Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RA 10175 Cybercrime Law - It's not fun in the Phils.

The fish rots starting from the head onward.

A lot of people are posting black images at Facebook and other social media sites. That is because of the RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.
Problem is, this law has a lot of loopholes. You can't express yourself freely anymore online.
The notorious hacker group Anonymous with its branch Anonymous Philippines has hacked/defaced various government websites already in protest.
So why in the hell the Philippine Government passed this into a law? There are lots of important laws and concerns to be addressed as below:
1. RH Bill, it has been debated for quite sometime. How come it has died down? or simply, they want future Filipinos to die down with the bill
2. Socialized Healthcare services for the poor - There is none at the moment. The poor are not given proper health care, let alone educating them on their health issues. case and point - Philippine hospitals wont release the newborn child if the parents did not pay the fees (that is what happened before, and it will happen again).
3. Anti-Epal bill - this law must be passed immediately. Politicians are using taxpayers money and claiming it as their own.
4. Cyber businesses will flop - There is this pathetic rule of Dept. of Tourism that foreigners are allowed to stay longer provided they will do business in the Philippines. The real quick and easy business to put up by foreigners that has high revenue is... (think women, computer, and a webcam). Now, foreigners will not come anymore because of that blasted cybercrime law.
5. People cannot get reliable sources of info - Information is now limited and the government will put their own 'messages' to the people. They will brainwash them same as what they do in North Korea and China. Censorship for various websites will be implemented and  the people will suffer on lack of knowledge. Major decisions are put on hold, businesses will be slow, and progress for the Philippines will be slow as hell.
My fellow citizens, due to this law, the Philippines has become part of People's Republic of China. Such game they play to make them stay.
N*y, I hope you are happy with this sh*t. We are now stuck watching your sister on national television who is a complete w***e.
Troubling times for the Philippines indeed.

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