Monday, July 30, 2012

Would you still give alms to the poor?

Would you still give alms to the poor?

It is a question that we always ask every time we see the poor, especially children, knocking on our windshield of our cars or displaying their palms in front of us.

When I was young, I used to fight for the poor people. Lambasting the government's inability to provide basic services for them. That is why we pay taxes right? But why does the poor exist and why does rich people become richer anyway? 

Greed has something to do with it. 

In our days while we are learning at school. We already learned the gift of sharing. That is good, if you are still young and single. But when you have a family, paying for kid's tuition fees and allowances, paying the rent, electricity, water, etc. Every dollar or cent is important. Are you being greedy? My firm answer, No. You are doing it for your own family's survival.

But there are some rich people. Who are wasting their money by gambling. Worse, if they lose, the government bails them out. Some say that only few people in this world have the wealth of the whole population. I just hope they can bring this wealth to their graves.

Gone are the days of philanthropists. Who are giving their money to charity. There is no such news like that anymore. Where CEO's are donating money to charity. Even building churches or places of worship. It is money they are worshiping right here, right now.

So, will you still give alms for the poor? It is your choice.

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