Friday, February 25, 2011


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How I got this? well my father gave it to me. Our family was an aristocrat in the early days ever since the Spaniards came to the Philippines. We were well off, having dinner parties and discussing business and all, just normal affluent stuff.

Then there is this one guy... Jose Rizal.

You know him I'm sure, the Philippine hero. So called father of Hitler (just a joke man! but quite a debate in school before). He called all the rich and wise Filipinos before and talked about this...

"We need to organize. Let us have this revolt against the Spaniards. I plan to write a book if I have the time. For now. we need someone who will serve as trhe ruler of the Philippines. Anyone who want this post?"

All became silent.

Philippines is a lush country, considered before as the spice islands by mistake. Ever since Ferdinand Magellan came, he has brought many things with him, including Christianity. The Spaniards almost settled in the Philippines but you know the case where the Americans fought with Spain long back? Well that is part of it. I will cut it short for you, the Treaty of Paris in 1898 is just one big auction. Spain will go out of teh Philippines - with a price. And for that, the US got $ 20M cash at hand. Spain, suffering from losses after their battles and skirmishes. decided to accept the money...(continued)

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