Monday, July 30, 2012

Would you still give alms to the poor?

Would you still give alms to the poor?

It is a question that we always ask every time we see the poor, especially children, knocking on our windshield of our cars or displaying their palms in front of us.

When I was young, I used to fight for the poor people. Lambasting the government's inability to provide basic services for them. That is why we pay taxes right? But why does the poor exist and why does rich people become richer anyway? 

Greed has something to do with it. 

In our days while we are learning at school. We already learned the gift of sharing. That is good, if you are still young and single. But when you have a family, paying for kid's tuition fees and allowances, paying the rent, electricity, water, etc. Every dollar or cent is important. Are you being greedy? My firm answer, No. You are doing it for your own family's survival.

But there are some rich people. Who are wasting their money by gambling. Worse, if they lose, the government bails them out. Some say that only few people in this world have the wealth of the whole population. I just hope they can bring this wealth to their graves.

Gone are the days of philanthropists. Who are giving their money to charity. There is no such news like that anymore. Where CEO's are donating money to charity. Even building churches or places of worship. It is money they are worshiping right here, right now.

So, will you still give alms for the poor? It is your choice.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Being cranky: One of Filipino culture's negative traits

Did you encounter someone, a Filipino, who got mad at you for nothing?

That is no surprise. Even myself I got mad or my blood pressure rises over small trivial things. And yes, I do have a high blood pressure. I always get this 140 / 90 or 100. Doctors and nurses told I have to reduce eating and salt intake.

My friends mostly foreigners are asking me the same thing. Why do Filipino culture incorporate snobbish and 'cranky' attitude towards other people?

Maybe because of the stress in their work. Most Filipinos are workaholics. They dive immediately and immerse on the work without minding others. I am a victim too, and sometimes, I do not smile anymore to other people. I feel guilty about it sometime, and apologize to them. Now, I am suffering. Because of this hypertension problem of mine, everybody is now laughing at my condition.

We should laugh more when we have the chance.

I am now working on my attitude. I smile always, and don't stress myself at work anymore. I learn to laugh and listen to other people's success and failures. With that, I become a wise person. And able to do good judgement with my own life.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Social media sites are being used to screen job applicants

Just imagine, you are a job applicant, and want to apply on a big corporation called ABC. You answered all the interviews, topped all the exams given, passed the medical tests, but in the end, you are not hired. Why?
Because the HR manager has seen your photo, drunk and looked like s*#%$% on Facebook.

During my time while I am applying for a job, yes I do accept that some people out there are more smarter and more talented than I am. But there is another thing that applicants should bear in mind now, it is responsible use of social media.

There are some corporations now in the USA that asks for your Facebook password. Since I do not use FB that much, it is okay for me. But for others, that will be a big NO. Why should they check your Facebook and log in into it? It is invasion of privacy.

Another check, type your name in Google, and check how many links that appears on top of the search engine . Mine appears to be on top, as my name is not that common and I have written some blogs like this one. So right now, companies can check my profile, as well as my blogs. Actually, some applicants are not accepted as they have poor grammar skills online!

Although businesses encounter a lot of 'noise' while checking on the applicant's profile online, they must know how to filter and absorb only important information. There are some applicants that make dummy accounts also and they must distinguish the truth from the lies.

But honestly, social media sites will gain popularity on accepting job applications. Right now, I will update my Linkedin profile. As Linkedin is connected to large corporations around the world.

I still believe that nothing beats a good resume. Online media is just a tool, but not a complete solution.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dictator in the Philippines

I recently watched 'The Dictator' by Sacha Baron Cohen and find it really amusing. He is a famous British comedian who took the role as Ali G, Borat, and Bruno.

One particular scene which is quite controversial up to this day is that they think Filipinos are same as the Chinese. Actually, Americans or even some westerners do think that an Asian person always has slanted eyes, and lives in China. Other countries are not considered, not even remembered. And the movie will surely be banned in both Philippines and China because of the tensions between these both countries.

I have no beef with the movie. It is great. But when I think of it, jokes are always half meant. While it is almost true that some of the Filipinos look like Chinese, while analyzing myself further, what do Filipinos have contributed to the world anyway?

Let us take note of Japan. Japan is one of the major exporters of electronics and industrial equipment. Thailand, probably elephants, beautiful women (or men), and their rich culture, Taiwan, electronics assembler, China - everything, world's super power, Philippines - NIL. The Philippines can't seem to remember what they have did in its lifetime. So 'she' absorbed any culture that comes into her way. China, Japan, USA, Europe, etc. Like a prostitute that can be used and left behind.

But this can be a great opportunity too.

The Philippines can choose where she might go. Let it be China, USA, or any powerful nation or individual that money can buy. We already knew that one CEO from a big software country can buy islands, why not a country? Hey! I own the Philippines, name me your price and I will sell it to 'yah.

Everything has a price. But then again, it is a nice movie. By the way they forgot that the Philippines was ruled by a dictator too, and his name is Ferdinand Marcos.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saving the Earth by saving yourself

I do apologize for not updating my blog :( As I am busy on making the other one where I assist on the webmaster on finding scammers and swindlers who commit online frauds and cyber crimes. Do not worry, I will always check and update this one.

I watched the 'Inconvenient Truth' and 'Home' movies back to back. And I must say that humans are really at fault on destroying the planet Earth because of its greed and never ending thirst for power and progress.

Why should we care anyway? We have no choice but to buy various products from the store, watch tv, play with our computers, even the bed we sleep was made by greedy capitalists who give workers less than a dime to make something with their bare hands. That money, is used to buy food.

In the early days we used to hunt for food, and money is excluded. You see a deer, kill it, chop it, roast, and eat it. The day is done.

The heat is unbearable nowadays, you can't go out anymore, and we are stuck in our air condtioned homes. What if the a/c breaks? What shall we do now? The endless cycle of being a consumer is totally a tiresome affair.

It is a time of great change. I hope it will be for the better. We have to save the planet in little way we can. I think that is the most important.

But for now, the only way to save the Earth, is to save ourselves first. Let is live and survive through the remainder of our lives. And everything will come into place.