Saturday, March 17, 2012

Can't sleep? Check this out

If you are like me, who can't sleep even though you have a nice comfortable bed and all that, there is still something wrong. Your environment is still affecting your sleep behavior (not psychologically as they say, heck, you will spend money on those nasty sleeping pills. Good luck if you can wake up the next morning), and I have these simple tips which could help you sleep in no time:

* Wear something comfortable - Go to your kid's closet right now, there is one cabinet for kid's sleep wear right? That is why kids always sleep comfortably. You should do the same. Wear pajamas or nightgowns which can make your sleep comfortable. I do sometimes wear matching pajamas even though I am 30 yrs old, I don't care if people laugh at me, as long as I could go to dreamland easily.

* Inducing Sleep Natural Way - There are some simple techniques to help you sleep. One of it is 'stomach breathing'. Just let the air fill your stomach and let it out. You want an example of this? Go check a baby or a toddler while sleeping, you will notice the same practice. And this works wonders. These deep breathing exercises will surely put you to sleep immediately. It will also help if you drink a glass of milk. Try to force yourself to sleep by closing your eyes, and just think about nothing. Chances are, you already dozed off.

* Research on the Internet about Sleeping -  Thinking of a good site about sleep? Tips on proper sleep and teaching your kids on good sleeping habits? There are lots of sites on the internet about this, and hopefully you will not be confused about it.

The best way is to consult someone immediately, your friend our your doctor. Everyone has a certain sleep problem and it is not the same as others. That means you cannot rely on the information mentioned on various websites.

Hope this will help, thank you and hope we can sleep together (literally!)

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