Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why do we have to work?

So that we can have money, to spend and give to your family...
So that we can have a good career...
So that we can be respected...

Whatever your answer is, you still have to work. It has become human kind's main source of acceptance in society. If you have work, you are well received.

Or is it?

In the early days, man used to hunt. They used everything to catch animals from the forest and took care of livestock. That's it. They did not worry about the things in the future, they just prepared for it. You know when summer and winter is coming, just prepare for it and that's it.

Nowadays it has become more complex, and then our society became quite useless.

Before you do something, you got to get the consensus of your parents, people, and even the government. What is wrong in letting you prepare for the future? Following are some examples:

1. Instead of buying gas, why don't you buy other alternatives? the question is, why is it expensive and the government is not doing its best to lower gas prices and support new innovations?

2. Crime is still there, is there something that you can prevent it? Some take guns, or stun guns, or even get additional insurance, but how come it is hard to get these? We cannot rely on the government always right?

3. We always buy our food from the market. Isn't it time that we grow our own food? We always complain on the rising food prices, but have we heard the farmers and livestock breeders, shepherds, complain on their work? Yes. And if they stopped working, we will stop eating.

These are some of my wild card points. I am sure there are some out there. Why the present society has continued to alienate us from the real problems at hand.

I think we must follow the simple rule of every living organism as below:

Get some food, do not become food, reproduce...

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