Saturday, March 31, 2012

Three pathetic things how Filipinos hurt their own kind

I couldn't control my anger, forgive me. I hit a window of the FX (an air conditioned shuttle transport van) in a sudden burst of anger. I just could not contain it anymore.

The FX van's driver wanted to cut his trip due to the bad traffic condition along Quezon Ave. going to Quiapo.

This is the deal, right from the street. This is how Filipinos hurt their own kind, listen and watch your high blood pressure rise. And if you want to add, well, it is up to you.

1). Doing bad things to increase business profits - This is the most simple but most pathetic Filipino attitude you will ever come across - some people are deliberately putting garbage / non biodegradable things to cover the drainage, thereby causing floods. And these same people will make artificial bridges, where you pay a lot just to cross these. Just imagine, what more can large businesses do? For sure, your livelihood, or maybe your life itself will be just a few pesos away.

2). Cutting the trip short - I am sure you experienced it, that public transport systems cut their trips, hence, it is called 'cutting trip.' Their obligation on transporting the passengers from point A to point B was never accomplished. They do this anytime. Just the same with large government projects. They are good from the start, but halfway through, it is not accomplished.

3). Stealing - Sad to say, Filipinos are quite good in stealing. Kleptomania is in their blood. I am sure you have seen the news where a mother and a child died as they were hit by a train. They did not see any warning signs as they were already stolen. There is a law implemented called 'Anti-Fencing law' were buyers cannot buy those items which were undocumented or presumed to be public property. But that law was always ignored. Hence, Pinoys steal everything: phone cables, manholes, train tracks, everything that is shiny, plasticky, or everything that is useful, they can steal it. I will add more here, I am not scaring you, as it happened right in front of me. If you wear those fancy jewelry, say, earrings, they can steal that too. Even if these are fake, as long as it shines, beware.

These are the ones that pisses everyone the most. Fellow Filipinos are pissed off, what more if foreigners / tourists come here? Same thing.

Again, be careful, and don't act what I did where I lost my temper. 

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