Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer sickness

Summer is here, and I felt sick. 

Quite peculiar really, that summer season came, and it rained. That is why I became sick. The change of weather has hurt my immune system. I am okay now.

Lots of people are preparing for that summer outings and all. Resorts and other beaches will surely increase their rates. Not only that, prices of petroleum products increased to an all time high, causing transport strikes and price hikes of basic commodities.

What do we do then?

For now, lets save. If you and your family want to go out on a trip, be sure it is well planned. This is to avoid extra costs which is an inconvenience.

Going on a business is good. Make some ice on your refrigerators and sell them. Make Halo-halo or any cold beverage. Try to be an entrepreneur and that will surely keep you busy.

Gather all your school supplies and sell them! Sure we are still on vacation mode, but we have to be prepared. You can make big money by buying school supplies in bulk and sell them, check out this link below for cheap school and office supplies:

Or just stay at home. The heat outside is truly exhausting. Just enjoy every minute of your vacation.

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