Thursday, March 8, 2012

The real China and how the Philippines can learn from it

One of the best documentaries I have seen by NHK, I will share it with you.

The future is determined by the children, the youth, and the young working class.

NHK interviewed a lot of youth in Beijing, and they answered very honestly, here are some of their actual answers to questions:

What is success to you? What are your dreams?

* I believe we are the future of our country. They must not manipulate us. We need bad news too instead of good news.

* I do not have dreams at the moment. I haven't thought about it because of lots of opportunities (an honest guy, I understand him).

* There are too much expenses and salary deductions. My social security almost took all of my salary, it is really unfair. They must let us hold on to our money at least and able to use our money for ourselves immediately. Not until before we die.


Discrimination among urban and rural citizens

There was this part on the interview of workers of Beijing who are just working there to make a living. Their original homes are from far away provinces of China. They are living in a very small dwelling and 4 people share it together. They are complaining and telling that discrimination is existent from urban and rural citizens. Companies always prioritize those people who are born and originally living in urban areas than those rural workers who are just staying in the city to work.

Maybe it is a sense of security or just a flawed sense of logic. As an urban or rural citizen, both workers must work in harmony, and both of them must have the same equal rights as an employee.

In the Philippines, this is still being practiced also. Even the people themselves are bragging about it. So what if you are born or raised in Manila? It is not to be bragged about. Successful Filipinos came from far flung provinces, with serene landscapes, flowing seas and rivers, green forests, and big mountain bosoms that hone the minds of these respected 'promdis' into great citizens of the Philippines.

As long as the person helps his brother or sister to be successful, that person is to be respected. I have met a lot of people in my life. Actually, those people came from poor or simple areas are more respectable than those people who came from rich suburbs or big cities. My explanation, their minds are not 'spoiled' yet by the materialistic and 'success-oriented-mindset' of people who live in the city. Take it from me, I lived in the city for all my life.

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