Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Does money really make you happy?

Ask everyone around you when pay day comes. Do you see those smiling faces when they get their salary?
Surprisingly, its NO. Because they will tell that the money that they got is not enough for their expenses.

Wait a minute, how come those people who spend money on bars, sex, drugs and other bad things, are happy? Does that mean that when you spend your money, you will be happy. Why do some people say that 'money cannot buy happiness'?

Majority of us have different perceptions of money. But very few people think that money is just a 'tool.' Same like your screwdriver, or a wrench, or even your tweezers. And if it is a tool, it must be used properly. You can't use your screwdriver to drive the nail onto the wood. Or your tweezers to turn the screws. You might get an accident.

Same thing with money.

So let us use money properly, to get the job done, and be happy in the long run. A very simple but a powerful message. 


  1. Money is important. But how much we have is not directly proportional to how happy we can be. I had to learn that the hard way.

    I read studies that say, those people who spend on memories with their loved ones are happier than those who spend on things. Somehow, I find that to be true for me.