Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Dictator in the Philippines

I recently watched 'The Dictator' by Sacha Baron Cohen and find it really amusing. He is a famous British comedian who took the role as Ali G, Borat, and Bruno.

One particular scene which is quite controversial up to this day is that they think Filipinos are same as the Chinese. Actually, Americans or even some westerners do think that an Asian person always has slanted eyes, and lives in China. Other countries are not considered, not even remembered. And the movie will surely be banned in both Philippines and China because of the tensions between these both countries.

I have no beef with the movie. It is great. But when I think of it, jokes are always half meant. While it is almost true that some of the Filipinos look like Chinese, while analyzing myself further, what do Filipinos have contributed to the world anyway?

Let us take note of Japan. Japan is one of the major exporters of electronics and industrial equipment. Thailand, probably elephants, beautiful women (or men), and their rich culture, Taiwan, electronics assembler, China - everything, world's super power, Philippines - NIL. The Philippines can't seem to remember what they have did in its lifetime. So 'she' absorbed any culture that comes into her way. China, Japan, USA, Europe, etc. Like a prostitute that can be used and left behind.

But this can be a great opportunity too.

The Philippines can choose where she might go. Let it be China, USA, or any powerful nation or individual that money can buy. We already knew that one CEO from a big software country can buy islands, why not a country? Hey! I own the Philippines, name me your price and I will sell it to 'yah.

Everything has a price. But then again, it is a nice movie. By the way they forgot that the Philippines was ruled by a dictator too, and his name is Ferdinand Marcos.

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