Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saving the Earth by saving yourself

I do apologize for not updating my blog :( As I am busy on making the other one where I assist on the webmaster on finding scammers and swindlers who commit online frauds and cyber crimes. Do not worry, I will always check and update this one.

I watched the 'Inconvenient Truth' and 'Home' movies back to back. And I must say that humans are really at fault on destroying the planet Earth because of its greed and never ending thirst for power and progress.

Why should we care anyway? We have no choice but to buy various products from the store, watch tv, play with our computers, even the bed we sleep was made by greedy capitalists who give workers less than a dime to make something with their bare hands. That money, is used to buy food.

In the early days we used to hunt for food, and money is excluded. You see a deer, kill it, chop it, roast, and eat it. The day is done.

The heat is unbearable nowadays, you can't go out anymore, and we are stuck in our air condtioned homes. What if the a/c breaks? What shall we do now? The endless cycle of being a consumer is totally a tiresome affair.

It is a time of great change. I hope it will be for the better. We have to save the planet in little way we can. I think that is the most important.

But for now, the only way to save the Earth, is to save ourselves first. Let is live and survive through the remainder of our lives. And everything will come into place.

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