Saturday, February 26, 2011

Power (continued final)

he gave big bonuses and rewards to the employees. he even gave house and lots to small people, the cleaners, janitors, drivers, and rank and file personnel. his reasons were simple "ive seen all the people who are working really hard but don't have enough money. let them have it even for sometime. for sure they do not know what to do with it, but i am pretty sure it is something good."

he was liked by the masses as a bad boy hero, a robin hood that gives all his money to the poor. he liked the adulation and fame. and lived a happy life till his death, he almost tried to bury the certificate of ownership, because he knew, whoever who has it, will surely be troubled and depressed. but, it depends upon the person's emotional strength.

he gave the certificate to his only son. his son does not want it and it is afraid of it. he knew his father's wrong doings before, he did not grew up to see his mother, he hated his father to the bone. but he promised himself that he will do more better than his father, if he has the certificate in his posession.

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