Saturday, July 28, 2012

Being cranky: One of Filipino culture's negative traits

Did you encounter someone, a Filipino, who got mad at you for nothing?

That is no surprise. Even myself I got mad or my blood pressure rises over small trivial things. And yes, I do have a high blood pressure. I always get this 140 / 90 or 100. Doctors and nurses told I have to reduce eating and salt intake.

My friends mostly foreigners are asking me the same thing. Why do Filipino culture incorporate snobbish and 'cranky' attitude towards other people?

Maybe because of the stress in their work. Most Filipinos are workaholics. They dive immediately and immerse on the work without minding others. I am a victim too, and sometimes, I do not smile anymore to other people. I feel guilty about it sometime, and apologize to them. Now, I am suffering. Because of this hypertension problem of mine, everybody is now laughing at my condition.

We should laugh more when we have the chance.

I am now working on my attitude. I smile always, and don't stress myself at work anymore. I learn to laugh and listen to other people's success and failures. With that, I become a wise person. And able to do good judgement with my own life.

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