love to them. Some of the women went to the US together with American officials, on which, they became sex slaves, toilet cleaners and baby sitters for life, some are tortured and abused. maybe some were lucky too. Well, those are in the 1900's no one will surely know what they have done on those days.

Filipinas are thoughtful, caring, and wise. They will surely take care of you. Although some are bad motherf*ckers who even put drugs on their babies while begging for alms. Filipina women are strong and resilient. That is why Westerners like them. As my father said, well, it serves the purpose - I want a good wife. I can f*ck her and let her cook/serve my meal and I give her some allowance. Caucasians are more expensive if they do the same thing.

Once my G3 grandmother knew about my G3G's doing. She left him. She re-married again to a Chinese businessman. Now, our life is becoming more complex.

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