Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Philippine Team = 0

I never watched the 2012 London Olympic Games. Aside from the fact that I do not have a television set, I am also living in a middle of the jungle, where there is no signal. And my internet connection has limited bandwidth, so I am stuck just seeing the news in text and some photos.

As usual, Philippines has no gold medals. This goes to show that the Philippine government does not care for its athletes anymore. Because of greed and corruption, they want to build shopping malls first instead of buying good athletic equipment and facilities for Filipino sportsmen.

Even Philippine broadcasting has been hypocrites ast they are cheering for other competitors who have any trace of Filipino blood in their veins and claim that they are Filipino who was born or lived in the Philippines (even for 1 second), but represent another country. And our own athletes? No exposure whatsoever. They will not make money our own athletes anyway so why bother right? So let's go and find Filipinos who represent the USA, UK, and other rich countries as they have a big chance on winning medals.

Let the government save more money by removing the dysfunctional Philippine Sports Commission. Let Manny Pacquiao make a new sports organization that will help train a new breed of athletes. Let us just focus on what we do best. And that new organization must not send anyone to the Olympics without winning some sort of internationally recognized competition. Because the present problem is, most of the competitors sent by the government are also their relatives or someone who has deep pockets but with no talent. They are just there for shopping and doing PR. Absolute hypocrisy.

I am much more a fan of Paralympics which will start on August 24 after the Summer Olympics. The competitors are disabled children who are given a chance to compete at each other in an international level.
Everybody has a chance to win here, and their struggles are more real and inspiring.

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