Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three pathetic things how Filipinos hurt their own kind

I couldn't control my anger, forgive me. I hit a window of the FX (an air conditioned shuttle transport van) in a sudden burst of anger. I just could not contain it anymore.

The FX van's driver wanted to cut his trip due to the bad traffic condition along Quezon Ave. going to Quiapo.

This is the deal, right from the street. This is how Filipinos hurt their own kind, listen and watch your high blood pressure rise. And if you want to add, well, it is up to you.

1). Doing bad things to increase business profits - This is the most simple but most pathetic Filipino attitude you will ever come across - some people are deliberately putting garbage / non biodegradable things to cover the drainage, thereby causing floods. And these same people will make artificial bridges, where you pay a lot just to cross these. Just imagine, what more can large businesses do? For sure, your livelihood, or maybe your life itself will be just a few pesos away.

2). Cutting the trip short - I am sure you experienced it, that public transport systems cut their trips, hence, it is called 'cutting trip.' Their obligation on transporting the passengers from point A to point B was never accomplished. They do this anytime. Just the same with large government projects. They are good from the start, but halfway through, it is not accomplished.

3). Stealing - Sad to say, Filipinos are quite good in stealing. Kleptomania is in their blood. I am sure you have seen the news where a mother and a child died as they were hit by a train. They did not see any warning signs as they were already stolen. There is a law implemented called 'Anti-Fencing law' were buyers cannot buy those items which were undocumented or presumed to be public property. But that law was always ignored. Hence, Pinoys steal everything: phone cables, manholes, train tracks, everything that is shiny, plasticky, or everything that is useful, they can steal it. I will add more here, I am not scaring you, as it happened right in front of me. If you wear those fancy jewelry, say, earrings, they can steal that too. Even if these are fake, as long as it shines, beware.

These are the ones that pisses everyone the most. Fellow Filipinos are pissed off, what more if foreigners / tourists come here? Same thing.

Again, be careful, and don't act what I did where I lost my temper. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No power? Cut the food supplies

My heart goes to Zamboanga City where they have no power for about 1-3 hours.
It is hard to go on in our day to day lives if there is no electricity. If evening comes, we need those lights and television sets to watch the 6' o clock news. Or, to power the electric fans as the weather is humid.

The Department of Energy has a smart ass suggestion which will make your high blood pressure rise -
they can solve the power problem in Mindanao, but the power price will increase.

The Philippine Government has turned into a business. Instead of serving their countryman first, they need
MONEY FIRST before performing any kind of service.And this has been a standard for all Philippine Government agencies here. Passport, NBI Clearance, Taxes, everything!

For all those people Zamboanga, Mindanao. Since our incompetent government officials here in Luzon are trying to be a 'smart ass', be wise also, stop supplying food to Luzon. And don't continue supplying food until your power problem is solved. (In case you didn't know, Mindanao is the 'breadbasket' of the Philippines)

Sometimes we need to do some drastic measures as they (those corrupt officials from the DOE) continue to fool us on these rising cost of basic commodities like power, water, oil, and food supplies.

Be wise and vigilant. This is wake up P-Noy from his slumber on watching that useless impeachment of Corona. A total waste of tax payers money and airtime.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Say no to corruption

I will say honestly from my side that I am a corrupt individual.

I tried to corrupt many minds during my tenure as the owner of the Philippines, look at it now, still pathetic.

Check out this video I saw from Youtube. I just hope me, all of us, will say NO TO CORRUPTION.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Philippines to North Korea: Bring it on!

You have seen the news that North Korea is planning to launch a rocket in which they told that it is trying to put its satellite into space. Other countries claim that it is testing missile ballistics technology, which can bring in nuclear weapons.

If the estimates are correct, their Taepodong missile can reach the Philippines which is just 4,000 km away from North Korea, give and take.

Truly scary at first, but it is all part of the 'scare game.' Remember the cold war between the US and Cuba? And all the people are on high alert? The stress will kill you first instead of those missiles dropping and exploding.

And for the Philippines, we couldn't care less. All that matters is breakfast, lunch and dinner (maybe we are skipping dinner as prices of basic commodities is so high). What preparations does the Philippine Army, Navy, or Airforce is in store? As usual nothing. If you have seen Japan, they are already on their posts trying to defend their nation. Together with interceptor missiles on stand-by.

Filipinos could not care less if that missile drops or not. Actually, some might say 'bring it on!' Let those heavy metals drop from anywhere in our nation. That could be sold as scrap metals to junk shops here.

Thailand, the place that is close to my heart

It is truly disturbing that the Philippine Government is yapping on how great Thailand is and all that. The Department of Tourism is just all talk and not using their own brains. How can be Thailand great as they are developing their red light district? Gambling is also there, and so is political instability. The flood last time still affects most of Thailand up to this date.

The main thing the DOT missed is the people of Thailand. Yes they mentioned it by promoting their own country with their own 'hypocrite smile'. To tell you the truth the people of Thailand are the ones who are really honest about their country's situation. They protect the tourists instead of misleading them.

I have been to Thailand, I was on a tour. One bubbly old lady is our tour guide (she was named Ms. Bangkok). She has been very helpful to us and all. But there is one thing she said that stuck into my head for quite sometime:

"Thank you for enjoying our country (Thailand). If you did not enjoy it, we deeply apologize. Tell everyone about our imperfections so that our government will correct it on its own."

That is honesty at its finest. That is why I love Thailand.

We can't do that here in the Philippines. Be careful especially those employees from the Department of Tourism. They will just give you all those 'fake smiles' and 'goody helpful attitudes' (realizing that your mobile phone is gone in split second).

I remind all the tourists out there to be very careful in the Philippines especially in these trying times were gas prices are high. Lots of bad people are out here preying on tourists like you. Be careful. Just go to Thailand. Take my word for it, you will enjoy there. Nothing is here in the Philippines than garbage and corrupt government officials.


I helped one Thailand tourist here in the Philippines to reach his destination. Some idiot just gave the tourist some vague instructions through SMS. I do pray he arrived safely.

One advice to tourists. If you will travel here in the Philippines, at least speak good English. Yes in the Philippines 80% of its people can speak English properly. That is why Europeans and Americans love it here. For other nationalities, please, practice your English.

Or you can study English in the Philippines, which is much cheaper, that is what Koreans do at the moment.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Killing the Filipino by its fellow Filipino

Gas prices are truly high. It is not 'fun' as they say here in the Philippines if prices of basic commodities are going up and the salary are still the same.

Prices of gas and diesel will soon go up this midnight. Philippine time, while I am writing this.

Go ahead and join those militant and transport groups out there. But chances are, you will be wasting also your time and money. Nothing will happen. Nothing. They are testing us if we can afford it, and Filipinos still can, but the question is how long?

My friend, it is time to stop it. If you have a vehicle at home, or anything that uses fuel, stop using it.

I think it is time to live like a caveman. Back to basics. Hone your survival instincts. The government will not do anything to help us, so better we help ourselves. Again, it is survival.

What I am pissed about is the taxes. And the how the government intervenes on each individual's success by taxing them and giving them a hard time on everything.

Think about it. Better 'put up, or shut up.'


If you traverse the long widening road of Commonwealth Ave., this is the example how the government kills its own citizen, by putting a 1 foot concrete island barrier to separate the public utility vehicles, motorcycles, and private vehicles. In addition to this, the 'turtle-paced' 60 kph speed limit.

I just hope these guys from the MMDA stop experimenting on our roads. And why should we follow them anyway? They are the ones who do not follow their own rules. They are the ones who are riding in their expensive SUV's. Do they know the true sentiments of the drivers? Nada. And the new concrete barriers? As usual some commissions are there that is why they are putting it. Commissions: That is more fun in the Philippines

Sunday, March 18, 2012

National Geographic's episode "Inside Malacanang" a failure

You will be disappointed if you watched National Geographic's exclusive episode "Inside Malacanang."

I have high hopes for this, but for others who watched with me, the episode is like 'stale bread.' Nothing is there really. Much better if they did a small trivia episode only, and not wasting 60 minutes of your time. I really thought it is all about Malacanang, which they featured some of it, but not in detail, that is due to security reasons. So why bother making a video of it in the first place? We cannot be impressed of the cut grass and polished wood inside, we want more history - which NGC failed to give. I hate to say this, all of these are just publicity for P-Noy. Previous presidents are not interviewed or other staff that does the real work on maintaining Malacanang Palace. We don't care about the president and his trio does. If they can lower the gas prices, maybe they can be commended in one way or another. It will be more entertaining if they interviewed those people who cut the grass or those who polished those expensive wooden parquet floors and walls.

For those who missed it, this is the rundown -  the three most important people to P-Noy right now are these men:

The presidential food taster - Now this job is the coolest I think. This guy can taste any food before it is served to the president. And his main tool of the trade? Just a flashlight. 

The bodyguard cum personal aide - This guy is together with the president at all times for his protection. And also mentioned that he will risk his life for the president. Well that's his job we know that already. 

The presidential photographer - This photographer documents everything what the president does through the lens of his camera. I think this job was imitated like those photographers and staff from the US White House (check NGC's "The Obama White House"). Did we have this in the early days? Guess not. Because early Philippine presidents don't prefer these photographers to be around them as they will be caught on camera stealing  tax payer's money. As for P-Noy, Photoshop could be his great friend.

After that, there were some small history of P-Noy's family, Cory and Ninoy. And some small archives why it is there and all, but not given in thorough detail. They just interviewed P-Noy and his 'No wang-wang' travel policy motorcade - an old publicity gimmick. They even showcased the Presidential Security Group's capability. Frankly speaking, it is like a SUV showcase. The US Secret Service has a more modest presidential convoy than what they have shown there. Quite unrealistic. National Geographic has lowered its standards here.

The narrator is trying his best to keep the scene entertaining and informative, which is not successful.

It is corporately biased too, as it is directed by the wife of a broadcaster in GMA 7. 

A total fail for now. I am sure there will be improvements in the future. Better yet, do not make any documentaries anymore of Malacanang if P-Noy is around. As he told in his own words, "the place (Malacanang) is dull. I prefer to govern the Philippines at my home in Times St., Quezon City."

Instead of talking, do it Mr. President. You are single anyway, no need for a large space.

Nobody will harm you, as the people are too busy trying to work hard to augment their finances due to rising costs of petroleum products, they are just too hungry to give a damn.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can't sleep? Check this out

If you are like me, who can't sleep even though you have a nice comfortable bed and all that, there is still something wrong. Your environment is still affecting your sleep behavior (not psychologically as they say, heck, you will spend money on those nasty sleeping pills. Good luck if you can wake up the next morning), and I have these simple tips which could help you sleep in no time:

* Wear something comfortable - Go to your kid's closet right now, there is one cabinet for kid's sleep wear right? That is why kids always sleep comfortably. You should do the same. Wear pajamas or nightgowns which can make your sleep comfortable. I do sometimes wear matching pajamas even though I am 30 yrs old, I don't care if people laugh at me, as long as I could go to dreamland easily.

* Inducing Sleep Natural Way - There are some simple techniques to help you sleep. One of it is 'stomach breathing'. Just let the air fill your stomach and let it out. You want an example of this? Go check a baby or a toddler while sleeping, you will notice the same practice. And this works wonders. These deep breathing exercises will surely put you to sleep immediately. It will also help if you drink a glass of milk. Try to force yourself to sleep by closing your eyes, and just think about nothing. Chances are, you already dozed off.

* Research on the Internet about Sleeping -  Thinking of a good site about sleep? Tips on proper sleep and teaching your kids on good sleeping habits? There are lots of sites on the internet about this, and hopefully you will not be confused about it.

The best way is to consult someone immediately, your friend our your doctor. Everyone has a certain sleep problem and it is not the same as others. That means you cannot rely on the information mentioned on various websites.

Hope this will help, thank you and hope we can sleep together (literally!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer sickness

Summer is here, and I felt sick. 

Quite peculiar really, that summer season came, and it rained. That is why I became sick. The change of weather has hurt my immune system. I am okay now.

Lots of people are preparing for that summer outings and all. Resorts and other beaches will surely increase their rates. Not only that, prices of petroleum products increased to an all time high, causing transport strikes and price hikes of basic commodities.

What do we do then?

For now, lets save. If you and your family want to go out on a trip, be sure it is well planned. This is to avoid extra costs which is an inconvenience.

Going on a business is good. Make some ice on your refrigerators and sell them. Make Halo-halo or any cold beverage. Try to be an entrepreneur and that will surely keep you busy.

Gather all your school supplies and sell them! Sure we are still on vacation mode, but we have to be prepared. You can make big money by buying school supplies in bulk and sell them, check out this link below for cheap school and office supplies:

Or just stay at home. The heat outside is truly exhausting. Just enjoy every minute of your vacation.

How to become more famous?

In these days, you can become famous instantly. With the advent of the Internet, just post your videos in Youtube and watch your stats grow.

Being famous is studied actually. There are even some scientific ways on how to become more famous than you ever know. Famous actors / actresses even politicians use these, and I can share to you these simple but powerful procedures on becoming more famous than ever before, check it below:

  • Attend famous events - Attending famous events will surely expose your identity. It will make you a more well known personality. If you have the 'balls' on attending an Oscar night gala or have the access to a famous bar in your area, that is cool and that will surely make your 'famous meter' up a notch.
  • Make a book - Now this involves patience and further study. But this is really elementary. If you know the Harry Potter or Twilight titles or already watched the movie, the authors of these books; JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer became so famous and got rich as well. Any book will do, as long as you like to write about it. There are lots of famous books that were turned into movies or plays, so better make a story that is worthwhile to read and original.
  • Promotion by a famous artist - Nothing is more simpler and the fastest way to success is getting promoted by an actor or actress. This sort of publicity can change your life. Just imagine, being a restaurant owner and Brad Pitt together with Angelina Jolie ate in your restaurant. That will be awesome! Promotion by a well known figure has been time tested since early times. If these famous people like you or your products in one way or another, you have something special that others don't. 
So I hope you become more famous by the mentioned steps. Tell me if your 'likes' have increased or people came for your autograph.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Get some quotes to live by

We love a good quote. These collection of words told by famous people are truly inspiring, and it helps us go on through the right path.

Popular quotes like "Honesty is the best policy" is timeless and still important up to this day. Try to check on Google about your daily those of quotes and much better if you will get these on your mobile phone.

There are lots of quotes out there, but the most common ones are quotes on thoughts. This is basic. We have to condition our minds to accept these quotes and live through them. One good example as below:

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.
Buddha (563 BC-483 BC) Founder of Buddhism.

Another important part of quote finding is looking for quotes on deeds. This quote tells about 'action.' What you have to do or what are those good deeds and what are its benefits. Like the example below:

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.Saint Basil

Read a good quote today and everyday!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hope it rains cats, dogs, and nipples

So hot in the Philippines today. Can't turn on the air conditioning as I could die of high electricity bills. Maybe sleeping at a mall will be fine. I just hope the security guard will not wake me up if I am snoring peacefully.

If you have visited the Philippines this summer season, you will see a lot of nipples. Nipples of men, as they always remove their shirt. Why do men have nipples  anyway? Much better if it is for women, but for men, I hope they don't have nipples. What do you think?


I do love rain. It washes away all the filth and makes everything wet and pure. It makes me wonder why does it rain? I opt for a more simpler explanation like:
* God is crying, and He wants to clean up all the bad things the people has done to Earth.
* Cloud seeding is being done to make it rain, and to avoid severe heat suffered by the people, livestock, and crops.
* When Jesus was crucified, God the Almighty father cried and large droplets of tears came falling down.
* Clouds absorb water vapor, until it cannot absorb any further which turns into rain.
What do you think?


Do you know the answer why do cats purr? It is one of the most coolest sounds we could ever hear. I do not know about you but the sound is like an engine, a rotating machine, a steady flow of vibration that gives goosebumps to our spine. 

I kind of like cats instead of dogs. But my main problem is the fur. We have to vacuum or remove it manually. Very bad if you have asthma, luckily I don't have one. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The real China and how the Philippines can learn from it

One of the best documentaries I have seen by NHK, I will share it with you.

The future is determined by the children, the youth, and the young working class.

NHK interviewed a lot of youth in Beijing, and they answered very honestly, here are some of their actual answers to questions:

What is success to you? What are your dreams?

* I believe we are the future of our country. They must not manipulate us. We need bad news too instead of good news.

* I do not have dreams at the moment. I haven't thought about it because of lots of opportunities (an honest guy, I understand him).

* There are too much expenses and salary deductions. My social security almost took all of my salary, it is really unfair. They must let us hold on to our money at least and able to use our money for ourselves immediately. Not until before we die.


Discrimination among urban and rural citizens

There was this part on the interview of workers of Beijing who are just working there to make a living. Their original homes are from far away provinces of China. They are living in a very small dwelling and 4 people share it together. They are complaining and telling that discrimination is existent from urban and rural citizens. Companies always prioritize those people who are born and originally living in urban areas than those rural workers who are just staying in the city to work.

Maybe it is a sense of security or just a flawed sense of logic. As an urban or rural citizen, both workers must work in harmony, and both of them must have the same equal rights as an employee.

In the Philippines, this is still being practiced also. Even the people themselves are bragging about it. So what if you are born or raised in Manila? It is not to be bragged about. Successful Filipinos came from far flung provinces, with serene landscapes, flowing seas and rivers, green forests, and big mountain bosoms that hone the minds of these respected 'promdis' into great citizens of the Philippines.

As long as the person helps his brother or sister to be successful, that person is to be respected. I have met a lot of people in my life. Actually, those people came from poor or simple areas are more respectable than those people who came from rich suburbs or big cities. My explanation, their minds are not 'spoiled' yet by the materialistic and 'success-oriented-mindset' of people who live in the city. Take it from me, I lived in the city for all my life.

The ultimate sacrifice for love

In have decided on something, something good.

I have changed now, I chose one LOVE one WOMAN one LIFE.

For now it is clear, my mind is much better now.

One way to solve your problems, is to remove the unnecessary, all that is complicated, and all those who loved you so much. I do apologize I am only one man, with one life.

We all have one life to live and we must live through it, in love and peace.

Many thanks to everyone and all. Especially to my readers here. I will tell it in detail soon. Hope you continue to read my blog.


I am watching Harry Potter in HBO right now (Deathly Hallows part I), and I could say it was good. Doby (I'm not a Potter fan so hope the spelling is right) died there, saving Harry and his friends from danger.

Can we do this these days? Guess not. Maybe we will die if we can't access our iPad or check Facebook.

Let us get a life.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some not so interesting news and product reviews

I have some not so good or babble on what they say "interesting news".
It is mentioned there on some of the weird news I have read about things that we shouldn't be concerned about. What the hell, just read it and relax for a moment and hope you will be entertained.


"Hollister vs Abercrombie"

Both of these are great clothes. Pure cotton, comfortable, with lots of good designs. But which one should you choose? 
I personally like Abercombie, they make great clothes with good design and material. How about you? Choose wisely :)


"Kwitter vs Citikitty"

If you do not know what are these things, both of these are plastic/paper bags that teaches the kitty on putting the litter on these bags. Citikitty is easy to put, just put it on the toilet and put some holes using a knife. The Kwitter has some clips to make it fit right onto the toilet seat.

But both of these are just plastics. From my point of view, choose the ones that is more cheaper.