Friday, July 27, 2012

Social media sites are being used to screen job applicants

Just imagine, you are a job applicant, and want to apply on a big corporation called ABC. You answered all the interviews, topped all the exams given, passed the medical tests, but in the end, you are not hired. Why?
Because the HR manager has seen your photo, drunk and looked like s*#%$% on Facebook.

During my time while I am applying for a job, yes I do accept that some people out there are more smarter and more talented than I am. But there is another thing that applicants should bear in mind now, it is responsible use of social media.

There are some corporations now in the USA that asks for your Facebook password. Since I do not use FB that much, it is okay for me. But for others, that will be a big NO. Why should they check your Facebook and log in into it? It is invasion of privacy.

Another check, type your name in Google, and check how many links that appears on top of the search engine . Mine appears to be on top, as my name is not that common and I have written some blogs like this one. So right now, companies can check my profile, as well as my blogs. Actually, some applicants are not accepted as they have poor grammar skills online!

Although businesses encounter a lot of 'noise' while checking on the applicant's profile online, they must know how to filter and absorb only important information. There are some applicants that make dummy accounts also and they must distinguish the truth from the lies.

But honestly, social media sites will gain popularity on accepting job applications. Right now, I will update my Linkedin profile. As Linkedin is connected to large corporations around the world.

I still believe that nothing beats a good resume. Online media is just a tool, but not a complete solution.

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