Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ebola Virus: You may get it in the Philippines

A friend invited me to their meeting in California where they are discussing the great potential of bio-technology and its effects in the society in the years to come.

DNA can me mapped and you can identify your disease before you acquire it. Hence, you can prevent it from acquiring.

Nano-technology and Genomics will further improve and enhance our bodies to fight disease and become super humans in the future.

These may come in the future, but I am more worried on the present...

I came to know that the Philippines had an outbreak of an Ebola virus. This happened in 1989-1990, 1996, then recently in 2008. Yes it was contained quickly and no one died. Still it is something to worry about. Not to mention my country has not improved its medical technology expertise for a very long time. And still we rely on foreign scientists to contain the said virus. Ebola virus is one major f*cker that will haunt us continuously. And something must be done to eradicate the disease permanently. In 2008, the strain of Ebola virus was traced to a pig farm. Check it out below:

While our government officials are politicking and getting more richer, ordinary citizens are put to a risk.
If natural calamities come, pretty sure diseases like Malaria, Leptospirosis, and this dreaded Ebola virus will come knocking at our doors. I just hope they kill the greedy politicians, crooked cops, and those undisciplined Filipinos who ruin the environment.

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