Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday

Today is Holy Thursday in the Philippines. It is not the same as it was before, where it is really serene and quiet. As of now, one radio station is blasting out modern tunes and rock and roll, I want to make an issue out of it, but somehow, let it be a holy Thursday by not making a mountain out of the molehill.

A lot of people are going to the provinces, their hometowns, due to the long vacation. As per the news, they are tightening up the security, checking every baggage and people before entering the terminals.

As for some of us, who are just here in our homes, nothing to do, it may be a good time to reflect as well. These coming three days where Jesus is nailed on the cross and rose up again from the dead could be a redundant story for us, but this goes to show that He has been solving problems anytime -  a cycle. The sun always shines and goes down, waiting for that another day ahead of us, to conquer, or just to idle away.

Having your loved ones with you is the best thing as of this moment.

Let us pray for ourselves, loved ones, and to our community. 

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