Friday, February 25, 2011

Bloggel -2 continued

But here is the catch, someone bought back the Philippines. And that was the association of rich aristocrats. And my great great great grandfather volunteered to be the 'Chairman' of the association who will solely own the Philippine Archipelago. They bought this for $ 30 M + ???? ( I will tell you the ???? later). And a mutual agreement was also made with the US - their presence will still be in the Philippines to check & extract the country's natural resources with a constant profit sharing for the chariman and the rest of the organization.

His decision cost him his life.

I will tell you the problem directly my friend. Filipinos have this poor discipline in money saving. Instead of putting it in the bank or investing it to promote prosperity within the land. They put it in their pockets and spend it like there is no tomorrow. My great great great, damn, its long ill just call him G3G. G3G was very mad about this, they told them that he want to earn back what they spent and get the US out of the Phils. The US is extracting a lot of natural ores and oil in the Philippines. The US get rich, and only a handful of people, who are already rich, are getting the money. Now that is bullshit.

My G3G tried to set up schools and roads, but the US and greedy Pinoys who were family members of the Aristocrat organization tried to stop him, as they want to 'survey' the land first for potential ores and minerals for extraction. He tried his best on different locations of the country, especially on poor areas of Leyte, Iligan, Masbate, Negros, Surigao, even parts of Manila. He just want to use the money paid by the Americans to good use. When he put up something, it was demolished.

He became depressed and commited suicide.

The Organization of Aristocrats broke up little by little and eventually gone, but some known surnames in Philippine politics are still there. Little did they know that the contract / certificate was still in my G3G's possession. Which means, he got more share than the others. G3G's son, G2G got this certificate, and soon learned its power. It is more magical, as money is involved.

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