Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God Bless the Philippines

Try to watch the movie ‘god bless america’, (the small letters are done on purpose). And you will see how bad the world has become.

Everybody is mean, angry, and stupid enough to pull their fellow men or women down the drain. Why is that?

I think it is in our nature to be this way, to hurt each other, physically and mentally. Animals and insects know better. They support each other, build colonies, and rear their children properly until they become independent on their own. And the cycle continues. For us it’s the opposite. We destroy each other. And because of the explosion of media, we believe in everything they say. In tv, radio, newspapers, internet - we are not talking to real persons anymore.

If you have seen the movie, I just want to do the same. Pick up a gun and kill those people who deserve to die. And there is a lot on my list, especially in the Philippines. Of course I can’t do it. I am a kind person ‘til the day I die. But at that moment, when my sanity is affected by the bastards who interfere with my life with no shame or decency, I hope they will have a bullet in the head.
Wishful thinking, if I have a gun, I will kill these people outright below instantly, and let them do their bad activities to hell:

·         Corrupt politicians, government employees, and police force
·         People who smoke at public utility vehicles / not smoking areas
·         People who throw trash anywhere
·         Greedy employers and store owners
·         Backstabbing / gossiping employees
·         Drivers who are not following traffic rules
For now, this is my list. I am sure, if these people are killed. Philippines will be a nice place to stay.
If you have more to add on this list, please do and I do welcome your suggestions.

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