Friday, May 25, 2012

Leaving the Philiipines

I have checked all my luggage and informed all my assistants that I am leaving the Philippines. some cried, some were happy, some don't have any reactions, as they know I am coming back again.

Leaving the Philippines makes me sad. Sad in a way that, 'who will take care of this country?' It is still like a small child, still in its infancy, growing slowly and steadily.

Maybe it is also time to leave it behind. Let it grow and let us see if it can survive. Some of my friends and colleagues did it. They left the country and swore they will never go back - which in the end did come back.

The whole world is changing, and so does the Philippines. I have to accept that fact as of this moment. I have stayed on my old home, reminiscing the memories of my childhood. I am glad we still have those old photo albums. The laughter, the anger, the tears, the early hopes and dreams that I and my family have nourished.
Now, we can look back to those days, and see what has gone right and wrong, and to look at the future full of hope and happiness.

I remember the old Tagalog adage: Ang taong hindi tumingin sa pinanggalingan, hindi makalkarating sa paroroonan. (A person who doesn't look back to his past, will never reach his destination in the future.) If you have the best translation for this, just inform me.

Let us welcome the world with full of hope. Even though I leave my beloved Philippines behind, I am sure she can take care of herself. She is having 'fun' anyway.

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