Friday, March 9, 2012

Hope it rains cats, dogs, and nipples

So hot in the Philippines today. Can't turn on the air conditioning as I could die of high electricity bills. Maybe sleeping at a mall will be fine. I just hope the security guard will not wake me up if I am snoring peacefully.

If you have visited the Philippines this summer season, you will see a lot of nipples. Nipples of men, as they always remove their shirt. Why do men have nipples  anyway? Much better if it is for women, but for men, I hope they don't have nipples. What do you think?


I do love rain. It washes away all the filth and makes everything wet and pure. It makes me wonder why does it rain? I opt for a more simpler explanation like:
* God is crying, and He wants to clean up all the bad things the people has done to Earth.
* Cloud seeding is being done to make it rain, and to avoid severe heat suffered by the people, livestock, and crops.
* When Jesus was crucified, God the Almighty father cried and large droplets of tears came falling down.
* Clouds absorb water vapor, until it cannot absorb any further which turns into rain.
What do you think?


Do you know the answer why do cats purr? It is one of the most coolest sounds we could ever hear. I do not know about you but the sound is like an engine, a rotating machine, a steady flow of vibration that gives goosebumps to our spine. 

I kind of like cats instead of dogs. But my main problem is the fur. We have to vacuum or remove it manually. Very bad if you have asthma, luckily I don't have one. 

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