Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thailand, the place that is close to my heart

It is truly disturbing that the Philippine Government is yapping on how great Thailand is and all that. The Department of Tourism is just all talk and not using their own brains. How can be Thailand great as they are developing their red light district? Gambling is also there, and so is political instability. The flood last time still affects most of Thailand up to this date.

The main thing the DOT missed is the people of Thailand. Yes they mentioned it by promoting their own country with their own 'hypocrite smile'. To tell you the truth the people of Thailand are the ones who are really honest about their country's situation. They protect the tourists instead of misleading them.

I have been to Thailand, I was on a tour. One bubbly old lady is our tour guide (she was named Ms. Bangkok). She has been very helpful to us and all. But there is one thing she said that stuck into my head for quite sometime:

"Thank you for enjoying our country (Thailand). If you did not enjoy it, we deeply apologize. Tell everyone about our imperfections so that our government will correct it on its own."

That is honesty at its finest. That is why I love Thailand.

We can't do that here in the Philippines. Be careful especially those employees from the Department of Tourism. They will just give you all those 'fake smiles' and 'goody helpful attitudes' (realizing that your mobile phone is gone in split second).

I remind all the tourists out there to be very careful in the Philippines especially in these trying times were gas prices are high. Lots of bad people are out here preying on tourists like you. Be careful. Just go to Thailand. Take my word for it, you will enjoy there. Nothing is here in the Philippines than garbage and corrupt government officials.


I helped one Thailand tourist here in the Philippines to reach his destination. Some idiot just gave the tourist some vague instructions through SMS. I do pray he arrived safely.

One advice to tourists. If you will travel here in the Philippines, at least speak good English. Yes in the Philippines 80% of its people can speak English properly. That is why Europeans and Americans love it here. For other nationalities, please, practice your English.

Or you can study English in the Philippines, which is much cheaper, that is what Koreans do at the moment.

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